Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Native American Superdelegate Endorses Barack Obama

Kalyn Free...

is a superdelegate and at-large member of the Democratic National Committee. Free, who has endorsed Senator Barack Obama's bid for the nomination of the Democratic party today, is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, and the founder and President of Indigenous Democratic Network's (INDN) List, an organization dedicated to training and recruiting Native American political candidates. Obama has shown considerable sensitivity to the issues of First/Native Americans, and appears to be the only candidate with a Tribal Leaders Steering Committee actively participating on the campaign.

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Mildred Loving, Who's Interracial Marriage Was Protected In Court, Passes On

Mildred Loving just wanted to marry her husband in 1967, but for reasons that are totally weird, they were blocked. Challenging Virginia's bigotted laws, they won, opening the door to the destruction of anti-interracial marriage laws that should never have been in place.

Mildred passed on to Heaven this week at 68.

Republican Senator Doing the Troops Wrong

Senator Webb, a VA Democrat, has been the guiding force behind this legislation, which has been dubbed the new G.I. bill. The measure is decidedly bipartisan. Mr. Webb’s principal co-sponsors include Republican Senators Chuck Hagel of NE and John Warner of VA, and Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg of NJ. Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are on board, but you just might be surprised at who is not supporting the effort to pay for college for G.I.’s who have willingly put their lives on the line. Read Bob Herbert's piece in today's N.Y.Times and discover it's John McCain.

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