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Gabrielle Giffords - Congresswoman Shot: Sarah Palin Catching Heat

In the wake of the point blank shooting of U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (8th District - D - Arizona) Former Governor Sarah Palin is catching major heat for a tweet and map she posted and now has removed from the Internet, except the cached version.

Here's the tweet - link

Commonsense Conservatives & lovers of America: 'Don't Retreat, Instead - RELOAD!

Palin also had the Congresswoman's district on a map and marked with crosshairs.

As the blog Kateoplis points out, Gabrielle Giffords said "Sarah Palin has the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district and when people do that, they’ve gotta realize there are consequences to that action."

The Congresswoman, who's said to be out of surgery, was, sadly, correct.

To her credit, Palin wrote this statement on Facebook:

My sincere condolences are offered to the family of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the other victims of today's tragic shooting in Arizona. On behalf of Todd and my family, we all pray for the victims and their families, and for peace and justice.

With this, Palin can kiss any Presidential dreams goodbye.

Gabrielle Giffords: Congresswoman Shot: Video Of Protest Marked "Private" - Why?

This is really sad news. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (8th District - Arizona) was shot "point blank" in the head during an event called "Congress on your corner." It was in Tucson, Arizona.

The reports are that a bystander just walked up and started shooting at her and 12 others. She's in the hospital now.

I found another video of a protest against her on the Heath Care issue. But for some reason it's marked "private" here. Why? Does someone not want to be identified? YouTube should release this video for public view.

UPDATE: The same person that marked the video private, now has removed the video! Something's up. The YouTube channel is AAPSOnline , the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Seriously.

Gabrielle Giffords won reelection to Congress.

49ers Meet Rooney Rule With Token Approach

The use of token minority candidates by NFL teams in working to meet The Rooney Rule must stop. While I'm happy to be wrong in this area, as it means society's advancement, it painfully seems that I'm not.

Hey, I'll take my lumps in generous quantities if it means we're moving ahead.

The San Francisco 49ers talking to Hue Jackson and ESPN Analyst Tony Sofii for Head Coach and GM positions, then picking the people they really wanted in Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke looks like tokenism. Sorry to say it, but it does.

What I'd like to see is an organization that has a giant list of people off all colors, including women, that would be great candidates, and interview them.

Someone wrote "shouldn't an organization be able to do what it wants?" No. Not when what that organization does is seen by millions in society and impacts how we think and live.


Using blacks as token candidates is just plain sad. I think the Rooney Rule needs to be improved. I'm not sure it's taken seriously by some teams.

Again, I hope I'm wrong because I really want to be.

Jim Harbaugh, Hue Jackson and The Rooney Rule

In my last post, I blogged about Jim Harbaugh and The Rooney Rule. The sad fact is that the 49ers only talked to Oakland Raiders Offensive Coordinator Hue Jackson, who's black and might meet the Rooney Rule, but in the case of the exact read of the rule, talking just to him doesn't.

The Rooney Rule also covers front office candidates. I've not found evidence the 49ers talked to a minority or woman for the GM position. (Wrong here I am, but again in an ESPN NFL Analyst named Tony Sofii it looks like a token interview.) It's not a matter of trying to get the Niners in trouble, but to clamp down on the abuse of the Rooney Rule by having a "token minority candidate."

It seems Hue Jackson may be that candidate. But hopefully Al Davis promotes him to head coach. Jackson, for whom I've long been a fan, deserves it.

Look. I would be very, very happy to be totally wrong about this, because it means we're moving forward. But we're not, so I'm not. If someone with the Niners can prove I am wrong, I'm ready to see that.

People simply must be conditioned to think in a way that's multi-racial. It will really solve a lot of deep-seated problems in American society. And we have to get way beyond "token interviews" because it's not helping the situation at all.

In closing, I never said Harbaugh wasn't a good choice. He is and I think he will bring a Vince Lombardi Trophy to the Niners.

