Friday, May 14, 2010 adds to its blogroll, other than The Huffington Post, is arguably the most successful online news organization in the World today. This blogger and the growing staff of bloggers at, have been big fans of, and now we're a part of them.

OK, is a part of's blogroll, but it's an honor to be there and in a place where you can always find it: at the alphabetical end of the list, the only "Z" in the place.

We share a space with legendary blogs and bloggers like Perez Hilton, Pop Sugar, The Huffington Post, Celeb Show and Tell, and others. But most important, we're a small part of a new revolution in media. TMZ's blogroll consists of blogs that understand media is market and cover the hot stories and provide interesting commentary.

But what makes unique in the group is its video-blog component, featuring and, and what will be an increased use of CNN's iReport and And that our content is part of The Heart Corporations' online publications and featuring and Seattle

Harvey Levin: TMZ's Driving Force

Harvey Levin is a person who's face you probably recognize from The People's Court as he's the on-the-steet announcer for the show. But Levin's's managing editor and driving force. Harvey may have his critics - we all do - but he understands that news media is a kind of market, and where others may complain about its celebrity content or the controversial way it gathers news, Levin's just giving the public what it wants. TMZ's earned over $10 million annually over the past three years and over $20 million in 2008.

Here's Levin explaining how TMZ works to get news out and hit on stories it thinks will click in a "boom, boom, boom" fashion:

And here Levin attacked the Los Angeles County Sheriff s Department for illegally obtaining his cell phone to investigate who leaked the Mel Gibson "Drunken Anti-Semetic Rant" story. Levin claimed the the Los Angeles County Sheriff s Department act was a violation of his civil rights.

On CNN this year, Harvey Levin talks more about the Mel Gibson story and how that unfolded as well as the team of journalists, lawyers, and researchers that vet the stories which are posted on TMZ's website.

Zennie62 is proud to be part of TMZ's family and marks a new era in the evolution of the video-blog network I'm building.

Stay tuned.

Bernard Stollman interviewed by Jaee Logan -- Suzannah B. Troy

I helped Jaee Logan to find his Dad Giuseppi Logan through YouTube series documentary series on his Dad who he had thought had died.

When we spoke I told Jaee you need to make a documentary, a Hollywood film and I even see him writing a book. He flew in from CA to start filming with his friend and fellow musician Bobby who did the filming here.

Here is an amazing interview with Bernard Stollman.

I feel like Jaee took over where I couldn't really go. My YouTubes tend to be in the park where I first filmed Giuseppi Logan and started changing lives through the miracle of YouTube posting.

If you go to this YouTube link you can find more of the series filmed by Jaee Logan and his friend Bobby.  

This clip ends with asking Bernard Stollman about the East Village and about Malcom X who Jaee shares a birthday with.  Giuseppi Logan's birthday is also coming up.

I will bring postings of all the YouTube series on Jaee Logan being reunited with his Dad after 40 years. What is really exciting is this interview with Bernard Stollman and what he has to say about how he came to found ESP record labels and find musical talent. Also why Bernard Stollman felt compelled to document artists.

As an artist I can' express how important that is. Stay tuned...I will be bringing you a series of YouTubes and writing by Dan Orth and for jazz lovers you will not be disappointed!!!!!

Miley Cyrus Lap Dance Video: TMZ update, Ashton Kutcher take

The Miley Cyrus Lap Dance Video, where Miley Cyrus is giving movie helmer (that's another term for 'producer') Adam Shankman a lap dance and Shankman's trying to grind dance her before that has caused a stir, a debate, and for a time a headache for, YouTube, and this blogger. But before I get to that, let's catch up with this lap dance sex scandal.

The reaction to the sight of Adam Shankman and Miley Cyrus basically simulating getting it on and on the heels of her Can't be Taimed song release  has caused a wildly varied number of views to surface.

On CNN's Rick's List, Rick Sanchez said what Cyrus did was "disgusting," which prompted Ashton Kutcher to fire off at him on Twitter (@aplusk), tweeting the following in series:

@ricksanchezcnn you want to report about exploitation of teenagers report on this
about 21 hours ago via Brizzly
RT @AngelicaCTorres: The 44 year old man happens 2 b gay! be a reporter @ricksanchezcnn get the whole story!!!
about 22 hours ago via Brizzly
I think it's important to think about the context of the event she was at @stef_juju it's not like she was at a club w/ some stranger
about 22 hours ago via Brizzly in reply to stef_juju

hey @ricksanchezcnn ur comments on Miley R completely unwarranted. She's 17. What is this the movie Footloose? judgement is unbecoming

That exchange between the 32-year-old Ashton Kutcher and the 52-year old Rick Sanchez is common. And what's more interesting is the habit of pointing out that Adam Shankman's Gay. In my book, that's meaningless.

