Sunday, May 06, 2007

Paris Hilton Supporters Have Petition To Protest Jail Term

As you may know, Paris Hilton was sentenced to 45-days in jail for violating probation. She's to appear at the LA County facility before June 5th, which gives her about a month or so.

A group of supporters is circulating an online petition to keep her out of jail. I'd wish they'd do the same for others who have less money.

You think Akon will get 45-days for what he did? Nope. Just shows you how screwed up society is.

Video - Akon Dry Humps Underage Girl In Trinidad - Acts Stupidly; Crowd Eggs Him On

There's much being made of the video that captures rapper Akon -- who I'd never heard of until now -- forceably dry humping a woman later to be identified as underage. If you've not seen the video, it's presented below. Apparently, it was on YouTube, but taken down for "copywrite violations" -- any company that would claim protection of this is nuts to begin with.

For YouTube's part, they should fight back with the claim that this is public information about a public figure and thus falls outside the copywrite argument. As to the video itself, it's caused another attack on rap, but this time I think people are missing the point. What's on display here is a mob mentality and the pornification of American culture.

Look, while Akon was certainly criminal in his behavior it's not like the young lady ran off the stage, which she should have done at first. But she would not; in the video she just lays there waiting for him at first. Both are to blame here; it's like she wanted to see how far he would go, and he decided to go as far as he thought could.

I took a video at the LL Cool J concert at the ESPN Super Bowl Party, and got a stream of emails from women who claimed they were on stage and wanted a copy of the clip. The point being they want to be seen up there, and thus put up with whatever behavior the celebrity pushes on them, which is certainly what Akon did.

Now in the video, Akon does not really dry hump the woman at first -- he's actually over her as if he's doing pushups -- but as the crowd gets excited, then he goes nuts and too far with the act, when he should have stopped a long time ago.

To the young lady's defense, she had no idea of what was about to happen. She qas quoted as saying "This whole hip hop thing is a guise and I don't want any part of it. I don't want any part of it. Look at what I have to go through with one mistake that I made. My dad warned me every time and I didn't listen. I am sorry."

She accepts that she made a mistake. But Akon has not. That's terrible.

It's Akon's responsibility to be a gentleman due to his "power position" -- but instead, he violated that rule. Moreover, the crowd itself seemed to want it. Look for yourself. But what's even more disturbing is that he just ran off stage as if he knew that what he did was wrong. He does not see to her comfort; it looks like a complete rape, so that's what we'll call it.

But my question is if he's going to be prosecuted, it's not going to change the crowd. No one. Not the handlers of Akon. Not the spectators. No one stopped him. I think everyone on stage should be sued, not just Akon.