Friday, July 11, 2008

DNC Convention Media Walkthrough At Pepsi Center - Video

This is the video -- 35 minutes long -- of my trip to the DNC Convention Media Walkthrough in Denver, Colorado. It started with my flight to Denver on United that Monday night, which was delayed for about two hours. My intent was to get in during the day but because of the flight backup, I ended up getting in at 11 PM.

The other problem is that I'd not been to Denver since the age of 14. In other words, before I knew how to drive. So my first thought upon landing was "Where the hell am I." My second view was who do I call if I'm lost?


At any rate, the people at National Rental Car in Denver, were great. They gave me a Toyota Prius for rent at a cheap rate. I was inimidated just because it's a vastly different car, but after a short training session, and a drive, I was a big fan of the car.

Especially since it had a GPS device. That was a life-saver for me. Wow.

I finally got to my hotel room at the StayBridge Suite in Englewood, Co. Nice big place of a room, with a kitchen where I burned popcorn in a microwave oven. I am glad it was one night, because I couldn't even make a good pot of coffee -- it came out watery.

The next morning I got up to a bright, sunny ...and hot day. My wakeup call was 6 AM and I got going after 30 min more of slumber. Hey. I need my sleep.

After a rush-hour drive, I got to the Pepsi Center, got my credential, and made a video of interviews with Rich Grant and Chris Lopez, the communications directors for the Denver Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Denver DNC Host Committee, respectively. Grant said that he expected an economic impact of $164 million and Lopez cleared up the funding news regarding the DNC Convention, saying that of almost $40 million needed, about 70 percent, or $28 million, was raised, and that about $11 million was remaining.

Then I headed to the Media breakfast and meet and greet, where I met a number of people that I interviewed in the video and will expound more on later.


McCain Elderly Protester Removed - Brandon Keating Sr Starts With A Bang

YouTuber Brandon Keating Sr. started off his appearance on Zennie's Zeitgeist with a bang, presenting his take on a video of an elderly John McCain protester's unnecessary and questionable treatment by law enforcement. Welcome Brandon and keep them coming!

See it with a click here > BRANDON!

Netroots Blog Caltics Attacking Senator Diane Feinstein

I happened to visit the Calitcs Blog, when I saw an article calling for nothing less than the censure of Senator Diane Feinstein. Why? Because of her support for the FISA bill that just past, and her alledged role as swing vote confirming, as Caltics put it, the appointments of Michael Mukasey, President Bush's torture-condoning nominee for Attorney General, and Leslie Southwick, a racist and homophobic judge.


It seems that no action has stopped Feinstein, according to Caltics.:

We've tried everything to get Sen. Feinstein's attention. Phone calls. Emails. Faxes. Petitions. Protests. Smoke signals. We even launched an online petition supporting a proposed California Democratic Party censure resolution of Sen. Feinstein last November that spread like wildfire across the grassroots, with 35,039 Californians signing on in support.

The censure movement also catalyzed national media attention, fueled by endorsements from, Progressive Democrats of America, the California Democratic Party Women's Caucus and Progressive Caucus, as well as 38 chartered Democratic Clubs across California.

A number of people have asked if the Courage Campaign would support holding Senator Feinstein accountable for caving on warrantless wiretapping by re-launching the censure resolution inside the California Democratic Party. It's an important question but, frankly, a censure resolution is merely a piece of paper unless there's a people-powered movement behind it.

That's why we're putting this decision in your hands today. If grassroots and netroots activists across California support a new censure resolution of Senator Feinstein, we will launch a censure campaign leading up to the California Democratic Party's next Executive Board meeting.


The problem is when is that meeting? The site of the California State Democratic Party presents the standing committees, but no meeting date for an "Executive Board."

I should have asked Cal Dem Party head Art Torres when I saw him at the Karen Bass event.

FISA is for "Foreign"

The last time I checked, the title of the FISA bill was Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, not "American" or AISA. What's the deal? Are we growing a nation of people who can't read? I have no problem with the FISA bill vote. But the other Feinstein matters deserve the once over. I'd stop short of calling for a censure, however. I think a fair reading of Feinstein's accomplishments is in order. Stay tuned.


DNC Convention - DNCC Releases List of Credentialed Blogs

Which blogs are the "credentialed blogs" for the DNC Convention? Here's a list below. This blog also has a blog roll of them if you look to the right and scroll down. But here's the list:

2008 Democratic Convention Watch


African American Political Pundit

Asian American Action Fund Blog

Badlands Blue

Bagnews Notes


Bitch Ph.D.

Blogger News Network

Blogging For Michigan


Blue Hampshire

Blue Indiana

Blue Jersey

Blue Mass. Group



Buckeye State Blog

Burnt Orange Report


Campus Progress

Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis

Change to Win

Colorado Confidential

Cotton Mouth Blog

Crooks and Liars


Daily Kingfish

Daily Kos

Dallas South Blog

Democracy Arsenal

Democracy for New Mexico

Democratic Party of the U.S. Virgin Islands

Democratic Underground

Democrats Abroad Argentina


Digby's Hullabaloo

Doc's Political Parlor



Fired Up!


Florida Progressive Coalition

Future Majority

Georgia Politics Unfiltered

Green Mountain Daily

Grist Magazine

Group News Blog

HummingbirdMinds Blog

Jack and Jill Politics


Keystone Politics


Las Vegas Gleaner

Left In Alabama

Left in the West

Michigan Liberal

Minnesota Monitor


My Left Nutmeg


New Nebraska Network

No Rest for the Awake

Obsidian Wings

Ohio Daily Blog

Open Left

Pam's House Blend

Political Base

Political Wire


Pop and Politics

Prairie State Blue


Raising Kaine

Raw Story

Rhode Island's Future

Room 8

Rum, Romanism and Rebellion


Scholars & Rogues

Seeing the Forest

Sepia Mutiny

Talking Points Memo


Taylor Marsh

The Albany Project

The Center for Emerging Media

The Iowa Independent

The Natchez Blog

The Seminal

The UpTake

The Utah Amicus

The Washington Independent

Think Youth

Thought Theater


Tondee's Tavern


Turn Maine Blue

Under The

Uppity Wisconsin

USAmerica Vota '08

West Virginia Blue

What About Our Daughters? Blog

Working Life

Zennie's Zeitgeist

Faith, Hope, and the Courtship of South Carolina

South Carolina hasn't voted for a Democrat for president since Jimmy Carter. According to Linda Hansen, the voters in the "Palmetto State" have been no use to "liberal" candidates after primary season:
"Truth to tell, we South Carolinians have been jilted before we got to the altar so many times we don't bother with trousseau shoppin' any more. We've lost faith. Abandoned hope. The Dems gave up on us long ago and the GOP knows we can be had, cheap."

Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don't stand in the doorway
Don't block up the hall...

Senators Obama and McCain

The times?

They are a-changing: In the summer of 2007 Senator Barack Obama promised the people of South Carolina he'd work for them if they'd have him. Obama's keeping his promise, which reflects his fifty state strategy.

Ms. Hansen compares the state of the McCain & Obama campaigns, and while the polls suggest that McCain has the traditional lead, the mood on the ground is - evidently - not indicative of a Republican lock on the electoral votes come November.

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