Friday, September 29, 2006

Terrell Owens / Sanaa Lathan / Kendra Wilkinson - Sanaa Is T.O.'s New Girlfriend - Felicia Broke Off Engagement In February


Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens has been the focus of much speculation about his rumored suicide attempt. I personally thought he may have been depressed due to personal reasons. Well, T.O. has more than "25 million reasons" to be happy, and many of them in the form of the women he's pursued by. OK, for my taste, they're not executive timber -- well-educated, ivy league, smart -- but to each his own.

The point is, even with the great Mike Silver's Sports Ilustrated's report where T.O. was still upset with not hearing from his former fiance, Felicia, Terrell's not alone.

According to the great blog "Young, Black, and Fabulous," Terrell Owens will be visted by the lovely Sanaa Lathan (photo at left), who's rumored to be his new girfriend. Reportedly, the two met during the ESPN Awards in July.

This means my first assumption about the possible source of his probable depression being Felicia's actions was wrong -- he was months removed from his relationship with Felicia, even though she did break off their marriage plans.


Well, "Young, Black, and Fabulous" blog report that they broke up due to "his cheating ways." Indeed, there's a rap sheet of T.O's squeezes that probably made the Dallas Police jealous.

T.O.'s surrounded by women.

For example, he's been spotted with the hot-bodied Kendra Wilkinson -- pictured with the football -- in fact very recently at a club, if YB&F is to be believed, "getting their freak on" and thought they wouldn't be spotted. (I can't imagine what the onlookers were seeing in the dark, but whatever.)

You remember Kendra? She's on Playboy Mogul Hugh Hefner's show "The Girl Next Door." Check out Kendra's MySpace page, however, and Hugh's no where to be seen. Instead, Kendra has photos of a number of photos of black athletes, just not T.O. for some reason...

The reason why Kendra left out Terrell Owens from her MySpace page may be connected to this text on LiveJournal from "diosabellissima":

"No way is the Kendra thing true. On the commentary of the first season of Girls Next Door (the DVD), Kendra goes on and on and on about how much she hates TO. How embarassed she is that she was interviewed in his jersey and how embarassed she is that she had all his stuff around her room."

Yeah, but she wasn't at the club. Kendra and T.O. may have made up; after all she was the Philadelphia Eagles blogger while T.O. was with the team. I wonder how she got that job?

At any rate, the YB&F blog reports that Sanaa's with T.O. in Dallas now.

Who's Sanaa?

According to the IMDB film data base, she's an accomplished actress with a huge list of appearances, most recently in the hit TV show "Nip/Tuck." She played Alexa Woods in the movie "AVP: Alien vs. Predator." Here's the full list:

A Raisin in the Sun (2007) (TV) (pre-production) .... Beneatha Younger

- Monica Wilder (2006) TV Episode .... Michelle Latham
- Blu Mondae (2006) TV Episode .... Michelle Latham
- Cindy Plumb (2006) TV Episode .... Michelle Latham
Something New (2006) .... Kenya Denise McQueen
The Golden Blaze (2005) (V) (voice) .... Monica
AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004) .... Alexa Woods
... aka Alien vs. Predator (Germany) (USA: short title)
... aka AVP (USA: promotional abbreviation)
Out of Time (2003/I) .... Ann Merai Harrison
Brown Sugar (2002) .... Sidney 'Syd' Shaw
... aka Seven Days
Disappearing Acts (2000) (TV) .... Zora Banks
The Smoker (2000) .... Roxanne
Love & Basketball (2000) .... Monica Wright
... aka Love and Basketball (USA: closing credits title)

The Best Man (1999/I) .... Robin
The Wood (1999) .... Alicia
Catfish in Black Bean Sauce (1999) .... Nina
Life (1999/I) .... Daisy
Blade (1998) .... Vanessa Brooks
"LateLine" (1998) TV Series .... Briana Gilliam
"NYPD Blue"
- You're Under a Rasta (1998) TV Episode .... Shirley Barish
Miracle in the Woods (1997) (TV) .... Young Lilly
"Built to Last"
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Drive (1997) .... Carolyn Brody
"Family Matters"
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- A Concerted Effort: Part 1 (1996) TV Episode .... Ebony
- A Concerted Effort: Part 2 (1996) TV Episode .... Ebony
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"The Tyra Banks Show"
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The 58th Annual Tony Awards (2004) (TV) .... Nominee for Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play by 'A Raisin in the Sun'
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Out of Time: Crime Scene (2004) (V) .... Herself
"The Sharon Osbourne Show"
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The 2001 IFP/West Independent Spirit Awards (2001) (TV) .... Herself

Filmography as: Actress, Self, Archive Footage

Archive Footage

Brilliant But Cancelled (2002) (TV)


Well, whatever the combination, it's clear that if T.O. was upset about something, what T.O. said came after he was fatally medicated, and not before. Thus, if the depression's there, it's inside; he's not acting out on anything. I believe him. I think what he was saying to Sil (Mike Sliver) was that he wishes Felicia was there to see about him, which means the incident really wasn't triggered by her.

But he was crying out for her.

Terrell Owens - Video Of His Press Conference After "Accidental Overdose"

This the the video of the press conference where Terrell Owens explains what happened and how he's feeling. The 911 call transcript is here. In the video, he explains that he took the wrong combination of meds and that he was not aware of what he was saying or doing after that.