Miley Cyrus and Adam Shankman
What I've said in the video and I contend is that Adam Shankman and Miley Cyrus had what seemed to be a pretty chummy relationship that first surfaced over a photo of the two of them that Adam Shankman posted on Twitter last year.

Frankly, the photo was no big deal to me then and it's no big deal to me now except as gossip fodder and I didn't touch it. But now, with the video, the photo takes on new meaning. Given that both are public figures and Shankman seems to have a fun-loving taste for hedonism, it's fair to ask if they did have sex.

Being Gay is a laugher of an excuse; this blogger has slept with women who said they were Lesbian before and after sex.

Now, in a pavolian fashion, someone will angrily respond "That means they weren't Lesbian" but the bottom line is what they called themselves before and after sex. Someone who gets upset with that has massive issues. The fact is that when it comes to behavior, people don't always live in the boxes they craft.

To digress for a moment, I love the scent of a woman and smart, athletic, confident women have always been attractive to me, and it's because I "click" with them. Sometimes things happen from that, and at times it's with a woman who says she's Lesbian.

Miley Cyrus seems to "click" really well with people who are free and fun-loving. Take a look at this video from her website:

My guess is she has or had the same relationship with the 45-year old Adam Shankman as she does with 22-year-old Scotty: flirtatious and fun. The fact is that Shankman's 44 and now 45 years did not matter to anyone in that circle of people. On his Twitter account, Adam Shankman says he's an "all around immature nice guy."

From that perspective it means Shankman's not going to act his age. It has nothing to do with being Gay or not - Adam could have been straight - and everything do with being fun-loving and especially hedonistic. The question is how far did it go? The answer is only the two of them know. The fact that her father Billy Ray Cyrus think grind dancing is something girls Miley's age do (which is true) doesn't calm the waters one bit.

Given the negative heat Adam's getting about this affair, he should do a 'David Letterman' and just tell what happened, then get on with life. If he's open about it, people will love him; if he's defensive, people will dislike him.

TMZ, YouTube, and video image control

The back story to all of this is TMZ and Warner Brothers went on a rampage and took down every copy of TMZ's Miley Cyrus video on YouTube including my original one. That set in motion a complex array of communications by this blogger which ultimately resulted in the video you saw at the top of this blog.

I want to take time to thank TMZ and YouTube for their time and effort. I think the lesson in all of this is that when a public figure does something the public does have a right to know about it and see it. Miley Cyrus and Adam Shankman are public figures. That overcomes any effort to control distribution of an image because this is a story about what that person did and is not a parody of their image.

Going forward, celebrity news sites must remember that even if they have purchased the right to use an image of a celebrity, their private transaction does not overcome the public's "right to know" in the case of the actions of celebrities and politicians and the use of the image of those actions for a news or commentary related project such as a newspaper column, a video, or a blog.

Rock the Casbah!

Christine Quinn Goldman Sachs Sullivan Cromwell - Suzannah B. Troy

What do Goldman Sachs and Christine Quinn -- City Council have in common? Sullivan & Cromwell and the need for high priced New York lawyers that specialize in White Collar crime. I include the link for my new YouTube for articles on this and related issues.
What do Goldman Sachs and Christine Quinn -- City Council have in common? Sullivan and Cromwell and high priced lawyers that specialize in white collar crime. The fact Christine Quinn went out and hired Sullivan and Cromwell along with other top dog lawyers that specialize in white collar crime is old news and we would all love to know what is the actually cost to tax payers as of today, this very moment? I have asked The New York Post and The New York Daily News to run a ticker tape of the costs to tax payers by City Council and hey throw in Albany but for now Bill DeBlasio is trying to get City Council to be transparent and post spending on the city government website. For now it has not happened and my new YouTube that is a must see on corruption, NYC politics, Wall Street, Mike Bloomberg, Steve Rattner and the fact that little old city council at Christine Quinn’s lead have hired the very same law firm, Sullivan Cromwell as Goldman Sachs one of the most powerful financial brokers and wheelers and dealers but at the tax payers expense. I want Christine Quinn to list each city council and staff member and the price to date of how much their high priced white collar crime defense attorneys cost. Christine Quinn is hugely despised here in NYC for flushing democracy down the toilet aiding and abetting Mike Bloomberg who was urged on by Steve Rattner as mentioned in the awful puff piece book by Joyce Purnick to run or you could use the term steal a third term.

