Saturday, June 13, 2009

David Letterman Kathy Griffin June 10th 2009

On Letterman's show, Kathy Griffin calls Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin a "moron" and her husband "a tool" as Dave cringes.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger answers Ellen DeGeneres

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Who's minding the Guv's tweets?

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the target of comedian Ellen DeGeneres Twitter and email-based campaign to stop his proposal to reduce the time animals are kept in shelters from six days to three days, answered DeGeneres on Twitter today:

  1. @TheEllenShow We are eliminating funding but shelters determine time before euthanization. from web
  2. @TheEllenShow We can only spend money we have and can't afford many programs, for example, health care for children. from web
Basically the Guv's claim is shelters themselves make the timing decision, but that's passing the buck, really. The bottom line is the reduced funding would almost certainly cause such a lowering of time, which is what outrages Ellen and many who've been informed of Schwarzenegger's proposal.

But what's got me really twinged is the popular pol's first tweet to Ellen that refers to cutting health care for kids! Kids. The focus of the tweet was kids. Why even mention kids?  Think about it.  That's going from the frying pan to the fire in one tweet; from defenseless animals to defenseless kids.  Is there a pattern here?

That's enough to start another Twitter campaign (follow me on Twitter!) so strong that "Tell Gov" becomes a trending topic yet again. The Guv bothered - heck, went out of his way - to mention cutting health care for kids. I mean take a look at this:

That's the actual screen shot of what appeared on the Guv's page at the time of this writing, in case someone out their thinks I'm writing fantasy.   Using "health care for children" as an example of programs the Governor claims the state can't afford was a bad idea.  I mean, is this really Arnold? It's certainly his official Twitter page!

I sometimes wonder who's writing the Guv's tweets, a staffer or Arnold himself? Something tells me Arnold would be less ham-handed in his tweets than what I've seen today. That's the kind of line I'd expect a young, conservative, childless, never-seen-much-of-urban-America intern to produce on Twitter, not Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This is getting more and more interesting.

As of this writing, no response from Ellen, but I'm putting this in her replies box, so stay tuned!

BTW, I've been sick, real sick, so my output is low; hopefully I didn't get that dang you-know-what flu! Grrrr!!!