Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday: On Pastor Rob Bell And Hell ( Author: Love Wins)

Hopefully everyone had a happy Easter and Passover. I happened upon an article in TIME Magazine about 42-year-old Pastor Rob Bell and the idea that Hell may not exist, while watching the Lakers v. Hornets NBA Playoff Game. (The kind of thing I do after a big Easter meal with my Mom and Godparents - have a mix of the entertaining and thought-provolking.)

Pastor Rob Bell's book, Love Wins: Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived, is one I've not read, yet. But the presentation of the basic idea of the book as explained by TIME, is that Pastor Bell holds that regardless of our belief in Jesus and the Lord, all of us will be admitted to Heaven. Period.

The concept is called "universalism," and while I don't have a massive problem with it, I also choose not to believe it. Although Pastor Bell's take does make any reasonable person think about their belief system.

So far, mine has been reinforced on this Easter.

To this blogger, if one believes in Heaven, which is good, then one must believe in Hell, which represents that which is bad. Moreover, there are a set of behavioral systems that lead one to a "Heavenly" good soul. I prefer to maintain that path, and to battle evil.

My take on Pastor Bell's idea is that it lets evil off the hook, and makes it OK for Hitler to run amok: for evil to basically do evil.

MSNBC's Martin Bashir recently interviewed Bell, and tried, I guess, to trip him up by starting off with a question about how God regards the events in Japan. That was the wrong take. What Bashir should have asked Bell is, does he believe Hilter is in Heaven?

That would have been a more interesting conversation.

What do you think?

Stay tuned.

Football Reporters' NFL Mock Draft-A Palooza 2011

By the Staff of Football Reporters Online with Special Guests

This past Thursday evening was very special for us at The FRO! Not only was it our annual Mock Draft-A-Palooza Show it was also the 3rd Anniversary of our First Broadcast on Blog Talk radio! To date we have had over 1.7 Million live listeners and total downloads. We want to thank our listeners for their support, and to all of our Mock Draft GM's, Our regular staff that took part, Bill Carroll, Don Stokes, and Ralph Garcia, Anthony Carrillo, Our new writing intern Mark Kern of Kansas State, as well as several Guest GM's for the evening, Matt Elder, Eric Dolan, Joel Barker from First Round Exchange, and our "Celebrity" Draft Prospect who joined us, Mike Montoya, a RB from Laurier College in Canada. Here then we present our 2011 Mock Draft-a-Palooza!


Carolina Panthers- Nick Fairley


Denver Broncos- Marcel Darius


Buffalo Bills- Cam Newton


Cincinnati Bengals- A.J Green


Arizona Cardinals- Von Miller


Cleveland Browns- Robert Quinn


San Francisco 49ers- Patrick Petersen


Tennessee Titans-Julio Jones


Dallas Cowboys- Prince Akamura


Washington Redskins- Jake Locker


Houston Texans- Cameron Jordan


Minnesota Vikings- Blaine Gabbert


Detroit Lions- Tyrone Smith


St. Louis Rams- Anthony Castonzo


Miami Dolphins- Mike Pouncey


Jacksonville Jaguars- Da Quan Bowers


New England (from Oakland)- JJ Watts


San Diego Chargers-Corey Liuget


New York Giants- Ben Ijalana


Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Mohammad Wilkerson


Kansas City Chiefs- Aldon Smith


Indianapolis Colts- Derrek Sherrod


Philadelphia Eagles- Mark Ingram Jr.


New Orleans Saints- Ryan Kerrigan


Seattle Seahawks- Jimmy Smith


Baltimore Ravens-Torrey Smith


Atlanta Falcons- Gabe Carimi


New England Patriots-Nate Solder


Chicago Bears- Ras-I-Dowling


New York Jets-Phil Taylor


Pittsburgh Steelers-Kyle Rudolph


Green Bay Packers- Cameron Heyward

Chrissy Lee Polis - McDonalds Beating Victim Baltimore Speaks

Here's a major update in the case of the "Violent Beating In McDonald's Baltimore County Restaurant:" Chrissy Lee Pollis, the beating victim, is alive and well, thank God, and talked to the Baltimore Sun via video on Saturday.

Polis confirmed that the beating actions in the video, and by the 14-year-old girl, and the 18-year-old-girl were a hate crime against her. It really more seems that it was because she was talking to "their men." You have to listen to the video, and remember that we're talking about teenagers who are 14 and 18 years old.

"Well, by the time I got there, the guy told me I needed to order something if I was going to use the bathroom," Polis said, "but I was there, really to use the bathroom. A guy approached me, asked me how I was doin. So I said 'Not now.' So I went to go and use the bathroom, and come out and the girl spit in my face, and said 'Are you trying to talk to my man. 'No, I didn't know that was your man at all.'

Chrissy says the other girl came up and spit in her face, and started 'ripping my hair. Throwing me on the floor.' And that's when the beating started that was captured on video.

So, according to Chrissy's statement, the girls didn't call her race names, or refer to her being a trans-sexual, so this blogger's confused. Emotions aside, thinking cap on, it looks like there were two violent teenagers who were just looking for a fight.

The McDonald's employee named Vernon "Charm" Hackett is reported to have "taken credit" for filming the beating, said that the woman we now know as Chrissy Lee Pollis was a "man," so from that perspective, it does look like some one of the three: the two girls and Hackett, at some point knew she was a trans-sexual, and that was used as additional motivation for their actions.

But their original motivation was teenage girl jealously. Still, regardless, it was ugly and both should be prosecuted.

McDonald's Employees Just Stood There

In the video statement, Chrissy Lee Polis says that the McDonald's Employees "all sat their and watched. They all sat there and watched." Ms. Polis says that one of the girl attackers (though it's not clear because her words come as she's talking about the McDonald's Employees) prevented her from calling the police.

McDonald's Restaurant At Fault

The bottom line, is that McDonald's Restaurant is at fault for this, and there's no getting around it. The employees of the McDonald's store just sat and watched the incident unfold, and then the camera guy tried to warn the girls the police were on their way.

This is outrageously bad for a corporation to have employees who would even think to act like that.

The Racists Come Out - Go Away

Equally offensive are the racists who come out and leave stupid comments containing their psychotic ideas about African Americans. In the case of my YouTube channel, I have proudly blocked and banned people, and not to curtain their speech because I disagree with it, but because the speech in its way is as verbally abusive as the two girls were physically abusive to Chrissy Lee Polis.

Two wrongs do not make a right, and as Martin Luther King said, an eye-for-an-eye leaves us all blind.

The good people of America have to stop hiding and take back their country from the bad people, like the racists and the girls in the video. We have to say 'Enough Is Enough; and mean it. I certainly do.

Beyond Race And Color

This incident reflects a problem with the teenage demographic that goes to McDonalds, and it touches all races. Moreover, it seems - seems - that women, really teenage girls, are far more involved in these violent stories than boys.

This is but a snap-shot of a problem that impacts American schools, and where teenage girls are regularly involved in sexual activity at school, and in some cases right in class. So, the problem is beyond race and has come because of the rise of single-parent families and not enough good job opportunities for them.

Moreover, I've noticed that when black and Latino teenage girls were having kids at rates that were gaining notice, it was a "problem in the black and Latino community," but when white teenage girls do it, they have TV shows called "Teen Mom," and the girls wind up on the cover of gossip magazines like Star and US Weekly.

All of this rhetorical crap masks the real problem of teenage violence and sexual activity. And now, it's out of hand. My fear is the racists will try and stop us from getting to this real problem.

Something's really screwed up. But the racists need to stay out of this, and go home.

Stay tuned.