Friday, January 22, 2010

Scott Brown win upsets Hitler; same as Sarah Palin, Megan Fox news

A couple of days ago, Hitler learned that Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown won, but his reaction was the same as for the news that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin resigned last year. Well, there's one twist: Hitler blames Scott Brown's victory on President Obama. Of course, Hitler gets upset about a lot of things, like Sarah Palin resigning or Megan Fox rejecting him.

At the time of the report on Scott Brown, Hitler was in a meeting explaining he needed 60 votes to pass Health Care Reform.

Then on the news of Scott Brown's win, he gets pissed, saying that Obama was supposed to be a genius, the Republicans were supposed to be finished, "a regional party confined to the South", and he had a Supermajority. "Coakley had a 30-point margin!", Hitler screamed. Hitler became so upset over the news that Scott Brown won, he kicked all of the Blue Dog Democrats out of the room!

"Health Care was supposed to be done by August!", Hitler screamed. "Now it drags on forever, like Stalingrad!" Then later Hitler says he should have "stuck with Hillary."

Now, for those who have been paying attention, Hitler is supposed to be Nevada Senator and Democratic leader Harry Reid, he of the recent "Obama Negroid" controversy.

Here's the video:

And here's Hitler's response to the Sarah Palin news of last year:

And this is Hitler's reaction over the news that Megan Fox dumped him:

It's not over. We'll hear more about Hitler as 2010 drags on (film clip from the 2004 German film Downfall).

Stay tuned.

Oakland Parking Problem causes Don Macleay for Mayor

The Oakland Parking Problem has a number of Oaklanders upset, yet the City of Oakland just doesn't seem to get it. The Oakland Parking Problem has its second political reaction: Green Party Member Don Macleay is running for Mayor. Don Macleay was one of the first to start working on an Oakland Parking Initiative, but like this blogger feels the City of Oakland just doesn't care.

For example, an Oakland Councilmember with an affinity for cocktails yelled in the year of this blogger at a downtown Oakland restaurant recently only because of the mention of the Oakland Parking Initiative and the desire to lower parking rates to more reasonable and affordable levels.

When this was said, the Oakland Councilmember turned and gestured with the cocktail glass with "IF YOU DON'T EXPLAIN WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO CUT, YOU'RE A LIAR!! A LIAR!!! I'LL CALL YOU THAT TO YOUR FACE!!! LIAR!!!

Yes. Yelling really loud in the establishment , and just as it was wrote.  When the concern for Oakland's unemployed and poor was expressed, there was no response from the Oakland Councilmember.  The name is withheld with the hope that the Oakland Councilmember gets the message and stops that kind of behavior in the future.

Oaklanders should be able to talk about policy differences without yelling at each other. But it's really disheartening to see someone that one supported turn around and yell at them for no reason at all, really.

This blogger never attempted to match the Oakland Councilmember's voice level; listening was the objective. The only concern here is that the Oakland Councilmember forgets that she represents the people of Oakland, first, not the maintenance of City of Oakland salary levels in a recession. Don Macleay says he will not be bound by any special interest:

On his website, currently at, Don Macleay writes:

Oakland deserves a Mayor who works for citizens first. I want a city that serves all citizens with compassion, advocacy, and action.

The email from his supporters reveals Don Macleay as a kind of "working class hero":

Working-class, non-politician Don Macleay announced his intention to run for Mayor of Oakland earlier this week, urging Oakland voters to reject entrenched insider politicians and instead vote for a progressive advocate for people and policies that would serve the real majority in Oakland, not special interests.

Calling his campaign “Integrity and Vision for Progressive Change,” Mr. Macleay is a former machinist, current small business owner, father and progressive community and environmental advocate.

Mr. Macleay said he is an “insider” only to grassroots, community-based Oakland, and will put the “people first.” Mr. Macleay’s goal, as he will outline Monday, is to end the systemic
mediocrity that is Oakland's City government.

Don Macleay has what was reported to be a well-attended campaign kickoff of about 50 people, which isn't bad considering that he's as of this writing unknown. That's certainly about to change.

Oakland's Mayor's Race did not have a Green Party Candidate who officially announced his or her candidacy. Now it does. Give the political unrest both nationally and locally, Don Macleay just may find himself with more support for his mayoral run than he dreamed of.

But where Don Macleay could fail in his run is in the New Media area. Right now, when one types "Don for Mayor" they don't get Don Macleay on the first page of the search result, they get Don Perata. As is true for many people over 40, Don Macleay's misunderstanding of the importance of New Media could be his failure.

Few people read newspapers any more and the Oakland Tribune's parent company filed for bankruptcy protection.

Stay tuned.