Now meetings are in play to discuss a referendum so the voters can vote on if we want city politicians to have a third term since Mike Bloomberg and gang cunningly worked out away to deny us a referendum. This will forever taint Mike Bloomberg’s legacy and their is more to come.  And by the way Mike Bloomberg wants to get rid of Public advocate yet again. The public advocate is suppose to represent the people of New York.

 Stay tuned. FYI: Last night President Obama was snubbed by top Wall Street firms at a high priced fund raiser where some pay as much as $50,000 to attend and among the missing was Goldman Sachs which shows you have powerful the Wall Street firms are and how much they don’t want any rules or limits set in play. Wall Street has a script of how brilliant and generous they are to us mere mortals and they don’t want to be forced off script. Wall Street wants to rule from The White House to Wall Street.

Hypochondria or not: Do you use the internet to self-diagnose your physical symptoms?

Most of us have had that "OH NO! I think I have that!" moment, after poking around online, trying to figure out the cause of our vague physical symptoms. A 2004 study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that 79 percent of Internet users -- roughly 95 million Americans -- have researched health information online. People now have access to incredibly complex medical information, with little ability to sift through it or interpret it accurately. The abundance of health information available online, valid or not, has contributed to what the media have coined ‘cyberchondria’ (researching diseases on the internet, and then worrying that you have the symptoms of that disease.) These people are often frustrated when their self-diagnosis does not prompt their doctor to order the tests and/or medications they feel necessary.

Yet after getting checked out by a doctor and getting a clean bill of health, most of us feel reassured, and are then ready to move on. For hypochondriacs however, relief does not come, and the fear of serious illness continues to fester. Hypochondria falls under the umbrella category of Somatoform Disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) and is defined as a preoccupation with the belief that one has an illness, based on a misinterpretation of bodily symptoms. To qualify as hypochondria, this preoccupation must cause distress in the person's daily life and persist for at least six months -- despite medical evidence discounting the perceived illness. About 1 to 5 percent of the population suffers from hypochondria, and the disorder is believed to strike men and women equally.
In the professional world of mental health, “Somatization” is a term that describes the expression of psychological or mental difficulties through physical symptoms. Somatization can range from preoccupation with potential or genuine but mild physical problems (as previously described in Hypochondria), to the development of perceived or actual physical pain, or dysfunction. This article will briefly explain some of the other major diagnoses that the DSM-IV-TR defines within the Somatoform Disorders category.
Somatization disorder is characterized by a history of multiple unexplained medical problems or physical complaints beginning prior to age 30. People with somatization disorder report symptoms affecting multiple organ systems or physical functions, including pain, gastrointestinal distress, sexual problems, and symptoms that mimic neurological disorders. Although medical explanations for their symptoms cannot be identified, individuals with somatization disorder experience genuine physical discomfort and distress. Review of their medical histories will usually reveal numerous visits to medical specialists, second and third opinions, and numerous medications prescribed by different doctors, often putting them at risk for drug interactions.
Conversion disorder is marked by unexplained sensory or motor symptoms that resemble those of a neurological or medical illness or injury. Common symptoms include paralysis, loss of sensation, double vision, seizures, inability to speak or swallow and problems with coordination and balance. Symptoms often reflect a naive understanding of the nervous system, and physicians often detect conversion disorder when symptoms do not make sense anatomically. The name conversion disorder reflects a theoretical understanding of the disorder as a symbolic ‘conversion’ of a psychological conflict into a concrete physical representation. Ironically, patients with conversion disorder may not always express the level of concern one would expect from someone with their described condition.
Pain Disorder is physical pain that causes significant distress or disability or leads an individual to seek medical attention. Pain may be medically unexplained, or it may be associated with an identifiable medical condition, but it is experienced as far more severe than the actual physical condition would warrant. Common symptoms include headache, backache and generalized pain in muscles and joints. Pain disorder can be severely disabling, causing immobility that prevents patients from working, fulfilling family responsibilities or engaging in social activities. Like patients with somatization disorder, people with pain disorder often have a long history of consultations with numerous physicians.
Body dysmorphic disorder is characterized by preoccupation with a defect in physical appearance. Often the defect of concern is not apparent to other observers, or if there is a genuine defect it is far less disfiguring than the patient imagines. Common preoccupations include concerns about the size or shape of the nose, skin blemishes or color, body or facial hair, hair loss, or "ugly" hands or feet. Individuals with body dysmorphic disorder may be extremely self-conscious, avoiding social situations because they fear others will notice their physical defects or even make fun of them. They may spend hours examining the imagined defect or avoid mirrors altogether. Time-consuming efforts to hide the defect, such as application of cosmetics or adjustments of clothing or hair, are common. Many people with body dysmorphic disorder undergo permanent procedures like plastic surgery or cosmetic dentistry, but are seldom satisfied with the results.
Note that Somatoform disorders should be distinguished from Factitious disorder, in which patients intentionally act physically or mentally ill without obvious benefits such as monetary gain. What motivates people with Factitious disorder is being able to play the role of a sick person. Further, the DSM-IV-TR distinguishes Factitious disorder from Malingering, a disorder which is defined as feigning illness when there is a clear motive—usually to economic gain, or to avoid legal trouble.
Causes. One longstanding theory about the cause of Somatoform disorders suggests that it is a way of avoiding psychological distress. Rather than experiencing depression or anxiety, some individuals will develop physical symptoms. According to this model, their preoccupation with the body allows them avoid the stigma of a mental health/psychiatric disorder. They end up getting the care and nurturing they need from doctors and other people in their lives who are responsive to their physical illnesses.

