Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Harley-Davidson Bikers Piss Off Gavin Newsom's Dad At Balboa Cafe, SF, CA.

This is a study in how not to piss of the customers of a well-known bar and restaurant in a neighborhood that doesn't like loud noises, much. When a party's not involved.

This blogger was at The Balboa Cafe in San Francisco's Marina District and after The Union Street Festival, and wound up having a cocktail with William Newsom, who's son Gavin Newsom's the current California Lieutenant Governor.

At any rate, there were two guys with Harley-Davidson Iron 833 bikes making a rukus of a noise outside the establishment and pretty much pissing-off most of the patrons; especially Mr. Newsom. So, he went and a group of others, including myself, went outside to see what was going on. And as Newsom was stewing, I figured the nuisance was best captured on video. All the better to mark the moment and get the license plate of the bikers as they performed their noise-making stunt for the World to hear.

And boy were those bikes loud!

Man, standing there was a moment I'll never forget, that's for sure.

I have no idea what happened to the bikers after than moment, but at least I'll know to bring ear-plugs for the next time they show up.  

Stay tuned.  

Oakland Restaurants - Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe Visit In Uptown Oakland

The new Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe finishes a buildout of the front store spaces of The Fox Theater in Oakland, and is enjoying its first week of operation, this week.

The deal to get Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe at the Fox Theater started just over two years ago, and while it was delayed in fits and starts of deal-making, the end result was well worth the wait.

This blogger walked in on just plain impulse and, possessing a craving for breakfast at night, changed mind and ordered the Monday Blue Plate Special: The Meatloaf. A full, hearty meal of the kind not seen during the whole California Cuisine craze (which I'm somewhat happy has been altered to encourage larger portions), the meatloaf was almost as good as my Mom's at home, and overall I'd give it a B.

The atmosphere at Rudy's was incredible. Bright and airy, it's a great place to hang out and talk or people watch over a great meal.

The added plus is a kind of dining car in the rear of the place that, as I'm told, can be reserved in advance.

Rudy's, at 18th and Telegraph Avenue in Downtown Oakland and open from 7 PM to 1 AM each night, is a great addition to the growing Uptown scene. But I still think a baseball stadium would have been much better at the condo location than what's there now.

Check it out.

Sarah Palin Paul Revere Error From Fear Of Looking Stupid

Former Alaska Governor and now GOP Presidential non-candidate, candidate Sarah Palin, has done it again. She's stuck her foot in her mouth in recounting the history of Paul Revere. First, instead of just answering the question of a reporter, who asked how the day went, Sarah had to go off on some rant that went like this:

If she had to say anything she should have said "It was nice to see the place where Paul Revere said 'The British are coming'" and left it at that. But no, not Sarah Palin.


Sarah Palin's so afraid of looking stupid before the cameras, and thus the people of America, she over-compensates and says more than she should, rather than less. She comes off as if she has to be the ultimate authority on whatever she's talking about.

So what happens, is Palin says something at length, then is wrong about what she says, which defeats her own purpose of trying to look smart. So, Palin keeps trying to dig out of this image hole, and only digs herself deeper into it.

If Governor Palin relaxed and stopped worrying about what people thought about her, this "stupid spiral," if you will, would end. Palin would disagree with my assessment, but if it were not so, this habit, then why the pattern of consistently putting her foot in her mouth?

It certainly doesn't taste good, that foot. And eating it's not the best meal for anyone who has White House-level ambitions.

Stop The Blame The Media Game 

In closing, Palin should not just stop thinking about what people think of her, but stop blaming the media for whatever stupid comment she makes.  In the most recent case, Palin said it was a "gotcha" question.  But how the hell can that be if the question was an opened ended one, asking how the day went? 

That's a sure sign there's something wrong with Governor Palin.   She's done this before, and the act is fading, fast. 

Andrew Brietbart Obsessed With Congressman Weiner's Naked Photos

Now that New York Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner did an about face and admitted that no one "hacked" his Twitter account, and that he was sending nude and other leud photos of himself to women he'd never met in person and just on the Internet, along comes conservative hack blogger Andrew Brietbart to go all "Deadspin, Brett Farve" on us, and show how hot he is for Weiner's naked body, or at least for whatever photo of it he can dig up.

Just about two weeks ago CNN cornered Congressman Weiner about what has been described as an "explicit Tweet" the pol sent to a young woman on Twitter he'd never met.

Now, when this blogger listened to Weiner talk about almost everything under the sun from the debt ceiling to the deficit to the chances that the NFL Lockout would end, to what restaurant in his district served the best hamburger (just kidding), the first thought was "It's possible someone may have got hold of his Twitter account, but the photos?

The question is where did they come from? Hacking into someone's computer hard drive is harder to believe than the Twitter issue, and that' s where the problems start for Weiner.

But that would be if he stuck to his original "hacked" story. Weiner didn't. Plus, Weiner, unlike Republican Representative Chris Lee, said he was not going to resign from office.

So, maybe because of that, or more likely because Andrew Breitbart could be a gay guy in the closet, Brietbart's devoted his blog Big Government to not less than 15 blog posts about what the blogger calls Weinergate, and as much for the congressman's name as what part of his body Brietbart wants to see.

But, in a society where an 11-year old kid can go on YouTube and freely see semi-nude women and men, not to mention people doing all sorts of things from blowing snot bubbles to public sex on a train, do we really care what Congressman Weiner did on Twitter, as The Atlantic asked?

Well, the answer is that we're titilated by it, if nothing else. That's why the keyword Andrew Breitbart was number one on Google Trends, and Congressman Weiner's number six on Monday. We want to look more than complain, and much of the complaints are being aimed not at Weiner, but at Brietbart.

Technorati calls it our "national hour of shame" and says Brietbart is a "scumbag." I'm waiting for someone to call or email and report that they have the same kind of photos of Brietbart.

Republicans Not Out Of The Woods

Remember, the Republicans still have Sen Tom Colburn, Rep. Chris Lee, and Senators John Ensign, and David Vitter to remind us that they still have the lead in sex scandals.

Stay tuned.