Monday, February 20, 2006

Craigslist Earns $20 Million Annually and Worth About $874 Million As An Acquisition - I Guess That Makes Craig Nemark A Philanthropist

I ran accross this story which explains that Craiglist earns about $20 million annually according to CEO Jim Buckmaster.

I've also read that Craiglist receives about 23 million unique visitors a month. So, according to a recent Business 2.0 article on the "return of web eyeballs_ and one that valued one unique visitor at $38 from the perspectives of the average value of unique visitors of those web firms that had been purchased. This would place CL at about $874 million in value.

For all of those who are still under the impression that Craiglist is a poor nonprofit organization, this should serve as a wake up call.

I remember having just such a conversation with a woman about two years ago. She tried to convince me that CL was this poor little activist firm. "Why do you insist on this view?" I asked. "Well, it's a for starters," was the answer I got.

Ooo Boy. Meanwhile, the staff of 18 continues to run the most efficient machine on the Web.

Curt Gowdy Passes - Another Signpost of The Zeitgeist

A voice that I grew up with and came to associate with some of the most legendary sports events in history passed today. Curt Gowdy. He passed at the age of 86, and although he battled leukimia, lived a good long life.

It didn't matter what game it was, NFL or MLB, he gave a kind of magic to the game that let you know what you were watching was special. Subconciously I came to associate his voice with a special moment.

Gowdy is especially remembered as the "Voice of The Boston Red Sox" and so will be very much missed.

Gowdy covered eight Super Bowls, 13 World Series, 16 Baseball All-Star Games, and Seven Olympics Games, as well as a number of NCAA Final Four games, and countless NFL and MLB games of note. He is a legendary broadcaster that NBC Sports President Dick Ebersol said once carried NBC Sports.