Treatment. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is considered an effective treatment for Somatoform disorders, focusing on changing negative patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behavior that contribute to somatic symptoms. The cognitive component of the treatment focuses on helping patients identify dysfunctional thinking about physical sensations. With practice, patients learn to recognize catastrophic thinking and develop more rational explanations for their feelings. The behavioral component aims to increase activity and self-care. Many of these patients have reduced their activity levels as a result of discomfort or out of fear that activity will worsen their symptoms. Patients are instructed to increase activity gradually while avoiding overexertion that could reinforce fears. Other important types of treatment include relaxation training, sleep hygiene, and communication skills training. Preliminary findings suggest that CBT may help reduce distress and discomfort associated with somatic symptoms; however, it has not yet been systematically compared with other forms of therapy.

Respectfully submitted by Dr. Christina Villarreal, clinical psychologist in Oakland, CA

American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. 4th edition, text revised. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Association,2000.

Phillips, Katherine A. The Broken Mirror: Understanding and Treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder. New York: Oxford University Press, 1996.
Pilowsky, Issy. Abnormal Illness Behavior. Chichester, UK: John Wiley and Sons, 1997.

LeBron James called "Queen James" on Twitter (Cavs 85 Celtics 94)

The Cleveland Cavaliers, who had the best regular season record in the National Basketball Association, had the door to a possible NBA Championship rudely shut on them Thursday night. They lost to the Boston Celtics 85 to 94 and at times the game wasn't even that close.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star player LeBron James had a better cast around him this year with Shaq O'Neill, Antawn Jamison, and others. It looked like, even with their injuries, it was going to be the Cavs year. It wasn't. The end wasn't the look of resignation on the faces of the Cleveland Cavaliers before the game was over. It wasn't the press conference afterward. It was Twitter, where so many people used the term "Queen James" it became a trending topic.

LeBron James is "King James" no more. Even though he scored a triple-double, and the Boston Celtics fans chanted "New York Knicks, New York Knicks" the bloom was off the rose that he was. Queen James is a nickname that's stuck to The Golden Child and will eventually replace that name too.

LeBron James is not the kind of person who can just take over a game the way Michael Jordan could in his prime or Kobe Bryant can today. Kobe Bryant is playing the best overall basketball and stands poised to earn his second consecutive NBA ring and fifth overall.

Queen James is not Kobe Bryant. It's not enough to rack up stats and regular season wins, a super player has to have that extra gear he or she goes into regardless of sport. If James has that gear, we haven't seen it yet.

Blogging this about one that this blogger has rooted for and hoped this was his year, just plain hurts. But now some ugly truths have to be faced: regardless of where LeBron James goes he will now be considered a "bit" player who needs to have "pieces" around him and they have to be very good.

A great player makes everyone around that person better. Jordan did it. Brandi Chastain did it in Soccer. Michael Jordan did it in the NBA. Kobe Bryant's doing it now.

Queen James it is, until LeBron proves he's King.