Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"1984" - Hillary Clinton Running Dangerous Campaign Against Barack Obama

FLASH: Hillary Clinton sounds like George W. Bush on Iraq.

This week marked the begining of politics in the 21st Century. Yes, I know it's 2007, but it took a good seven years for us to get to the point where one powerful video quickly seen by many can turn a Presidential campaign. That's what this "1984" video -- which to date no one knows who made -- is doing. Here's the video:

The video places Hillary Clinton in the interesting role of the controlling, demonic, anti-democratic establishment using the famous 1984 commercial that introduced the Apple Machintoch to the World during the Super Bowl. While the Clinton camp certainly doens't like the depiction, it's doing everything it can to make Senator Clinton look very much like the person represented in the 1984 spoof video.

The Clinton campaign has shown a desire to control and destroy. Control not just their message, but attack anyone who would make a statement that might even indirectly harm the Senator's Presidential bid. That person is Senator Barack Obama. If the Clinton campaign hasn't said it's surprised and threatened by Senator Obama's rise to power in the 2008 Presidential race, they're certainly acting like it.

The Clinton camp has done everything from try to potray movie mogul David Geffen as Obama's finance chairperson -- he's not -- to recently attempting to claim that Senator Obama's wasn't against the war entirely. That's a rough road -- the hardest off all -- because Senator Obama never came out in full support of the war, whereas Senator Clinton did.

Now, with opposition to the war at an all time high, she stuck between a rock and a hard place and not sure of how to get out. So, like any cornered beast, she's aiming for what she sees as her greatest tormentor -- Senator Obama.

What the Clinton Camp's doing is actually great for Senator Obama's run, because they consistently place him in the role of her challenger -- right now she's on top, but barely. And one rule of marketing is that if you talk about your competitor too much, people will eventually go to them and not you.

It explains in part why Senator Obama's gaining in the poles, although another explaination may lie in the recent Zogby pole, which claims that 46 percent of those polled said they would never vote for Hillary Clinton, and Senator Obama has the fewest anti-votes among women.

Think about that one while your watching "1984."

Giants work Buy-Back Of Eli Manning's Contract

Giants exercise buy-back of Manning's contract- see my note at the Bottom

Giants fans have complained about the team's unwillingness to spend in the free agent market, but they've invested heavily in their own players.

They not only re-signed center Shaun O'Hara to a five-year, $19 million deal just hours before the free agency signing period began on March 2, but they also spent big money to make sure that Eli Manning remains their quarterback for the next three seasons at least.

The Giants exercised a "buy-back" of Manning's contract earlier this month, Newsday has learned, to keep Manning from becoming a free agent at the end of the 2007 season. Newsday incorrectly reported that Manning's contract had been extended through the 2012 season.

Manning is still under contract through 2009, but the buy-back was a costly one.

According to league sources familiar with Manning's contract, the Giants gave him a $5 million buy-back bonus, as well as a $3 million roster bonus. His base salary for the 2007 season will be $6.45 million. It increases to $8.45 million in 2008 and $8.95 million in 2009. The six-year, $54 million deal in July, 2004, but the deal would have voided after four seasons because Manning had achieved play-time incentives in his first season.

Giants sources last night confirmed that the move was made, and that the team had planned the transaction well in advance.

A team source said the money allocated to Manning has not been a factor in the team's reluctance to spend big on free agents. The source indicated that there were simply not enough quality players available in free agency worth pursuing, and that the huge contracts earned by some players was not in line with what the Giants believed their value to be.

And My slant: This is Gigantic(no pun meant!) for the Giants front office, as Eli would have been a Free Agent after this season. For all the crying fans are doing, for better or worse Manning is the Future of this offense, and they should make sure he's happy.