Friday, December 10, 2010

Lunch in Downtown SF at The Old Ships Saloon

This is this blogger's first day back in the San Francisco Bay Area after spending most of his last four weeks in Suburban Atlanta.

As I write this, I've just semi-enjoyed a lunch at, whatever this place is called. Oh, yeah, the Old Ship Saloon.   Over on the corner of Battery and Pacific here in Downtown San Francisco.

At any rate, the service was semi-terrible. I felt rushed. A long time to be served, then served, then food taken away, then no one asking if I needed the other table for my computer (I did), then some lady I guess is the hostess comes over and grabs the set of salt, pepper, and augar that was at my table. And to do this, she has to reach across my body, which she does without saying "excuse me."

All for four patrons who didn't have a problem finding a seat. The place wasn't crowded. The lunchtime crowd left, and while there are people here, it's not anywhere close to jam-packed. But given that it' Friday, that could change around rush hour.

That written, the waiter is cool; he just seems like he's new to the job.

Oh, yes. I am writing this as I sit here.

You'd think business people would get the idea that it's good to make sure all of your patrons are treated properly. Not just some of them. And never trade off one for the other.

Ok. That's why I go to the Royal Exchange. In the 15 years (or more) I've visited that place on the corner of Sacramento and Front Street never had a bad moment.  Not only that, the Royal Sex-change, as it's called, was the home of some of this bachelor's finest moments.

Without going into detail, well, hell, why not a little, huh?

There was the female sales exec who said she could hold me up by the ankles.   And so, she took me down to the women' bathroom and, well, she did just that. (And she did a lot more after that.   One strong woman.  I like that.)

I can say I know what the World looks like from upside down, hung by a beautiful woman, in the women's bathroom at the Royal Exchange in downtown San Francisco.

I can't say I can see that ever happening at the Old Ship's Saloon, but I'm just smarting because the service is subpar.  Ok.  It's not happy hour.

Stay tuned.

Wikileaks Julian Assange and Bradley Manning in jail; the money thing

As Julian Assange sits in jail until his December 14th court hearing in the UK, and Bradley Manning, and the U.S. Military's former Army Private Bradley Manning sits in incarceration in a military jail in Quantico, Va, one thought comes to mind: who's paying their legal bills?

According to CBS News, the amount of money is donations may not be enough to cover the legal expenses both will incur. In Julian's case, his profile is so high that he may be able to get probono legal representation, but that's almost certainly not the case for Bradley Manning.

What this proves is that Wikileak's staffers and supporters didn't really think through their overall approach to the point of considering the "negative feedback loops" in their approach.

What Wikileaks is doing is taking on not just "the establishment" but a culture; one has to make sure they have the resources to take on such a task. Moreover, in this Internet age, just who's part of that culture seems to change every year.

Stay tuned.

Miley Cyrus Does Salvia Bong Hits

Wow, what a sensational headline. Be prepared, because this will be quite the blog post. This journalist is letting her blogger side really take over with this post. This is not Fox News, but that headline could definitely be confused or could potentially be a Fox News headline - apologies for that. Anyway, Miley Cyrus (who turned 18 on November 23, so she's not jailbait anymore and no one can give her any more complaints about her being overly sexual) has been said to have been smoking from a bong, but the claims are that the bong contains salvia.

TMZ video screen shot
All right so the following information was gathered from CBS News.

It seems like not very many people know what salvia is. It looks like the bigger story is "What is salvia" more so than Cyrus doing salvia. All right, being a college student may help in educating this. Salvia is legal and it is comparable to marijuana (not from personal experience). Salvia is said to give hallucinations and all sorts of things, but it's temporary.

CBS' headline for this story is: Miley Cyrus Bong Said to Contain Salvia: What's That? Aside from the fact that the headline should probably say "Miley Cyrus' Bong." Or if read in a different tone it could make it sound like Cyrus' bong is actually speaking.

CBS includes:

Google Images
Whatever Cyrus was feeling inside, outwardly she was giggling up a storm and jabbering - mostly incomprehensibly, except for a choice remark: "I want some more of that s***, I swear."

TMZ can always be relied on to get just what is needed to help with the credibility of a story (oddly enough). It seems weird that TMZ and credibility work together. TMZ has a video of the former Hannah Montana star taking bong hits for her birthday.

TMZ includes:

As for the video ... the source tells us it was shot by one of Miley's friends -- and the theory is someone stole or copied the video from that friend's camera.

Ha, TMZ is like WikiLeaks for celebrities. Letting out all the juiciness that people want secret. Everyone should watch that video - she looks pretty happy.

Now, it's interesting that TMZ's credibility is greater than that of US Magazine. US Magazine reports that Billy Ray Cyrus is "sad" because of Miley's bong video.

Wait? He's sad because of the BONG video. He isn't sad because of the lap dance video or any of the other disturbing things that she did when she was not of legal age, but now that she's 18 and she is doing a legal drug he is sad?

Apparently he tweeted:

"I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. I'm so sad. There is much beyond my control right now."

Personal screen shot taken of Billy Ray's Twitter

The screenshot includes his tweet about Jesus.

What? He is more upset about her doing salvia bong hits than her dancing on stripper poles, taking seductive pictures at the age of 15, giving a 44-year-old man a lap-dance at the age of 16, etc? Does this family make sense? Her racy outfits and watching videos of her acting all seductive at concerts and making herself "sexy" before she reached 18 was not as upsetting as seeing a video of her taking hits from a bong? This is unbelievable - maybe US Weekly isn't right.

US Weekly also claims:

"Okay, I'm about to lose it now," Cyrus says after taking her first hit. "I'm having a little bit of a trip right now."

Hey, it's legal. She is allowed to enjoy herself now. Is this being blown out of proportion? Maybe, but it's enjoyable to be able to blog about this. It's ironic that now that she's 18 all off a sudden her father finds a flaw in her behavior.

Here's a completely unrelated video of Nikky Raney doing a KE$HA parody. This video has absolutely nothing at all to do with this blog post in any way shape or form.. just felt like including it:

Miley Cyrus Bong Video

Wow, not since the infamous Miley Cyrus Grind Dance Video.

Er, this one...

...has pop singer, actress, and sextet Miley Cyrus done anything so controversial or buzz-generating. Miley Cyrus is in a video smoking a bong.


According to, which broke the Miley Cyrus Grind Video story, too, on Miley's 18th birthday she pretty much let it all hang out.

The Party In The USA singer had a big party, inviting people like Kyle Massey from The Disney Channel and Dancing With The Stars, and being caught getting necked and heavy petted by some unidentified guy. But that was November 23rd, and we didn't know any more since them. Until today.

What happened was that Miley decided to take a smoke of the big bong at some after-party, and upon doing go kind of freaked out. She mistook some guy for Liam Hensworth, the man she had been (still is) dating, and said she was "freaking out" and then started to do just that.

The result is this video:  BONG.

TMZ reports the video was taken off a friend's camcorder.

Wow. Wonder how much paid for that one? Someone said the Miley Cyrus Grind Dance Video fetched $60,000.

What next, the Miley Cyrus Porn Video?   Wonder how much that will get?