Sunday, February 03, 2008

Eli Manning Super Bowl 42 MVP

No longer will Eli Manning be referred to as Peyton's little brother. The sterotype of a soft,feeble, passive and inconsistent signal caller has been completely eradicated. Now his name has been entered into the ranks of the best players to every dawn an NFL uniform.

Last year, Peyton hoisted the MVP trophy in South Florida and furthered his legacy in the game of football. Plastered behind the shadows of his older brother and father, Eli never seemed willing or able to elevate from a grounded level of rapid disappoint to a level of excellence and accuracy.

Plagued by a propensity of throwing interceptions, 20 to be exact during the regular season, Manning restricted his number of errors in the playoffs to one. Smart, conscice, efficient and scrupulous, Manning played overwhelmingly reminiscent to his brother on many fronts.

Manning went 9-14 for 152 yards and one touchdown in the fourth quarter, a clear indication that he has gravitated to the level of supremacy that Hall of Fame quarterbacks play at.

The penchant to overcome adversity, media backlash, fan dissent and the tremors of constant negativity for his entire career, demonstrates Eli's true character and leadership skills. Naysayers transformed into believers and supporters reaffirmed their confidence in the Giants champion

Tonight, Eli Manning displayed that he is now his own Manning. After his epic performance in which he mustered together a game winning 83-yard drive with 35 seconds remaining, the comparisons to his big-brother can be terminated.

A Giant Upset: NY Prevails In SB 42, 17-14

Perfect no more. The dreams of a 19-0 season by the New England Patriots were fizzled tonight by one of the most unlikliest of teams in NFL history.

From Tampa Bay to Dallas, Green Bay to Arizona, the improbable story of the New York Giants persisted tonight in Super Bowl 42. Provided with a bleak opportunity to emerge victorious, the Giants demonstrated that no team is unbeatable, even the vaunted New England Patriots.

Equipped with the premier offense, fourth ranked defense, undefeated record and a margin of victory of twenty points, it was blatantly obvious to pundits, analysts, reporters and the majority of fans across the nation that the Patriots would cement their stamp in the record books and hoist their fourth Vince Lombardi trophy in the last seven years. Someone forgot to send the memo to the Giants players and coaches.

Throughout the week the teams demeanor was positive and optimistic, never doubting their ability to dethron the unstoppable Pats. Fortunately, their confidence enabled them to defeat the pre-eminent opponent of all.

After Tom Brady connected with Randy Moss to propel the Patriots to a four-point lead, 14-10, Eli Manning advanced his team down the field on a daunting 12-play, 83-yard drive highlighted by an insurmountable catch by David Tyree.

With 35 seconds remaining, Manning found Plaxico Burress on a 13-yard fade route in the corner of the endzone to ensure the Giants third Super Bowl victory and first since 1990.

In week 17 New England defeated New York by three points, but when it counted most on the grandest stage in football, the Giants prevailed by three points, shattering the Patriots flawless season.

Patriots Lead Giants 7-3 At Halftime

Through the first half of Super Bowl 42, the Patriots have gained a slim lead over the NFC Champions.

Laurence Maroney's one-yard touchdown gave the undefeated patriots a four-point advantage at thr 14:57 mark of the second quarter after a Lawrence Tyne's 32-yard field goal propeled them to an early lead.

The Giants relentless pressure on Tom Brady enabled them to contain the NFL MVP to under 100 yards pasing and one completion to wide receiver Randy Moss. In addition, Brady was sacked three times, including twice on one series. The Patriots inability to find consistency and rhythm on both sides of the football have been the two central factors that have challenged them all game long.

Although Eli Manning turned the ball over for the first time this postseason (four games), he has performed exceedingly well through the first thirty minutes of this epic contest. The younger Manning directed the Giants on a 16 play, 9:59 drive that spanned 63 yards to start the game- most play attempts on an opening drive in Super Bowl history.

The expected offensive onslaught was not visible in the first half as the Giants were contained to 139 yards and the Patriots 81. Moreover, New York controlled the time of possession at 19:27.

Jason Taylor Named Walter Payton Man Of The Year

Moments before the kickoff of Super Bowl 42 between the Giants and Patriots, Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Taylor was presented with the Walton Payton Man of the Year award for his substantial contribution in the community and off the field.

Taylor, the 2006 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, becomes the third Dolphin to be honored with the Walton Payton award. Hall of Fame center Dwight Stephenson (1985) and quarterback Dan Marino (1998)were the first two fins to receive the recognition for their hard work when away from the field.

Maria Shriver Endorses Barack Obama

Maria Shriver, wife of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who recently endorsed Republican John McCain, pledged her support for Democrat Barack Obama this afternoon at an event in Los Angeles that featured Caroline Kennedy, Michelle Obama and media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

According to Shriver, "I'm proud to be standing here not just with these women, but with all of you -- different races, different age groups I'm sure, Democrats and independents alike -- because you believe," she said. "You believe in each and every one of yourselves, most importantly. And you believe that you have found someone who believes in you."

California's first lady is the niece of Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy who endorsed Obama last week at an event at American University in Washington D.C.

Barack Obama "Yes We Can" Will-I-Am Video A Hit!

Will-I-Am of the Black Eyed Peas has created a beautiful video around Senator Barack Obama's words "Yes We Can". I don't yet know how the video came to be reality -- in other words, when Will-I-Am decided to pull the trigger and make it -- but it's out now and deserves a look. I can't remember when a group of artists have gotten together in this way before.

Here's the video:

7 Crazy Superbowl Predictions that could happen

7 Crazy Super bowl Predictions that could happen
By Dr. Bill Chachkes-NFL Draft

7- Patriots WR Randy Moss will be assaulted by a group from the women's anti-defamation league as he leaves a party Saturday Night. He will need a restraining order and a police escort in order to play the game Sunday.

6- Coach Bill Belichick will have his entire coaching wardrobe of 27 Hoodies and two pullover hats stolen by a group of 12 year olds from the Ravenswood Housing Projects In Astoria NY called the "little Giants Mafia".

5- Dallas owner Jerry Jones, still distraught over the Cowboys early exit from the Playoffs, will try to get a new playoff system passed that eliminates the wild card round of the playoffs. He will then take a 4 day skiing trip to Utah with Jeff Lurie, and Dan Snyder. He will break his hand on a fall on the slopes, and Snyder will have him airlifted out by a Fedex copter. Lurie will then try to Rush release a movie epic based on the trip ahead of Steve Tisch's release of the same movie.

4- Jessicia Simpson will break up with Tony Romo and Profess her love for Eli Manning. Her father Joe will throw himself at Archie and Olivia Manning, begging them for a chance at their son. Archie will offer Joe a case of Double Stuff Oreos and a case of Hershey's Chocolate milk and tell him to go home.

3- Tom Petty's Tour Bus will burn down at a Roadside diner in Black Canyon City Arizona the day before the game. No one will be hurt, but Petty will have to borrow Prince's purple guitar to play the halftime show. Gene Simmons from Kiss will tell everyone he could have played a better show. By himself.

2- Tom Brady will throw 7 interceptions in the game, and retire from football in the post game press conference. He will break up with the pinup girlfriend and join a religious cult, giving all his net worth to them.

And the #1 Wacky Super Bowl Prediction is:
The Giants will win 24-21 on a last second Field Goal by Tynes again. Both Scotland and Milton Fl. will claim Tynes a Native son, causing a Lawsuit over both's use of his name on a welcome sign. Tynes will accept a free agent offer to play for the new NFL expansion team in Fairbanks Alaska….