Wednesday, November 09, 2005

March of the "PopPols" : Warren Beatty, Rob Reiner, and Steve Jobs Run for California Governor in 2006

I know this is premature, but it does add up to a march of the popular culture politicians, or what I call "The PopPols." Legendary Actor Warren Beatty, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and Actor and Producer Rob Reiner have allowed their names to be floated as possible candidates for California Governor in 2006.

Governor Schwartzenegger has opened the flood gates. Now my prediction is that California politics will be taken over by celebrities. In fact, I'm going to state that current governor candidates Treasurer Phil Angelidies and Controller Steve Westly -- as much as I like Steve -- don't have a change against Arnold. Why? Because the majority of Californians like him there as Governor, but they don't want him to get too big for his pants. He's a symbol of success in a state that thrives on symbols of success.

But Californians don't want him to make too much change, especially alterations that hurt working families. The only chance against Arnold is to fight celebrity power with power. Warren Beatty would clobber Arnold in the Governors Race. He looks the part of the elder statesman who could fashion himself as the antidote to four years of "The Terminator" and it doesn't hurt that his wife is as well-regarded and as active as Maria Schriver.

I don't know if polls have been conducted, but I'd be surprised if Beatty didn't do better than any of his competitors in a survey that essentially asks "Who would make the best governor: Warren Beatty, Steve Jobs, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Steve Westly, Rod Reiner, or Phil Angelidies?"

Oh...What about Reiner? I think he's been in the news as more of an activist than an actor -- he's been behind the camera too much more than in front of it over the last 15 years. Over that time, Beatty has had a number of memorable roles, including in the movie "Bullworth" where he plays an all-too-plain-spoken politcian.

What about Jobs? His candidacy is a wild card. I can see Steve uploading Mp3's of his election platform into every new Apple iPod sold in California. Seriously, he could do that. He could even strike a deal with U2's Bono, where Bono becomes a spokesperson for Jobs. How 'bout that? Powerful stuff.