Kim Etheridge then talks and explains her actions, she also says he has "25 million reasons to live."

Here is the video.

Terrell Owens - 911 Call Listed On ESPN Does Not Use "Suicide" Term - Dallas Police Should Appologize

This is a transcript of the 911 call Terrell Owens publicist made to Dallas Police and posted at Note that she does not say he's trying to kill himself or that he was attempting suicide. The Dallas Police have made disparaging remarks about Terrell Owens in the aftermath of this incident. Considering the nature of the event, they should appologize to Terrell Owens.

DALLAS -- A transcript of the 41-second call from Terrell Owens' publicist Kim Etheredge to 911 on Tuesday night:

Kim Etheredge: "Hi, I have an emergency please."

911 operator: "You need the police out there?"

Etheredge: "I need an ambulance please."

911 operator: "Let me give you the paramedics."

Etheredge: "Thank you."

911 operator: "Stay on the line."

Paramedic: (Garbled) "Dallas Fire."

Etheredge: "Hi. Hi I need an ambulance please, immediately."

Paramedic: "OK. What's your address?"

Etheredge: (gives address, crying)

Paramedic: "What's wrong?"

Etheredge: "I think he took too many pills. Please. Now. (Garbled) What do I do if the pills are down the throat?"

Paramedic: "OK. What's your phone number? We are already on the way now, ma'am. What's your phone number?"

Etheredge: "Oh God!"

Paramedic: "What's your phone number?"

Etheredge: (Deleted)

Paramedic: "Is that 214?"

Etheredge: "Yes."

Paramedic: "OK. Is he still breathing?"

Etheredge: "Yes."

Paramedic: "OK, we're on the way there, ma'am."

Etheredge: "Thank you. Thank you."

Terrell Owens - Fiance Felicia Broke Off Engagement

FLASH! Click for T.O.'s new squeeze.

According to a story by The Dallas Morning News, and appearing below, Terrell Owens fiance and girlfriend of three years Felicia broke off their engagement. In an earlier blog post, I asked what happened to T.O.s fiance and why wasn't she near him when he took the ill-fated medication. Now we know.

What we don't know is why she broke it off. But my original opinion -- that his depression is related to his fiance -- remains unchanged.

Owens fires trainer apparently for talking to Dallas newspaper
By Michael Granberry

Dallas Morning News


DALLAS - James "Buddy" Primm, the personal trainer for Terrell Owens, said Thursday that the Cowboys' wide receiver had relieved him of his services and was no longer speaking to him.

In a telephone conversation with The Dallas Morning News, Owens acknowledged as much and said Primm "had no business" discussing details of his private life with the news media.

Primm, 55, said Wednesday that Owens had been distraught over not being able to see his son, who celebrated his 7th birthday Monday. Then, hours later, he said, the receiver's fiancee, a woman he had dated for three years, severed their engagement.

"He shouldn't have been telling you anything about my personal life anyway," said Owens. "That's where it stops - right there. He should have never said anything remotely involving me or my personal life, especially my son or even my ex-girl."

A resident of Georgia, where Owens makes his off-season home, Primm began working out the wideout seven years ago, when he played for the San Francisco 49ers.

He says he cares "deeply" for Owens and loves him "like a son," one whose fatherless childhood took place in abject poverty in rural Alabama, where he was raised by his mother and grandmother. Owens apparently went for years without knowing that a man who lived on the same street was his father.

"The background that I've had," Primm said Wednesday, "it's enabled me to take a very special person who, if he stays within a structure, would be able to accomplish anything. I believe I'm one of the people who can help provide that structure."

As for playing the role of a father figure, he said, "There's never been one there. . . . My thing is helping other people. I enjoy that. I'm a Christian. It gives me a feeling of fulfillment. I like to do the best I can and be the very best at it."

Primm calls his style "hands-on and personal." Until recently, he had even been living with Owens at his newly purchased loft in the shadow of the Fair Park area.

Owens said Primm was inexperienced in dealing with the news media.

"He is a victim of what I have fallen victim to over the course of my career," Owens said. "He shouldn't have said anything about my personal life - period. Now I really have to be guarded as far as who I talk to. If I can't trust my own trainer, I can't trust nobody."

Kim Etheredge, Owens' publicist who, on occasion, also shares Owens' home, called 911 on Tuesday, when Owens had accidentally overdosed - which led police to believe he had attempted suicide.

After a rigorous workout Tuesday, Owens said he had downed several prescription pain pills for the hand he injured earlier this month, despite having consumed 30 tablets - natural supplements supplied by Primm - earlier that day.

As a trainer, Primm is widely regarded as one of the best in the business. He helped Owens heal rapidly from a broken leg in 2004 to such an extent that he played superbly only weeks later in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Primm says the receiver's recovery was aided in no small part by a battery of New Age devices to which he introduced him. They include a $40,000 laser designed to stimulate blood flow to injured parts of the body. He also uses a hyperbaric chamber and a microcurrent machine as part of the same portfolio of treatments.

Owens has counted on Primm's guidance not only in helping sculpt an Adonis-like body but also in curbing the destructive power of a series of nagging injuries. When Owens sustained a hamstring pull during Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, Calif., he flew in Primm to oversee his rehabilitation.

And his approach worked well enough, Primm said Wednesday, to enable Owens to play as early as this Sunday, when the Cowboys travel to Nashville to face the Tennessee Titans.