Saturday, October 23, 2010

Obama in 2012

President Barack Obama has gotten a lot accomplished, but most of these
accomplishments are not the ones he outlined during his campaign.

Obama spoke of change and his eloquence brought the nation hope. His
speeches were spoken like sermons and those in attendance could feel the

A great speaker does not make a great president, but there were a lot of
things that needed to be fixed after the Bush years.

With Obama's positive popularity deteriorating is he destined to be a
one term president?
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Lindsay Lohan To Rehab; Taylor Momsen Flashes

Lindsay Lohan (photo by was ordered back to rehab Friday, while 17-year old Taylor Momsen flashes the crowd at her New York concert.

According to, Actress and Artist Lindsay Lohan was ordered back to complete rehab and not to jail. TMZ reports:

Lohan is due back in court on February 25 (2011). She will be subject to drug testing in between her release from rehab until her court date. If Lindsay does not test positive for drugs or alcohol before her next scheduled during that time, he will convert her sentence to unsupervised probation. The D.A recommended Lindsay get 180 days in county jail. The judge specifically stated he wanted Lindsay in rehab past the New Year.

Just how this will impact Lindsay's movie schedule is anyone's guess. TMZ also reports that she was complaining about her rehab schedule as interfering with her life, including her shoots. But it's the one thing keeping her out of the wasteland of jail and giving her a fighting chance at being clean and sober. At least she's not running around taking off her top, like Taylor Momsen, who's reported flashes of the NYC concert crowd made headlines.

The teen took off her top to reveal her breasts. As of this writing, Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen's not been charged with anything and one has to wonder if that was her idea or her publicists' work.  The act's made her name into a Twitter Trending Topic as of this writing and gained attention for her music.   For what it's worth.   Taylor's obviously working the porn angle hard.

It seems that's what an entertainer has to do to make themselves sand out in a World over-saturated with media content.  It's the reason there are so many sex tape stories it's become almost standard for an actress to have one.