Wednesday, February 15, 2006

C-SPAN Gets The Weirdest Calls

I'm working on adding content today, and C-SPAN's on in the background. Rep. Frank Pallone's D-New Jersey's being interviewed and someone just called in from New Jersey, and said "Hi, how are you?" When the Rep. said "Fine," the voice, which sounded like a male playing a female, said "Are you stroking your....."

The Representative kept a straight face, thanks in part to C-SPAN's quick trigger on the "delete call" button. I gotta admit, it gave some spice to an otherwise mundane conversation.

Video: Oakland Raiders Re-Hire Art Shell as Head Coach!

I had the pleasure of attending the press conference to annouce the hiring of Art Shell as the 15th Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders. Only on this occasion, I took my new camcorder to record the event and produce the "podcast" you're about to see. By the end of this week, you will be able to download the video into your IPod for viewing as well.

The link is:
Art Shell Press Conference

....Just scroll down and you will see the text link for the QuickTime movie itself. (Make sure to download QuickTime if you don't have it.) If you don't want to listen to 48 minutes of talk, you can just read the web page.

This is my first official use of the camcorder for this purpose. It marks a new direction in my personal "Internet Technology learning process" where I apply what I learn to the SBS site. In this case, one thing I will remember in the future is to take a tripod -- holding a camera for a long time hurts, regardless of how much I work out. The idea is to continue to make the site "sticky."

The next Podcast will be of the Fox Sports Baseball Luncheon and the speech given by MLB Players Association Executive Director Donald Fehr. I think it marks the first time a Fox Baseball luncheon has been filmed in this way.

Your feedback is appreciated.