Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Michelle Malkin Reports Twitter Problems; Punishment For Following Rush Limbaugh

On Facebook, Michelle Malkin -- seen above in a 1992 photo posted at Wonkette --  today complained of Twitter problems; I'm fine Michelle.

She reports
            "Having twitter problems. Anyone else?" 

Nope! Michelle, that's what you get for blindly following Rush Limbaugh!

Jill Tubman Asks You To Help Set the Agenda at Netroots Nation 2009

More at Jack & Jill Politics Jill Tubman at Jack & Jill Politics wants you to help her and others establish the agenda at Netroots Nation. Here's what she wrote:

In the next 12 months, we’ll be working together more than ever to push progressive policy into legislation. And there’s no better place to strategize our priorities and plan how to make them a reality than at Netroots Nation, the grassroots event of the year.
In order to create the most well-rounded agenda possible, we need your input. Will you help us develop and organize the sessions that you’ll attend at Netroots Nation in Pittsburgh—and help shape the dialog for progressives in 2009?

Click on the link above to help out.

Stimulus plan: Invest in our country

It’s small businesses that will put people back to work; that’s how we’re going to get this country back on its feet. It’s entrepreneurs and small business owners who respond with enthusiasm that are key. Big, established, "trusted" companies dug this hole by defining success in terms of short-term profits on their bottom line that do little if anything to protect American jobs or the well-being of their employees.

When we see bulldozersCaterpillar tractor and excavators moving dirt for new construction, when we see trucks hauling instead of sitting idle at auction sites, then we'll know things are turning around.

While Bush was pushing privatized retirement plans, we were all being set up to fund Wall Street bonuses. We need lenders to play fair, not slap new fees and payments on consumers. More regulation of lending practices, not less, is critical to our economic health.

USA flagBottom line: The new administration needs to reverse the trend of layoffs and plant closures; our government needs to work for the people by rebuilding economy and the American Dream - by putting Americans back to work.

Obama Citizen's Briefing Book Has Not Reached President's Desk

More at techPresident According to techPresident, the Obama Citizen's Briefing Book of suggestions by Obama supporters during the transition period never made it to President Obama's desk.

What the hell happened?

That's a lot of hard work by people who may have submitted the one method that gets us out of this mess. Someone in the Obama Administration, please get this to the President ASAP!

Vanity Fair 2009 Oscar Party: The Wrapup Video

YouTube's Steve Grove - 3 things on 3/3

YouTube's Steve Grove announces the online events for March 3rd:

Three things to check out on YouTube this week:

1 - Senator of the Week, Claire McCaskill, asks YouTube about wasteful spending:

And Representative of the Week, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, asks about nationalizing 401K plans:

2. Did you know the GOP does weekly response to the President's weekly address on YouTube? Check out last weeks from Senator Richard Burr:

3. One of the best videos I've seen in awhile comes from Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times:

Hurray for Hollywood:

Rush Limbaugh Is Wrecking The GOP And I LOVE IT! -- Rush Limbaugh's idiological rants are out of touch with an economic reality that will keep The Democrats in power for at least the next 10 years. The reason is the economy itself and the need for government investment.

Between 1960 and 1999 the U.S. Economy added 20 million new jobs every 10 years, but from 1999 to today, only about 4.7 million new jobs. What happened to the 15 million jobs? They went overseas to countries like India, France, and north to Canada. And with jobs goes wealth. It's a key reason America's now the 3 largest exporter whereas we were number one for years, until 2004. We're now behind Germany and China.

All of that wealth lost has resulted in wrecked credit over time. We have to have jobs to afford our mortgages and our population did not stop growing through this period. But what happened was that we started to lose jobs from the remaining stock of them. Remember, we have millions of people that aren't even being counted in our economy -- they don't exist for employment purposes. The "Joe The Plumbers" of today are the steel workers of yesterday. With a thriving growing manufaturing industry, we were able to employ Americans and jobs were plentiful. Not today.

With this weak World Credit system we need government spending to replace the private investment spending that's gone. Indeed, with fewer businesses there's less private investment spending -- goverment must catalyze the growth of business.

All of this calls for an activist government and that's something -- that need -- will keep The Democrats in power for years to come.