Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tata Nano Inveiled At Party In Mumbai, India

Reuters Image, originally uploaded by sudarshannus.

I hope this car -- the Tata Nano -- makes it to the U.S. this year. But you know this is the car General Motors should be making here in America.

GM's Wagoner to Step Down; Obama To Give GM 2 Months

more at GM's CEO Rick Wagoner is reported to step down effective this week, as President Barack Obama -- according to sources -- is giving GM just two months to get its' act together and restructure.

One of the ways GM's reported to do this is the Chevy Volt, the electric car. But other than the Volt, there's no "wow" car GM can point to signaling a turn-around in their direction.

The Caregiving Equation at Fem2pt0 : society’s issues + women’s voices

More at Fem2pt0 I like this blog post on caregiving, but the problem is she thinks of women but the reality is men and women are in this position. The "gap" she write of is one that men have to fill too.

Obama on Flooding: We Will Help

From the AP: President Barack Obama assured the nation Saturday that he was keeping tabs on floods roiling the Midwest and putting the federal government's weight behind efforts to avert disaster. (March 28)

Production Chevy Volt in Motion

From GMVolt: The world's first to be mass produced electric car, GMs Chevy Volt in final production form driving and with interior views. See to join the Global Volt community.