Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin Speech Poorly Delivered To RNC

Tonight Alaska Gov. and now Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin gave a well-written, but poorly delivered speech to the Republican National Convention.

Guiliani And GOP Insult Community Organizers and Populists

I'm watching former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani talk on and on ..and on, but what is so galling is that he can't "do" a good speech. Geez, he's droning on and on and on. The speech is too long.

Ok, back to business. It was a politically stupid speech, because Rudy just insulted and alienated every community organizer and populist and quite possibility kissed that vote good by.

Community organizers bring people together for a common goal, be it getting elected officials to act on a problem or making sure than a neighborhood gets the services they need. Community organizers can work for non-profits or for organizations like the police department in your city.

What a dumb speech. I'm sorry, it just was. Rudy should be ashamed of himself.

DNC Tuesday Higher Ratings Than RNC Tuesday - 4.5 Million Difference

According to the Nielsen ratings service the Tuesday night of the Democratic National Convention drew more viewers than the Republican National Convention, 26 million viewers to 21.5 million, respectively.

Here's the breakdown:

All Households 14.2 16,235,000
Persons 2+ 7.3 21,528,000
Women 18+ 9.7 11,200,000
Men 18+ 8.8 9,519,000
Persons 12-17 1.4 220,000
Persons 18-34 3.7 2,508,000
Persons 18-49 5.4 7,226,000
Persons 55+ 16.1 11,427,000
African American Persons 2+ * 5.8 2,133,000
Hispanic Persons 2+ * 1.8 847,000
White Persons 2+ * 8.5 18,045,000

Gov. Sarah Palin: No Double Standard Applied To Palin -- There's no double standard in how Governor Palin's being covered at all. She's vieing for the second most powerful position in the World. Indeed, Palin may be getting a pass by some. Suppose she was black and we saw photos of her kids friends -- teenagers -- holding rifles and guns? That would be an outrage. Why is that not the case here?

Governor Palin is in a position tonight where she has to give "that speech" it's a tradition by which presidential and vice presidential candidates are measured by. If she does not give anything less than "that speech" forget it.

George Bush: President's Address to GOP Convention 9.2.08

This is President Bush's speech endorsing Senator John McCain's run for President of the United States.

The Republican Convention Does Not Represent America

This is my short take on the RNC Convention and speeches of Tuesday, September 2, 2008. I hold that the Republican Party presented at the RNC does not represent America.

The convention consists of a part of America -- older, white, and mostly male -- and it's entirely focused on the war or matters related to it, at a time when we need to pay attention to rebuilding Amerca.

i did not like Senator Fred Thompson's speech, though I have the greatest respect for him. The surge did not work. It's that simple. What's true is that we have killed more than 80,000 iragi civilians and wrecked the culture of that nation.

Senator Joe Liberman stood up and comitted political suicide tonight. He attacked the Democrats and Senator Barack Obama, who Senator Liberman asked to help him get reelected in 2006, and Barack did so.

Now, Liberman's stabbing him in the back.

The Republicans have seemed to forget the plight of the working person.