Sunday, January 18, 2009

Barrack Obama inspirational Speech Wilmington 1/17/09

From YouTuber therealjohnchaney - President Elect Barrack Obama's speech on 1/17/09. The Freedom train arrived. VP elect Joe Biden spoke and then President Obama.

Obama Inauguration Train at Elkton, Maryland

A hearty group of citizens waits at Elkton MD for Barrack Obama and Joe Biden as they travel by train from Philadelphia to Washington DC.


Obama Inauguration Trip - B Smith at Union Station

I attended the swanky affair at B Smith's Restaurant in Washington's Union Station. Produced by Stelfana Broadhead, the event attracted such illuminaries as Actor Delroy Lindo, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, City Manager Robert Bobb, and B Smith herself, who took time to talk with me about what Obama's Inauguration means to her.

Obama's inauguration: sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, other sites - Inside Bay Area

More at Inside Bay Area: “Obama on Tuesday will not simply take the oath to become the 44th president of the United States. He will serve as both emcee and epicenter of the most socially networked moment in political history.
"This is a historic event and the way we'll experience it will be just as historic," says Erica Schaefer. In perfect Generation Y style, the 20-year-old San Jose State University junior will watch the televised version of the ceremony at a local live screening — but she'll also be outfitted in full social-media regalia.
"I'll have my BlackBerry and my mini-laptop, which will allow me to share my status online, and I'll probably be on Twitter following @BarackObama, and on my Facebook chat section where I can talk about it live with hundreds of friends at the same time.”

Inauguration Is Climax to Two Years Of Increasing Security Around Obama -

More at “As jubilant Democrats nominated Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) for president in a Denver convention hall in late August, the U.S. Secret Service in Washington placed its largest ever order for bulletproof glass.

The service requested about 5 tons of "transparent armor," laminated with four layers of virtually unbreakable plastic to resist chemicals, flames and multiple gunshots. When Obama is sworn in as the nation's 44th president Tuesday, the ballistic shield will provide a final layer of safety in a massive exercise in presidential security, the culmination of two years of a steady ratcheting up of the protection around Obama to a level unseen for any of his predecessors.”

Poll Finds Faith in Obama, Mixed With Patience -

More at “President-elect Barack Obama is riding a powerful wave of optimism into the White House, with Americans confident he can turn the economy around but prepared to give him years to deal with the crush of problems he faces starting Tuesday, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll.”

Obama Inauguration Trip - Democratic Housemates

Once I got my bags, got the Super Shuttle, and made to the house that my friend Teka has, I was able to meet our housemates. It turns out they played a big grass roots role in the Obama campaign in rural California

Obama Inauguration Trip - I Made UA Flight 100 To Dulles

I made the flight to Washington for the Inauguration, after all of that drama!! BACKStory: A number of events came together such that I decided to go to Washington DC to cover Inauguration-related happenings. I figured waiting stand-by was my only option -- but not a good one. But I made...

President Obama's Ride on the Whistle Stop Train Tour - Inaugural Weekend

Inaugural Weekend is kicked-off with President-elect Obama's whistle stop train tour from Philadelphia to Washington, DC.