Wednesday, February 02, 2011

American Idol Steven Tyler Apologizes For Puck Up Not Young Girl Flirting

Steven Tyler, one of the two newest American Idol judges next to J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez), was forced to make an apology for something he said to a contestant. But no, it wasn't for any one of flirtatious comments the rocker's made to underaged girls, but for a play on words.

Last week Tyler responded to a man named Jack Muck as he walked on to the stage for his audition in Austin, Texas. It was, er, gauche:

Tyler" "You know what Muck rhymes with, don't you?"

Jack Muck: "Duck."

Tyler: "Read my lips."

And that was it.

But with all of that, observers who bothered to chime in on the American Idol Forum didn't seem to be bothered by the incident or Tyler. Here's some of the posts:

I really did not know who Steven Tyler was, but definetely know his songs. Since watching this seasons Idol, I think he is the most funniest person! The comments he makes to the contestants are hillarious and it makes me laugh every time. He also seems sensitive to the contestants feeling as well which is a very nice side to him. Steven you definetely make a this years AI more enjoyable to watch!

I too am so impressed by the new feel of the show with ST and JLO. The show seems to send a much more positive message overall. Less making fun of bad contestants and more constructive criticism is a good thing and a very positive message to be sending out to the world! Thanks AI for making me proud. I like JLO a lot and love that she is tough and fair, but not mean. I am most surprised by Steven previous impression was a druggy Rock Star that makes nice I think I'm in love! ST shows his great appreciation of music (even not so great music sometimes), offers positive criticism, shows his fun and goofy side, and what a sensitive and kind human being he is. You can't fake that kind of sincerity. I even googled him and found that he has been clean for many years! Congratulations ST on that huge accomplishment! I am once again a raving fan and hope ST is there for the duration! Still love you too, Randy!

Kudos AI!

From a 53 year old fan and mother of 4 in Tampa, Florida

I am so happy with the changes with American idol I really feel they did a great job replacing Simon with Steve Tyler and Jennifer taking the place of the other 3 which were Paula, Kara, and Ellen. Ellen had no business being there to begin with Paula always reminded me that she was on some kind of downers and Kara was boring... But I like Jenn better then the other 3 and Steve Tyler has got it. I love when I watch him and he closes his eyes to listen to them sing.... And the other night with Chris Medina really got to me I cried with his story and I cried when they all wanted to meet his girlfriend and I loved when Steve said he sings good because he sings to you everynight and when he hugged and kissed her I was totally in tears.. I feel like even Randy is happier now and I feel they really connect real well together... So losing Simon was actually a good thing and the other ladies also good..... So the Panel has my VOTE this season.....

Details aside, it's clear Steven Tyler's providing a new buzz-generating energy to American Idol. The question is where will it go, and will the producers like where it's going?

Stay tuned.

Flip Video And Cisco Give Zennie A Flip Video Ultra HD

Regular viewers of my video blog posts on YouTube and know that I've used Flip Video Camcorders since 2009. In fact, about 60 percent of my video stock consists of segments made with Flip products. Moreover, some of my greatest videos, like the Fight With A Bouncer On Fillmore (not me, of course), were made with Flips, as well as my TV show, The Blog Report With Zennie62.

(In fact, for that video I just stood on the curb and held the camera up without saying a word. You'd think someone would have noticed.)

And even California Governor and former Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown came into my Flip Video's focus on the night of his election victory, and after Arnie Fields told me of his "Jerry-centric" run for Mayor of Oakland.

Reportedly, Jerry saw it and could only think of how much he disliked Arnie's message, and why I'd interview him (Arnie was a candidate, case closed. Hilariously, nothing else mattered to him at the time.

Then there was the time in the limo with the cast from the horror movie Hatchet II (out on DVD now), with its creator Adam Green, and the incredibly lovely Danielle Harris. All of those videos were made with my Flip.

I could go on and on, but Flip Video and Cisco were kind enough to provide me with a new Flip Video Ultra HD. So, to return the good deed, I created this "commercial," which I hope they actually make into a commercial.

I even thought of a tag line: "Flip Video. Video-Blog everywhere! Video-blog anywhere!"

But what I like about Flip is it's ease of use and high-quality product.  I have other camcorders from Sony and a high-end Canon VIXIA HF10 HD, but the inexpensive Ultra HD is almost the match of the Canon, with the lack of a true telephoto lens and mic port the only difference maker.   That's not bad considering the $200 cost difference.

But the Flip is the camcorder for vlogging.  If you're going to video-blog, you need a Flip.

Stay tuned.

