Friday, August 17, 2007

Senator Barack Obama On Cover Of "GQ" - Gentleman's Quarterly

Always one to be in fashion and like JFK, set the dress tone for an era, Senator Barack Obama's on the cover of this months' "GQ." In the article , Obama says "“I come from a varied background,” he said, without needing to remind me of his white Kansas-born mom, his black Kenyan dad, or his upbringing in Hawaii and Indonesia. “I feel that there is a piece of me in everybody.”

New NFL Website Still Places League In New Media Catch-Up Mode

This is a copy of an email I wrote to Greg Aiello regarding the new website:

Hi Greg,

I hope you had a nice vacation. Here's my feedback on the website. I like the design, but what concerns me are small things. For example, if I click on a player, just that person's name -- John Abbate -- comes up in the title page. That's it. There's no repeat of his name in the title of the page -- nothing for a search engine to chew on.

Thus, if I type his name in Google, it doesn't show the NFL page. The number one page is for the Wake Forest Site.

My point is that the site's fine, the presentation of video's better, but it does not reflect an understanding of the need to use natural search to generate traffic to the site.

On top of that, there's no social network functionality and no connection to blogs. It's almost -- but not quite -- state of the

Hope you're well.



Violent Crime & Arrest Rates In Oakland, Lake Merritt, Downtown Oakland - 2002-2006

This is a shocking report delivered as a video by me and about a document and its findings called "Violent, Property, Crime & Arrest Rates" in Oakland. The video has the details and I'll lay them out in a text fashion in another blog post.

In Canada, Bloggers Are Muzzled By Lawsuits - Video

This is a terribly great example of how bloggers can be silenced -- in Canada. Still want to move there? Take a look at this: