Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Myth of Invincibility: Obama, Hillary, and us

Combat soldiers are famous for and know about something called the "myth of invincibility". It is the completely mythological notion that disaster will strike all around you and harm others, but you will survive. Senator Obama certainly did not start out as inevitable in the race, even in his own estimation - but many thought Senator Clinton was.

The untold story is about us, the citizens of the United States. We have shown that we too believe in the Myth of Invincibility. We have stood by Obama through the early stages of Hillary's silly attacks when she investigated Obama's kindergarten essays. We have stood by Obama when the media proclaimed that his campaign was over, twice, once with the bitter comment, and then with the Wright issue.

We investigate the issues, we blog and comment, we campaign and phone bank, and we fund his campaign. Charles Kriete was a clergyman, and a chaplain in the army, and unlike any other clergy, he also taught strategy at the Army War College. He authored the first critical in-house analysis of military strategy in Vietnam. He was also the only clergyman in or out of uniform who was assigned to the Strategic Studies Institute, and awarded the Military Occupational Status (MOS) of Strategic Analyst. After 15 years in retirement, he has been selected to join the Distinguished Fellows Society of the War College - his words and thoughts form the core of this article.

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Clinton Lost Black Democratic Base - Can't Win Without It

In launching what many feel has been a loser strategy Senator Clinton too a number of actions that have served to virtually eliminate her Black support. For the first time in Democratic Party history since the passage of the Civil Rights Act, a presidential candidate close to the nomination can't count on Blacks for support.

Now -- according to CNN's American Morning -- her African American support is down to "single digits". That means over 90 percent of Blacks don't back her -- or more to the point support Senator Barack Obama. Thus, one can make the argument that Clinton would have a harder time wining a race against John McCain, because Blacks don't support her and may even jump over to the Republican Party to help Senartor John McCain.


New Dodge Challenger Like The Old Dodge Challenger.

Dodge came out with a new Challenger, which reminds me of the old Challenger of the 70s, but I guess that's the point.

Obama Wins North Carolina; Almost Indiana; Clinton Should Drop Out

After weeks of being bombed with constant Rev. Wright stories and attempts to define Obama as a "Black candidate" we have the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, where Clinton was supposed to win by 10 percent -- she didn't -- and was to come close to Obama in North Carolina by coming within single digits -- she didn't do that either.

Instead, Barack Obama won North Carolina by 14 points, and narrowly lost Indiana by less than 2 point, and vote counting is still not done.

Senator Obama is now about 200 delegates or less from being the Democratic Presidential Nominee and there's nothing Senator Clinton can do to halt his march. Nothing.

Clinton -- with a looming campaign debt -- is finished. MSNBC's Tim Russert gave the monologue that said it all, and it's here in this video:

We do now know who the Democratic Presidential nominee will be and it's Senator Barack Obama.