National Signing Day: Cal Ranks High, Seeks New Offensive Coach

Today is National Signing Day, and Cal Football's set to bring in an excellent recruiting class (Scout has it ranked #15), but before we get to the details there, some news that's still fresh: Cal Offensive Coordinator Andy Ludwig is gone. According to ESPN's Ted Miller on Jan 25th, Ludwig, who was (I see now unfairly) criticized in this space, told the San Diego Union Tribune that he would get a chance to install his own offense.

Here's Ludwig:

At Cal, I was an offensive coordinator with a coach who was also an offensive coordinator...I'm excited to get back to running my system. I have nothing but positive things to say about my time there and we'll be implementing a similar system to what we had at Cal, just with my signature on it.

Talk about dancing on the line, Coach Ludwig leaves open the question, to what degree was the Cal Offense his, versus Cal Head Coach Jeff Tedford's? The other issue would seem to be continuity, but now that Cal's gone through it's fifth OC in the Tedford Era, obviously the one constant is Jeff himself. Otherwise, Coach T would not change Offensive Coordinators so often and with such ease.

"HydroTech" has an interesting take on the Coach, Ludwig departure over at California Golden Blogs, but to keep this brief for now, I am not in agreement on the Cal Offense being "set." It needs a group of plays that are done and define it over the years. To me, it's not the best idea to have a play book that's a mix of "this or that" just to have it.

For example, the San Francisco 49ers Playbook under Bill Walsh started with one basic pass play that was the foundation of "The System:" It's called "22 Z-In." Here it is from The West Coach Offense Playbook:

 In Walsh's words...

This is a five-step drop pattern. The quarterback takes five big steps and a hitch step and throws on time. The receiver splits 12 to 14 yards. The flanker releases inside for 5 to 6 yards and then bursts hard to the outside foot of the cornerback. What he wants to do is to get that cornerback on his heels. Then he'll turn in about three steps and catch the pass 12 yards deep.

The fullback runs what we call a scat pattern. He doesn't have any pickup, and he releases to the outside. He never catches the ball more than 2 yards past the line of scrimmage, most often right at the line of scrimmage. If the backer blitzes, he looks for the ball early.
Our tight end picks off the near end backer. He'll put his head past that man's shoulder, slow down, and make contact. He bounces off it and goes to the far guard position, turns and faces the quarterback, and watches his eyes because he's the last outlet.

The quarterback throws the ball related to the sky safety. If the safety gives ground, he'll throw to the fullback. If the safety flattens out, we'll throw in behind him, in this case to the flanker. If it's man-to-man, the flanker runs a man-to-man pattern trying to beat the corner. If it's man-to-man, the safety will often chase the tight end, and there will be a good throwing lane with the backer coming out on the fullback.

When we throw to the fullback the ball should arrive to him a foot in front of his number. If the fullback has to reach, he will take his eyes off the ball, slow down or break stride, and probably get nothing out of it.

That describes what Walsh intends from that play, and, in one form or another, it is reflected in the thousands of passes designed in the entire playbook. But it serves as the intellectual and diagrammatical basis for "The System."  That's important because in order to have consistent quarterback play, regardless of who's at QB, you need to express a constant approach to the game that can be passed to player after player, and not just have a collection of plays.

Can Tedford make the that one passing play and approach has defined the Cal Offense over the years?  No.  Sadly, no.  And that's one reason for the up-and-down play at the QB position.  And that's likely to continue in the 2011 Season.   Nothing agains Coach Tedford, I'm just pointing to an area where improvement is needed.

More on National Signing Day in the next post...

Punxsutwawney Phil Says Early Spring; Chicago Weather Twitter Stream

Today's Groundhog's Day and the World Famous and lovable GroundHog Punxsutwawney Phil says it's going to be an early spring.

Tell that to Chicago.

From the looks of the Chicago Weather Twitter Stream below, Chicagoans are just trying to deal with a massive blizzard, right now, today.

The Great Chicago Blizzard 2011 caused the closing of Chicago schools for the first time this century and the Chicago Board of Trade has delayed its opening to 10 AM CST. Last night, Lake Shore Drive and Sheridan Avenue near Northwestern University were closed and still are today, with cars stranded along the way.

In all, thirty states have been gripped by the largest snow storms since the 50s and 60s, bringing "life-threatening" weather conditions. All you need to do to know this is visit that great connector Twitter and watch the tweet stream for Chicago Weather:

Stay tuned.

Come PArty with the FRO CREW for the Superbowl

Special Radio show visit for Dr. Football

Today @ 9am ET Dr.Football Will Visit with "the Peddler Hour" to talk SUPER BOWL, Football Collectables and other historic tidbits....Lots of Steeler and Packer talk as the show originates from Steeltown.

Listen Here: