Thursday, December 23, 2010

99er Nation to Santa Baby 2010: Please Bring us a Viral Video Tonight

The 99er Nation is asking for many survival needs to be met this Christmas, but there is one message you may not have expected: 99er Nation to Santa Baby 2010: Please Bring us a Viral Video Tonight

Being ignored, lied about, misunderstood and disrespected by 535 members of Congress ALL YEAR LONG is bad enough -- BUT being used as the sacrificial lamb by your President is even worse! Obama used over 5 million 99ers as the “burnt offering” to the Republicans - just so he could get legislation passed like DADT (which was not an emergency situation where Americans were dying every day).

Congrats to the Gay Community, as they have waited in the shadows along with the undocumented immigrants (who were not helped) much longer than the 99er Nation. I am delighted about Congress FINALLY passing help for the 9/11 first responders - a vital long overdue measure that should have NEVER taken this long to become law.

Then again unless legislation helps the rich in this country, there is simply no urgency in Washington to shove it through the process. With the lamest Congress in years (despite what was accomplished) finally ending yesterday, and Obama vacationing in Hawaii - the 99ers MUST focus solely on MEDIA attention.

I have seen YouTube videos about someone’s kid crying in the back seat of a car go viral and receive media air time on every channel on TV for days - even weeks. Thing is the 99ers have yet discover the “Viral Video” magic that can get us the world wide attention which could help our plight and correct the misconception - perpetrated by Washington DC that their 13 month deal last week added any help for the 99ers.

Ergo my latest attempt to resolve this dilemma and bring loads of media airtime to the 99ers. It will not win any Grammy Awards but that is NOT the point. If enough folks blast this into the blogosphere - we will no doubt get the media attention that allows us to educate America about the fact the 13 month UI extension is a huge LIE!

There are actually 2 versions of the 99er style Santa Baby: (See below)

But this link 99ers Style Santa Baby has the most hits so far (about 150 in the past 8 hours since it went up). The video is below and the words will follow. There is some adult language so the lyrics printed here have been altered in order not to offend.

If you wish to get the Media attention capable of shining the light of true disclosure on the inhumane suffering, ongoing within the 99er Nation then PLEASE post this EVERYWHERE on the net and make this go viral!

Lyrics to video song Santa Baby - 99ers Style 2010

Congress Baby, the 99ers need a tier survive
I know you’re HEARTLESS P@#*s what?
My children need some dinner tonight!

The car got repo’d and the rent is awfully late...but wait
You only care for the rich that’s a B*@#H
there’s millions of us dying out here

We can’t afford a Christmas tree
While you’re all buying Cartier at Tiffany
You bailed out banks Greece and Haiti too
I think it’s time the 99ers heard from you

Obama baby, just help the 99ers please
and... don’t tease
Been a really tough year
Out here
I Hope Your change is comin’ tonight

Obama honey, you sold 99ers flat out
no doubt
and now it’s snowing out,
My stomach’s growling
I need some food and shelter tonight

Sherrod honey, Schumer and that Stabenow too
Were through we all trusted you
but senate baby your lies have left us hurtn’ out here

We’re not rich - guess we don’t count
The dirty little secret you won’t talk about
There’ll be no jobs again next Year
It’s time you kicked your senate’s butts into high gear

Congress baby just pretend to care for us poor
once more - come on it’s just a check - so what the heck?
there’s millions of us dying out here!

That’s right I’d rather work than fight
Hurry Congress there’s 99ers dying TONIGHT

There are actually 2 versions of the 99er style Santa Baby:

Here is an EXCELLENT much darker video on the subject:

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San Francisco's Sit-Lay Law: What About The Union Street Festival?

Just a quick thought on San Francisco's new "sit-lay" law that recently passed. If you were found sitting or laying on a public sidewalk, that could get you police warning first, and then a fine of between $300 and $500, and as much as 10 days in jail, but only if you were discovered 24 hours later.

I wondered how that would impact San Francisco's Union Street Festival, held during the first weekend of June, where patrons, at times loaded with drink, do indeed sit on the sidewalk. (I haven't seen anyone lay on it at the Festival, but I'm sure someone has.)

Oh, here's a video of what the Union Street Festival is like:

At any rate, given the unfortunate fact that the law is targeted at the homeless, it's certain that San Francisco Police aren't going to be rounding up Marina District hotties and tossing them into the slammer, let alone giving them warnings.

They might try for a phone number, though.

Festivus 2010: No Mediaite Festivus? What Gives?

Festivus, that annual celebration for the rest of us, is upon us, once again. But in 2010 Festivus just don't feel like, well, Festivus.

The idea was first introduced in Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld's long-running television comedy, as an alternative to what some perceive as the commericialization of Christmas.

But this time, Festivus doesn't feel like Festivus, and maybe that's because the idea was started by a long-cancelled TV show, rather than a religious event?

At any rate, I know Festivus isn't as huge this year, because Mediaite's not mentioning it at all. Last year, the online media watchdog publication had a Mediaite Festivus of the top 50 media influencers in 2009, and that I talked about in my vlog here:

This year, zip.  Nada.

And while Festivus is a Google Trend, some of the blogs and articles don't seem to be focused on it in the title heading.  Festivus is more the day that, say, an NFL football game is being played.

I think AOL's David Knowles got it right when he observed that Festivus lived on, although Seinfeld reruns were "dated."  I think Festivus is headed in the same direction.  But there's still Christmas, and always will be.

Now, for this blogger, Christmas is about giving, not necessarily buying. It's also a celebration of the time of Christ's birth.

That's forgotten.

An aside.

For some reason there are people who just want to be mean. They want to be mean 24 and 7, and so they hate Christmas. Can't stand it. Those people are sad sacks. There's nothing wrong with being nice to people and giving to them in honor of the birth of Christ, and because it's just a plain nice thing to do.

As I said to someone who explained the common rationale for not celebrating Christmas, in other words, it's commericialized, "Christmas is something you do with society. Why does it have to be about you?"

Don't be selfish. Get into the sprit. Give of yourself.

Happy Festivus and Merry Christmas!