Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Back In Action After A Mistaken Blogger Bot Block

That's right. This great blog system was the victim of a massive and mistaken block by Googlebots, thinking these were spam blogs. They're not. What Google must do is adjust it's bots so that they "see" mutliple writers and photos in posts.

Also, they should explain in detail what's triggering such behavior from the bots. As more and more of our economic activity moves online, it will be important for Google to make sure these errors occur less and less, if at all.

Rev. Jerry Falwell Dies At 73 Of Heart Failure - Sad Day

I happened to see an Internet post that Jerry Falwell was admitted to the hospital and hoped that -- actually thought he was going to come out OK. I guess I'm so used to having him around as part of the American Culture that the idea he could pass on was foreign to me.

Well, Rev. Falwell passed on.

Now, I'm not a fan of his as he was a massive supporter of President Regan. Moreover, I at first saw him as anti-Black because of his rhetoric and the racist habits of the 80s in the South. But when I write that, I mean I wasn't a fan of his poltiics. I actually came to see him as a person that was actually someone I'd like to meet. This view was cemented when I saw him on a CNN roundtable of ministers, some Black and others White, with Al Sharpton as one of the others.

The discussions were not argumentative and indeed, interesting. And it was during that program that I came to see Rev. Falwell as actually quite right in that he had a powerful belief in the Lord.

It's quite apparent the Lord called him to Heaven.