Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Florida School Board Shooting: Clay Duke Opens Fire During Meeting

On Tuesday December 14th Clay Duke, entered a Bay District school board meeting and took members of the school board hostage, at gunpoint. Before brandishing his gun, 56 year old Clay Duke, wrote the letter "V" with a circle around it in red, on the wall. The same symbol used in the graphic novel and movie, V for Vendetta. He blamed the school board members for the loss of his wife's job and then pulled out a gun and ordered the women to leave the room.

Board member Ginger Littleton, who had left the room when instructed, returned and attempted to sneak up behind Clay Duke and knock the gun from his hand with her purse.  Clay Duke hit her with his pistol and then let her leave the room again. Nadine Yanis, a reporter for a local news station in Panama City said that, "If he wanted to kill her at that moment he could have, and he didn't."

Clay Duke then went on a rant for several minutes, complaining about the loss of his wife's job and a sales tax increase, as Superintendent Bill Husfelt attempted to calm him down. "I'm going to die tonight," said Clay Duke several times throughout his rant and repeated it once more just before firing his gun at the Superintendent. Clay Duke fired several more shots at the members of the board, saying "I'm gonna kill..... don't you understand." Fortunately, all of Clay Duke's shots missed and after firing four rounds he was shot in the leg by Mike Jones, a district security officer and former police detective. Clay Duke then turned his gun on himself.

None of the members of the school board were injured during the shooting.

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Bellagio Robbery: Armed Gunmen Robs Las Vegas Casino

An armed man entered the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas today and walked off with 1.5 million dollars worth of chips.  Despite Las Vegas casino's being renowned for their security, the robbery that took place on Tuesday, December 14th, was relatively simple.  The armed gunman rode up on his motorcycle and parked it at the entrance to the casino.  He then walked into the casino, approached a craps table and revealed his gun demanding the chips.  He then walked out of the casino and rode of on his motorcycle.  The gunmen kept his helmet on the entire time and so can't be identified.

The robbery may not be the gunman's first, a similar robbery occurred on December 9th at the Suncoast casino. In that incident the gunman only got away with 20,000 dollars.

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Aumsville, Oregon: Unlikely Tornado

Aumsville, Oregon, was the victim of an unlikely tornado today.  The tornado touched down at around noon on Tuesday, December 14th, leaving part of the town demolished.  Jim Kusz, the public information office for the North Lincoln Fire and Rescue reported that, "Nobody was injured.  Nobody was staying in the second floor rooms."  Citizens are being advised to avoid the areas where damage has occurred due to dangers from fallen power lines and crumbling buildings.  The Red Cross has responded and will most likely establish a shelter for displaced citizens of the town.  A suitable location must be found first though, fortunately only a region of the town was damaged by the twister.

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Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson Split

Stop the presses: some extremely important information needs to be reported (sorry for still being in a cynical blogger mood, college student + finals = lots of sarcasm and bias). There has been another celebrity break-up. This one is a little bit more important than Zac and Vanessa, because both of these celebrities are hot commodities, and they were married.

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are said to have split up. The two were married late 2008, and apparently someone told People Magazine that the two have been separated for six months. Awesome, they are both back on the market.

The two were always quiet about their married life, maybe that was for the better. It's always sad when the loud boisterous couples who show off their love and talk about each other 24/7 end up splitting - because then they are constantly reminded of all those sweetsy cutesy things that end up being reposted and shown on television. So, it's probably good to keep a low profile.

Another news source talking about this is The Sydney Morning Herald - in Australia. (Oh, it is morning over there!) Australia news sources are already reporting about this! C'mon America - get with it. When the two news sources reporting this include People Magazine and an Australian publication there is a problem. What could be more important for CNN to report about than this ending relationship?! Okay, the sarcasm ends here - in fear that someone might actual believe these statements.

Back to work for the college student - last touches on an feature article.

Mayor Timothy Davlin Found Dead

The mayor of Springfield, Illinois, Timothy Davlin, was found dead in his home.

NPR reports that the details of his death are still being investigated and that Police Chief Robert Williams says that the situation is very dynamic and still evolving.

However, Fox News has decided to already report and say that Davlin committed suicide. Way to show respect for the dead. The lack of respect also is shown to the family, because other news sources have not released such information, but Fox News is willing to put in a headline that this was a suicide. It is reported that according to the State-Journal Register that he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but all the details are not currently released to the public. Fox also makes sure that everyone reading the article knows that this man, Davlin, was a Democrat.

There are a lot more controversial things that can be said about Davlin including that he missed his court appearance and the charges that he faced - but instead this will just inform that he has been found dead in his home and hopefully it can all be figured out.