Monday, December 24, 2007

Obama Ahead of Clinton and Edwards In Iowa Legislative Endorsements - Iowa Independent

The Iowa Independent reports that Senator Obama's ahead of Clinton and Edwards in endorsements by Iowa law-makers in the legislature, 20 to 19. Obama gained the backing of Wayne Ford on Sunday.

Roger Clemens Video Stating He Did Not Use Steroids

Roger Clemens made this video stating "No. I did not use steroids, human growth hormones, or anything". He states that he's angry and will sit down with Mike Wallace at 60 Minutes and "Do the whole thing over again."

I too am angry over the witch hunt that's taken place regarding this issue. At some point, there will be a major legal backlash.

Brian O'Neill's Crusade Against Hillary Clinton For President

Wow. There are a lot of anti-Clinton trolls out there. Here's one man by the name of Brian O'Neill, who's been spooking the Clinton website for awhile now...

"The Spank Dance" At Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, Nevada

This is a crazy dance that's done to celebrate one's birthday at the Grand Sierra Resort Hotel in Reno, Nevada. The folks from the band Clear Blue 22 were in on the act and acting at MCs' too.

If you're wondering what I was doing here, I was on layover and on the way to Mom's for Christmas in Georgia!

Hillary Clinton Asks Iowa To Vote On Jan 14th, not Jan 3rd | BIG MISTAKE

Clinton talks about experience, but what about judgement? Whatever terrible judgement led to this big error, it's done, this is a big Iowa error. Now the Clinton people are rushing to cover it up.

Clinton urges Iowa voters to caucus on wrong day! (Reuters)

DES MOINES (Reuters) - Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton may have shot herself in the foot trying to get Iowa voters to pledge support to her -- she is encouraging them to caucus on January 14, 11 days too late.

At a rally featuring her husband, former President Bill Clinton on Saturday, campaign workers asked supporters to sign and mail cards that said "Yes! I'm an Iowan for Hillary" with their contact information as well as other supportive friends.

One small problem. In the upper right-hand corner of the card, it says "I, _____, pledge to support Hillary Clinton at my precinct caucus on January 14, 2008."

Unfortunately, that's 11 days too late. The Iowa caucuses are January 3 and organization is key to getting voters to go to the events and support their preferred candidate.

The, an Internet site that specializes in politics and first reported the mistake, said at Bill Clinton's second event on Saturday the cards had the wrong date crossed out and replaced with the correct date.

(Reporting by Jeremy Pelofsky, editing by Todd Eastham)