Thursday, January 15, 2009

See you at the Inauguration: America Still Has Good People

If you haven't noticed, I have been gone for a long time. Well I am back to show you how good americans can be.

One of the hot items lately is the inauguration tickets. You can find them on craigslist and other sites selling for up to 20,000 bucks just to watch Obama get sworn in. Now what most people dont know, Congress passed a law stating it is a Crime to sell the tickets. Which are supposed to be free.

None the less, you are not able to get new tickets, because they have all been approved for someone else. So your only bet is to buy one..... UNLESS???????????

Enter today,

I live in Washington DC and my wife was born in Montgomery Alabama, her entire family grew up during the civil rights movement. She was just a baby at the end of it, but everyone else went through it. So I figured it would be a crime to be this close an not let my wife experience this once in lifetime experience. What to do?

Enter Craigslist,

Im searching online for tickets and I see the average ticket is going for just about 1300 bucks... well im broke, so i cant do that....... So I just post an ad for people to view, explaining my situation. I am a Disabled Iraq War Veteran, who has a Veteran wife and we would Love to attend but can not afford those prices. It's a long shot, but hopefully someone can sell us the tickets for cheap, or even better, Give us tickets. I knew it was a long shot, but who knows.

Enter Tonight,

I get an email from a college student going to college in washington dc. She informs me that her congressman has approved 2 tickets for her and she would like to give them to me. So monday, I am driving up to dc to get some tickets.

In all the crazed inauguration madness, there are still good people who do good things for others


Be blessed


BART SHOOTING: Ron Dellums, Oakland Mayor Speaks at Protest

In the aftermath of the late-night arrest of BART Officer Johannes Mehserle, a planned Oakland City Hall-based protest went ahead as scheduled Sunday but with a less-angry energy than existed last week, when over 100 people were arrested and many downtown Oakland buildings were damaged in a night of rampaging protests against both Officer Mehserle's actions and the overall response of BART and elected officials.

In today's event, Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums took the microphone and really talked to the crowd about how their voice led to change. Then I talked with Mayor Dellums about his call for change and if that would lead to reforms within the Oakland Police Department.

Here's the video: