Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama Inauguration - Toshira on It's Meaning

As I walked along the Capital Mall the night before The Inauguration of Barack Obama as our 44th President, a young woman came up and asked -- and I kid you not -- "Are you a CNN reporter". I explained that I am an iReporter and we created this video of her message. Pretty funny but she had something to say and I wanted to help her say it.

Obama Inauguration Concert Mass Of Humanity

This was an incredible Sunday concert experience as part of Obama Inauguration festivities, even if, like me, you got their around 2 PM and thus were not able to get close to the Lincoln Memorial, let alone past the Old War Memorial. I estimate the crowd at about 2 million. I've not seen a written estimate yet, but if it's in the thousands, it's just plain wrong!

Angela Bassett, Giancarlo Esposito On Obama and "Gospel Hill"

While In Washington DC for the Inauguration, I was invited to a great
premier of a cool new movie called "Gospel Hill". Directed by Giancarlo Esposito, it stars Angela Bassett, Danny Glover, Esposito, and others including South Carolina Charles James essentially playing
himself. I talked to them about not just the movie, but the Obama Inauguration and the festivties held to that point in time.

Obama Inauguration - President Bush Look-Alike

I was walking to the Willard Hotel when I happened on a man who looked just like current President George W Bush. His name is Ed Thebility, and he says he's got a few pounds on President Bush but that he does get the "You look like" comment alot!

Obama Inauguration - Crowd Enthusiasm "Shout"

CNN Ireporter BlueTexan really got the sprit of the people singing "Shout"! during the Obama "We Are One" concert on Sunday.

Stephanie Miller Obama Radio Nation 2009

This video talks about the role progressive talk radio played in getting Barack Obama elected President of The United States.