Jim Harbaugh, Head Coach SF 49ers. OK. What About Rooney Rule?

UPDATE: The 49ers did talk to Hue Jackson, the offensive coordinator who turned around the Raiders season. He's black. But was Hue a token? And what about the 49ers GM position?

Former Stanford Head Coach Jim Harbaugh is now the coach of the San Francisco 49ers. It marks the second time a Stanford Head Coach was selected to be the coach of the 49ers. Of course, the last person was the Legendary Bill Walsh. In the press conference, which I watch below while here in Las Vegas for CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, Harbaugh mentioned Walsh several times.

As one who's advocated for a person who understands what I call "the system" that was born in San Francisco and created by Walsh to be in the Niners fold, Harbaugh's a step in the right direction. But as I watched the press conference, and read the full transcript from it, I found myself seething. There was no mention of the 49ers having talked to a minority head coach, and no member of the media who asked about it. Witness:

In other words, while Harbaugh's a good choice, the 49ers skirted the Rooney Rule, and I'm going to bet money the NFL will cover for them. But for the mostly white San Francisco Bay Area media to allow an entire freaking press conference introducing a white head coach and GM to go without any question about the Rooney Rule is awful. Shameful. Terrible.

What the hell is the Bay Area sports beat media afraid of?  Do they think 49ers Team President Jed York's going to break out a machine gun? What's going on? Lots of cowardice on display at that press conference.

Makes me puke.

They're lucky I wasn't there.

It's not a question of "Do we need the Rooney Rule," we do. It's totally stupid to have a society that reflect the Roman Empire, with (mostly) well-moneyed whites cheering blacks beating on each other. And if you're black and think it's OK, you're just as much a part of the problem too.

Keep supporting it; I hope you enjoy your second class status. It's not for me.

The Rooney Rule was installed in 2003, and "requires National Football League teams to interview minority candidates for head coaching and senior football operations opportunities." Let's see, both Jim Harbaugh and new 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke are white and male. And, particularly in a day and age when there are GMs and Assistant GMs in baseball who are female, why just go out and talk to just male candidates for NFL front office positions? Did the 49ers York talk to any black or Latino or woman candidate?   Who?  When?

It seems no one.  The 49ers reportedly only talked to NFL Network Analyst Mike Lombardi, and he's a white guy.  Geez.

Oh, and someone will say "You're getting racial?" To anyone who does, my retort is get out of The Matrix and think.  We've been presented with images of "white male knows best" so much that it impacts a person's ability to clearly go and evaluate who the best person really is for any position in any walk of life.  That's the problem.  And it's so much a problem that when it's questioned, some say "oh, you're getting racial," but if the person was black, then race would be an issue for some.  Not good.

The NFL overwhelmingly presents this problem and that's why Steelers Owner Dan Rooney, a forward thinking person who sees beyond The Matrix, called for The Rooney Rule. (He didn't name it that, however.)

If Rooney, a white male, can see beyond his own skin and place to understand we must eliminate institutional racism, why can't the Bay Area media see that?

(And don't give me this "we had a black coach" garbage. This isn't a points game. It's about giving those people who may be the best qualified a chance, and who happen to be of color. Moreover, it's not a point of saying "We talked to one person." You're to survey the landscape of candidates.)

Race is always an issue.   You have three choices: embrace it positively, or negatively, or ignore it.   Chose the first one.  Please.

Something's really wrong.  And it's not with this blog.  It's with our society.

Paladinette Introduces “Jobless Talk Rant” to 99er Nation

Yesterday, Paladinette Introduced “Jobless Talk Rant” to the 99er Nation. Jobless Talk Rant is a YouTube version of the opening remarks of her BlogTalk Radio Show, which airs Fridays at noon Pacific called Jobless Talk.

Jobless Talk was the first BlogTalk Show dedicated exclusively to “the stories of the unemployed, benefit extensions, Washington inaction to help the jobless millions, the out of control US unemployment rate and what Congress is not doing to help the 99er Nation.”

The 99er’s Rant can be found on ThePaladinette’s YouTube Channel and her show is even available free on I-Tunes. As She put it in yesterday’s show “I am even on Itunes Isn’t that a HOOT! free Podcast downloads you can schedule to automatically go into your I-TUNES PodCast Library!”

Yesterday’s Jobless Talk Show was the first of the New Year and came after a two week Holiday hiatus, since December 17, 2010.

This first installment of the Jobless Talk Rant comes in 2 parts (seen below) and is focused upon stirring the 99er Nation out of their apathetic and often self-deprecation lethargy after the long, unfruitful Tier 5 fight in 2010.
“Actually I am trying to stir up 99ers from their sadness and Depression. What is happening to the 99er Nation is SHAMEFUL - but the shame is on Washington NOT the 99ers. Whether or not you agree with everything I write or opine that makes no difference to me - what matters is that I/We can agree to disagree and still stand in brother/sisterhood rising up to take our rightful place and demand what we have a right for - SURVIVAL! VIVA la 99er Nation, Arise and stand proud of what you have come through with NO HELP from Washington - only us helping each other!”
Yesterday’s episode of Jobless Talk was the first of the new 2 hour format and was full of inspiring ideas, personal stories and poignant - In Your Face Style Paladinette is well known for employing.
“Honestly I am not here to molly coddle anyone. I cannot and likely will NEVER understand anyone in our situation NOT being thrilled over the good fortune bestowed upon another down and out American. Some folks were actually pissed off at me at the end of last year because I found a benefactor to keep this show on the air. Now I will never understand not being absolutely THRILLED over the blessings God bestows on a fellow human being struggling to survive. Do not allow anyone to make you feel less than INCLUDING yourself.”
One of the most important suggestions she makes during this diatribe of a 99er Wake Up Call is to STOP fighting amongst themselves and remember everyone is human, makes mistakes and does their utmost best to lead the 99er Nation to what they need from Washington, in the form of more UI benefits NOW and a robust Jobs bill very soon.

One of the “Key STRATEGIES” she lays out in both her show and yesterday’s rant is:
All of you need to:

GET over to
U-Cubed [] and sign up it is free and Rick Sloan who runs it is so smart about Washington and how it works. He has a long history and background in advocating for working class America with his involvement in IAM union. This man is so smart and U-Cubed will be a mover and shaker this year in the 99ers fight. How many people are represented in the 99ers union group what 20,000 or more?
I say stay with the 99ers union thing but also Get on U-Cubed now, today. When you get there, send me a friend request Paladinette. We need an army of folks fed up enough to take this fight to victory. I assure you that 20K people - ready to fight for survival of the 99ers under the leadership of Rick Sloan will make a HUGE difference and expedite the reward of our efforts.
So - spread the word. Get the word out to all the groups, blogs social networks, FB pages, radio shows, unemployed friends, pass out flyers if that is they only way you can help. Tell your friends and family to join you in this fight. It will help educate them, inspire you and positive energy attracts like energy. The power of like-minded people coming together for a good cause simply has to spawn something good.

The time to hide in your homes behind your computers is transcending into a call for more visible involvement. Hold your elected officials accountable. They put us in this mess and I for one intend to be politely in their face until we get what the 99er Nation needs to survive and eventually thrive. We will not be ignored any longer.

So I ask you How bad do you want to survive? Do you want it bad enough to pitch in and leave comfortable and apathy AND your ego at the door? Well now is the time and today is the day!

I will NOT GIVE UP OR GIVE IN! Nor will I stop trying new things that have the potential to effect the CHANGE necessary to help the 99ers - What you think of me personally is really none of my business. RATHER It is what we can accomplish together that is important the rest is distractions and immaterial crap!

SO I ASK You all out there in Unemployed America once AGAIN

Who is with me?

PLEASE SPREAD THES LINKS AROUND the Blogosphere wherever Jobless Americans may roam

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