Tuesday, September 05, 2006

San Francisco 49ers Hand-Picked As Patsy For The Arizona Cardinals - Profootballtalk.com

Florio and the Profootballtalk.com team penned this gem that's sure to give Head Coach Mike Nolan some good material for his team. It seems that the Cards think the Niners are the perfect patsy's for the opening of their new stadium!


A league source tells us that the NFL threw the Arizona Cardinals a bone by asking the team to identify the opponent against which they'd most like to christen the Cards' new digs.

And the Cardinals specifically selected the San Francisco 49ers.

Why? Our guess is that the Cards regard the 49ers as the softest opponent on a schedule.

It's hard to disagree. After all, the Cardinals swept the Niners in 2005, the first two-game sweep by Arizona of any of its current division rivals.

From the 49ers' perspective, this should provide an extra level of motivation. After all, who wants to be known in NFL circles as the Arizona Cardinals' bitches

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