Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mike Tomlin A Twitter Trend As Pittsburgh Turnovers Cause Baltimore Lead

While the Pittsburgh Steeler's offense is better than that of the Baltimore Ravens in this AFC First Round Divisional Playoff, it's not enough to overcome two turnovers. Now, Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin is a Twitter Trend as of this writing, and his team's behind, 7 to 21 for the visiting Ravens at halftime.


A mid-blog-post UPDATE: the Steelers' offense just scored with 50 seconds elapsed time to start the 3rd Quarter.

The Twitter Tweets on Tomlin are, in part, due to his resemblance of the actor Omar Epps (Tomlin is on the left; Epps on the right) and the TV close ups of his expressions during the first half of the game.

But now that the Steelers are making a game of it, guess what?  Tomlin's no longer a Twitter Trend.


Tomlin fell off the board and was replaced by Steelers Tight End Heath Miller, who scored the second touchdown to put the Black and Gold to just seven down from a tie.

steelers Pittsburgh Steelers
Touchdown Heath Miller! 14 - 21
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The Steelers now have almost double the offensive yardage of the Ravens at 94 to 168.

99ers Tier 5 Jobless Talk Rant for January 14, 2011: Believe

This is the 99ers Tier 5 Jobless Talk Rant for January 14, 2011 - titled “Believe”.

It is the second in the weekly feature on ThePaladinette’s YouTube Channel that began 2011 and is a spin off from Her BlogTalkRadio show Jobless Talk - which airs Fridays at Noon Pacific.

Today’s show is subtitled BELIEVE: for Man surely cannot achieve anything unless he can first conceive it in his mind and spirit then believe in that vision.

Theodore Roosevelt my favorite President ever said “Believe you can and you're halfway there.” another relevant quote of his that I LOVE is - “The only man who makes no mistakes is the man who never does anything.”

In the first of the 2 part BELIEVE series for this week, Paladinette [in the I cannot believe that I even have to say this at all department] attempts to quell certain rumors of late within the Blogosphere that she is leaving the Tier 5 fight to “ride off into the sunset” with a Fellow 99er.

You know I tend to believe that my PERSONAL BUSINESS is exactly that!
BUT - In the interests of full disclosure (and since some of the blogs out there have been rank with speculation about a possible 99er romance taking Paladinette out of the fight for Tier 5) Out there on the FaceBook, WW and other blogs where the unemployed gather to gossip, opine and slam everybody without cause or good reason - I have had my share of put-downs, slander, disparaging remarks and out right lies! When these asinine little barbs stab at me I could care less. BUT when they involve such falsehoods and misinformation or seek to harm those I care about, the gloves come off-baby! Being that Valentines Day is exactly 1 month away, Just let me say this about that.
Hear the rest at 4:55 into video 1 below.

BREAKING NEWS: I was just able to confirm before Yesterday’s Jobless Talk Radio show show that Rick Sloan will be my special guest next week and he will take your calls too so Bring your U-Cubed questions next week and get them answered by the MAN himself! Mr. Rick Sloan special guest on Jobless Talk January 21, 2011.
PLEASE NOTE: “Future Jobless Talk Rants beginning with January 21, 2011 I hope to have whittled down to no more than one 7 minute PepTalk for the 99er Nation - focusing on what we are doing currently in the fight, any progress we are making and what YOU can do to HELP.”
Part 1

Part 2

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99ers to Speaker Boehner "We're Starving...How was Golf..."

Saw this pic 99ers to Speaker Boehner "We're Starving...How was Golf..." on my Facebook Page and just had to reiterate the 99ers plan of Action using it! This is just a reprint of the Boehner part of our current campaign.

I implore all unemployed Americans 99ers especially to bombard the Speaker with your requests for 99er HELP NOW!

This is the 99er Tier 5 Daily Plan of Action beginning now and continuing throughout January, the only question is:How bad do you want it? Do you want this bad enough to consider these daily emails, faxes, and phone calls like the job you do not have now? Do you want it bad enough to recruit all of your contacts in your address book and ask them to do the same? Will you post this plan of action everywhere you can to reach as many people as possible?

The new Speaker of the House, John Boehner, R-Ohio - wants to hear from America. I suggest we all answer the call every day several times per day! His website invites all those outside his district to contact him... Gee Pelosi did not even do that! Live outside Ohio's 8th District? Contact Speaker John Boehner

We need everyone with an email address to contact these addresses relentlessly! I myself have 11 email addresses and am sending 3 per day from each one of mine.

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