Saturday, May 06, 2006

2006 NFL Draft - More Sights And Sounds, And Bert Sugar

There's no NFL Draft video like the one you're about to see. It's a tour -- a walkaround, as I call it -- and it includes a stop by the NFL Network; we see ESPN's Chris Mortensen as he's preparing to go on the air; we meet such NFL staffers as Craig Ellenport of and the people who staff the team tables, take the calls, and write in the names of the players who will become NFL stars.

But the highlight is my now annual meeting with HBO's Boxing Analyst Bert Sugar. Bert always attends the NFL Draft; I first met him last year, and after Bill Chachkes told me to go up, introduce myself, and get a cigar. But Bert's good for more than just expensive cigs, he's got a unique insight into boxing and what's wrong with it. He was not shy about sharing his opinion on that subject as well as how he told NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle that the NFL Draft was something people wanted to see. (Sugar said "Rozelle said 'Who wouild want to watch that?' Look now!")

We also see the first "walk" of all of the top draftees as they're introduced by Adam Schefter of the NFL Network: Reggie Bush, Vernon Davis, Matt Leinart, Mario Williams, D'Brickshaw Ferguson, and Vince Young.

In all, it's a great view of a fantastic event.

Here's the video: