Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Michelle Obama Speaks For Me. I'm FINALLY PROUD OF AMERICA

Michelle Obama speaks for me. I'm finally proud to be in America and for anyone Afirican American, they feel the same way too. Look, after decades of racial discrimination, political lies with Watergate, Clinton scandals and all the rest, we've finally reached a point where we all can exhale, because we've been waiting too long to do so.

Michelle Obama speaks for me!

Hillary Clinton Can't Use Her Own Words So What's She Talking About

Hillary Clinton's officially off the deep end and desperate. If she's the nominee, I'm voting for McCain, and you can bank on it.

First, Clinton says that Obama should use his own words -- but she should use her own words. Hell, she was the one who said Fired Up and Ready To Go." She's not able to use her own words at all.

I really don't like the idea of her as president. She's running an ugly campaign.

Did Officer Wiley Willis Do Brutality Against Angela Garbarino

In my opinion this is an excellent example of a police officer terrorizing a person and turning off a camera himself to continue an act of brutality. This happened in Shreveport, LA and to one Angela Garbarino . who was arrested on suspicion of DUI by Officer Wiley Willis, who has been fired.

But this again shed light on why some -- not all -- police officers are allowed to behave in this way. It wrecks the very idea of "protect and to serve." How can you feel protected by people who can act like this?

Here's the rest of the story, from ABC News:

A Louisiana police officer was fired after a woman, who was pulled over on the suspicion of a DWI, ended up with two black eyes and bruises to her face while in police custody in November.


DWI Suspect in Pool of Blood: How Did it Happen?
What makes Angela Garbarino's injuries and situation more curious is the fact that Shreveport police Officer Wiley Willis turned off the interrogation-room camera after he and Garbarino exchanged words.

The video shows Garbarino requesting a phone call.

"You're not going to let me call anybody?" she asks on the video. "I have a right to call somebody right now and I know that. Is this on the record?"

The footage documents Wiley attempting to read Garbarino her rights, but he runs out of patience and things get tense. He seems to forcefully put her in a chair.

"Don't touch me again. Get away from me," Garbarino says after a scream.

Then, Wiley walks over to the police camera recording the booking and turns it off. What happens next is a mystery, but when the video resumes the handcuffed Garbarino is sprawled on the floor and silently lying in a pool of her blood.

Another officer arrives and takes a cursory look before Garbarino is wheeled out on a stretcher. In addition to her bruised face, Garbarino's injuries also included two broken teeth.

While Garbarino says Wiley physically abused her, his attorney said what he did was "in accordance with normal practice."

"The suspect again tried to leave the room. In the process of stopping her, she fell and injured herself," said Eron Brainard in a statement to ABC News.

Wiley is appealing his dismissal and police have not brought charges against him because no one knows for sure what occurred.

Meanwhile, Garbarino faces reckless driving, hit-and-run and DWI charges. She has denied the charges.

A Shreveport police spokesperson said no specific law about the phone call exists, but typically suspects are processed, booked and then allowed to make a phone call.

But at least one expert said at the very least Wiley should have called for a female backup.

Castro Resigns After 49 Years Of Cuban Rule

It's hard to imagine the end of his reign, but it's coming. He was a force for the protection of the working person in Cuba, even if I didn't agree with how he accomplished his objectives. Here's the Washington Post story.

Fidel Castro retires

HAVANA (Reuters) - Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro said on Tuesday that he will not return to lead the country as president or commander-in-chief, retiring as head of state 49 years after he seized power in an armed revolution.

Castro, 81, who has not appeared in public for almost 19 months, said in a statement to the country that he would not seek a new presidential term when the National Assembly meets on February 24.

"To my dear compatriots, who gave me the immense honor in recent days of electing me a member of parliament ... I communicate to you that I will not aspire to or accept -- I repeat not aspire to or accept -- the positions of President of Council of State and Commander in Chief," Castro said in the statement published on the Web site of the Communist Party's Granma newspaper.

The National Assembly or legislature is expected to nominate his brother and designated successor Raul Castro, 76, as president. The younger brother has been running the country since emergency surgery to stop intestinal bleeding forced Castro to delegate power July 31, 2006.

The title of "Comandante en Jefe" or commander-in-chief, was created for Castro in 1958 as supreme leader of the guerrilla forces that swept down from the mountains of eastern Cuba to overthrow U.S.-backed dictator Fulgencio Batista.

Castro's retirement draws the curtain on a political career that spanned the Cold War and survived U.S. enmity, CIA assassination attempts and the demise of Soviet Communism.

A charismatic leader famous for his long speeches delivered in his green military fatigues, Castro is admired in the Third World for standing up to the United States but considered by his opponents a tyrant who suppressed freedom.

His illness and departure from Cuba's helm have raised doubts about the future of the Western Hemisphere's only communist state.

"Fortunately, our Revolution can still count on cadres from the old guard and others who were very young in the early stages of the process," Castro said in his statement.

"They have the authority and the experience to guarantee the replacement," he said.

The streets of Havana were empty and news of Castro's retirement from politics had not reached Cubans yet by radio or the printed edition of Granma.

"It was logical for Fidel to quit because he has been saying that he is not well," said a musician who was leaving a cabaret. "But nothing will change until the government makes the economic reforms that Cuba needs," he said.

President George W. Bush, in Rwanda as part of a trip to Africa, had no immediate comment on Castro's plans to step down, White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said on Tuesday.

Castro has only been seen in pictures since then, looking gaunt and frail, though his health improved enough a year ago to allow him to keep in the public mind writing reams of articles published by Cuba's state press.

"This is not my farewell to you. My only wish is to fight as a soldier in the battle of ideas. I shall continue to write under the heading of 'Reflections by comrade Fidel.' It will be just another weapon you can count on. Perhaps my voice will be heard. I shall be careful," Castro said.

Castro could remain politically influential as first secretary of the ruling Communist Party and elder statesman.

Raul Castro, Cuba's long-standing defense minister, has run raised expectations of economic reforms to improve the daily lot of Cubans since standing in for his brother, but he has yet to deliver.

(Reporting by Anthony Boadle, Editing by Eric Walsh)

Hillary Clinton & Clinton Racist Staffers Use Obama "Plagiarism" Accusations

Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Campaign Managers are being racist in my view, and that includes the new campaign head, Maggie Wiliams, who's Black but is so into the campaign and wanting to please Senator Clinton she can't see straight. She's got to wake up.

This is why. Look, they've accused Obama of "just words" and not speaking on policy substance and the hidden rule is that Black politicians like Obama and Deval Patrick, the Governor of Massechusetts, talk in inspiring terms, but are weak on policy, which is another veiled way of saying..

They're not intelligent because they're Black.

That's right. That's what Hillary Clinton is saying. That's why Barack Obama went to Governor Patrick and borrowed the retort Obama recited last Saturday in Wisconsin. Because both Obama and Governor Patrick faced the same racist approach from opposition White candidates who implied that in some way they were not good at talking about policy or providing substance and while they don't say "it's because they're Black" the implication is obvious.

Hillary Clinton should be totally ashamed of herself. Her staffers too. They've been trying to position him by first saying he' like or trying to compare himself to Martin Luther King, who Senator Clinton dissed when she basically said MLK could not do a thing without President Johnson's help.

See the connection? Clinton compares Obama to MLK , then says MLK needs a president, which could not be Obama because he can't talk policy; that's a strategy Governor Patrick recognized and so do I -- and it stinks to high heaven.

The Clintons can't help themselves. First it's the Muslim charge; then Martin Luther King; then falling asleep at an MLK Day speech, then saying that certain Obama wins don't matter because many of the voters were African American -- it goes on and on and on and the Mainstream Media just lets' them do it.

I wish someone at CNN, FOX, or MSNBC would grow a spine and start pointing this out. This is sick! I for one, am tired of it.