Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Statement by Chief of Staff for Congressman Jackson - Kenneth Edmonds

I just received this direct email from Kenneth Edmonds, the spokesperson for Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.:

"As a responsible citizen and elected official, Congressman Jackson has in the past provided information to federal authorities regarding his personal knowledge of perceived corruption and governmental misconduct.This was completely unrelated to the current federal investigation regarding the U.S. Senate appointment. And it is absolutely inaccurate to describe the Congressman as an informant."

Kenneth Edmonds, spokesman for Congressman Jackson.

That's confirmed.  Kenneth Edmonds is Chief of Staff for Congressman Jackson.  But he sent the email via richmondgrouponline.com.

But I can't find a direct connection between the two. In other words, was this actually Kenneth Edmonds who sent the email?  No. The bottom of the email lists Kenneth Johnson as having sent it, not Edmonds.  It's harmless to be sure, but it would have been better to send out something that looks more official than this.  

Dan Wetzel's Great Column On Tony Dungy and The Colts

Latest playoff push a rough ride for Dungy, Colts - NFL - Yahoo! Sports: “Through all the high-scoring victories, bids for a perfect season, wild comebacks, crazed finishes, playoff disappointments and, eventually, a Super Bowl triumph, the enduring image of Tony Dungy is one of calm.”

-- The column captures Tony's persona, but should -- does not -- mention his belief in Christ.

Mike Silver Says Zorn throws himself under the bus - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

Zorn throws himself under the bus - NFL - Yahoo! SportsMike Sliver: “Jim Zorn, I’m rooting for you. I really am. I resolved back in February to give you a chance as an out-of-the-box hire, and I hope you survive to coach a second year with the Redskins.

But could you kindly stop bleeding all over the place?”

Knowing Sil, I can actually hear him saying that!

NY GIANTS ADD A WIDEOUT - ProFootballTalk.com

ProFootballTalk.com - GIANTS ADD A WIDEOUT: “The New York Giants will sign receiver Derek Hagan, according to Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger.

Hagan was cut earlier this year by the Dolphins.  Though he’s had several tryouts, he had not been re-signed. 

Plagued by a problem holding onto the ball, the Fins finally gave up on the former first-day draft pick in November.

The Giants need help at the position given the absence of Plaxico Burress.  The problem is that Burress can be properly replaced only by a receiver who draws double coverage (or more) everywhere he goes.”

Atlanta MARTA Transit warns of big fare hikes, major cuts | ajc.com

MARTA warns of big fare hikes, major cuts | ajc.com: “MARTA’s top administrator on Monday warned of steep fare hikes and drastic cuts in passenger services if the transit agency cannot find more revenue sources to make up for a projected $60 million revenue shortfall.

“We are talking about a Draconian — unbelievably Draconian — reduction in service,” said MARTA general manager Beverly Scott. “There is not enough stuff that one can touch where you can, in fact, wind up making up those kinds of sharp decreases.”

Scott’s remarks followed a MARTA board meeting during which the panel approved a series of proposals to alleviate the crisis.

The agency began its fiscal year in July expecting a $30 million shortfall. In September, the Georgia State Economic Forecasting Center projected that MARTA was facing an additional $30 million revenue shortfall by the end of the current fiscal year in July 2009, and a $634 million shortfall over the next decade.”

Diane Feinstein gets nod to chair intelligence panel - SF Gate

Feinstein gets nod to chair intelligence panel: “California Sen. Dianne Feinstein has been tapped as the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday, a post that would give her immense clout over U.S. intelligence agencies and the power to shape policies on wiretapping and the treatment of detainees.

Feinstein's promotion was welcome news for other state Democrats, as well as Republicans who plan to run for governor in 2010. The 75-year-old senator has flirted with the idea of running for governor but has told friends and allies she would be unlikely to make a bid if she got the top post on the intelligence panel.

She would be the first woman to lead the committee in its 32-year history.”

--- That paves the way for a gubenatorial battle between SF Mayor Gavin Newsom and Cal AG Jerry Brown.


GOV PROPOSES NEW BUDGET FOR NEW YORK - New York Post: “Gov. Paterson's proposed $121.1 billion budget includes wacky taxes on items ranging from luxury goods to downloaded music, movies and games from the Internet.

The plan also calls a massive 14 percent hike to public college tuition, slashing school aid by 3.3 percent, layoffs, higher fees for motor vehicles and fishing and allowing wine to be sold in grocery stores.”

-- NO! How is the Internet tax to be enforced? What if one blocks their IP address?

TIME Lists Cons of Caroline Kennedy's Senatorial Interest - TIME

Swampland - TIME.com » Blog Archive Caroline Kennedy, Nine Enemies and One Ingrate «: “Then we can look at all the reasons that Caroline Kennedy (Schlossberg now, apparently, optional) may not be ideal. For starters, she is much less well known in New York Democratic circles than either her late brother, John Jr., or her cousin Robert F. Kennedy Jr. As Judith Hope, the former state Democratic chair told me last week, "Recognizing her obvious qualities, I think Caroline is just an unknown quantity to many of us, and to the general public." Her other hazards: She has scant professional experience outside of book writing and fundraising, has yet to demonstrate the workaholic grit of the seat's current occupant, Hillary Clinton, and has shown herself at several occasions to be an underwhelming speaker. Finally, as Joe points out, we are entering an age of relative meritocracy and anti-dynasty, a trend that is only highlighted by the Blagojevich scandal.”

-- TIME makes good points, but the one matter -- fundraising -- sticks out as an advantage she brings to the table. Plus she has a wealth of contacts in and out of government. It's good to survey the field, however.

Pat Quinn: The Man Who Would Replace Blagojevich - TIME

Pat Quinn: The Man Who Would Replace Blagojevich - TIME: “In a state so plagued by cronyism and shady self-dealing that the head of the FBI here didn't hesitate to call Illinois one of the — if not the — most corrupt states in the nation, Lieut. Governor Pat Quinn is considered something of a Goody Two-Shoes. Responsible for slashing the size of the state legislature, he has been booed by legislators on the capitol floor. He keeps a minimal staff and is said to charge $75 a ticket for fundraisers — at a time when entry to most is well into the hundreds if not thousands of dollar”

-- Lets hope Quinn lives up to his billing.

Arne Duncan: Obama's Education Secretary - Huff Post

Arne Duncan: Obama's Education Secretary - Huff Post: “CHICAGO — President-elect Barack Obama announced Arne Duncan, the head of the Chicago school system, as education secretary Tuesday and declared that failing to improve classroom instruction is "morally unacceptable for our children."

"When it comes to school reform, Arne is the most hands-on of hands-on practitioners," Obama said, making the announcement at a school that he said has made remarkable progress under Duncan's leadership.

"He's not beholden to any one ideology, and he's worked tirelessly to improve teacher quality," Obama said.”

President-elect Obama Announces Stephen Chu, Carol Browner, and Lisa Jackson

President-Elect Barack Obama continues to introduce members of his cabinet, today officially bring in Dr. Stephen Chu, Lisa Jackson, and Carol Browner. Dr. Chu is a legend in the halls of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and known for his leadership and knoweldge. Ms. Jackson is a policy-driven public official who reportedly improved the formerly politicized New Jersey EPA Department. And Carol Browner is a well-known environmental public official having served as the head of the EPA under both Clinton Administrations, the longest serving head of the EPA in history. Nancy Sutley, Los Angeles's deputy mayor for energy and environment, will chair Obama's White House's Council on Environmental Quality.

If you're keeping score, Obama has introduced three women and one man today. I also have to add that I think Obama's appointing more Asians and women to top posts that ever before, but they're also trail-blazers in their fields.