Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oakland Raiders Stink - New England Up 42 to 20 In Rain-Soaked Game

I've been an Oakland Raiders fan since I was little, and went to a lot of games.  I've seen bad years, but this one's too much to take.  For the second straight year, the Oakland Raiders are guaranteed of a high -- second pick in 2009 -- NFL Draft pick.   It's not that the Raiders need the players; the Raiders need a coach and a system.

Right now, they're losing 42 to 20 to the New England Patriots at the Raiders home, a windy, cold Oakland Coliseum.   The main problem is the defense; good in places, the Pats no-huddle strategy got them off guard.  What's the best answer?  Blitz and from different angles.  Make them think about what they're doing.  But the Raiders didn't do that.

Still, this 3 and 10 team could come back.  It's 3:30 in the third quarter, and the Raiders just need to score three more touchdowns and a field goal to win.  

Oh, and hold the Pats to zero additional points.

Let's see what happens.  

David Gregory on Meet The Press - White males rule Sunday news shows -

White males rule Sunday news shows: “This is David Gregory's first Sunday as the host of NBC's long-running "Meet the Press," beginning what one of his rivals calls a new, post-Tim Russert era for the network Sunday public affairs shows. But some wonder if anything will really change.

Not only does Gregory's promotion in the aftermath of Russert's death ensure that all the shows will continue to be hosted by white men, roughly 80 percent of the newsmakers and pundits who have appeared on the shows over the past eight years also have been white men, according to an ongoing study by the liberal think tank Media Matters for America. (The organization's latest figures for "Fox News Sunday" are from 2005-06. In that period, 80 percent of the show's guests were male and 82 percent were white.)”

Bailout’s critics? Republicans from states with foreign automakers | - See the news

Bailout’s toughest critics were Republicans from states with foreign automakers | - See the news: “Richard Shelby of Alabama, the senior Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, for instance, took a particularly harsh tone with auto executives, suggesting their restructuring bids “are not a serious set of plans.”

Since the 1990s, Alabama has won three assembly plants, from Honda, Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai, and an engine plant by Toyota.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who slammed the bailout plan Thursday, has a Toyota plant in Georgetown.

And Bob Corker of Tennessee, who played a starring role in efforts to broker a last-minute Senate compromise Thursday, has the American headquarters of Japan’s Nissan, several Nissan plants and a planned factory by Volkswagon in his state.

But Corker’s compromise effort collapsed after the United Auto Workers refused to accept Corker’s insistence of wage and benefit concessions in 2009 to create parity with workers at U.S. factories owned by Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai and other foreign companies.

“We offered any date in the year 2009 - any date - any date, just when will we actually get there,” Corker said on the Senate floor after his proposed deal collapsed.”

Barack Obama Outed Rod Blagojevich - Gov Punished By Obama

llinois Governor Rod Blagojevich paid the price for defying President-Elect Barack Obama. In setting-up a pay-to-play scheme for Obama's vacated Senate seat, he rejected Obama's choice Valerie Jarrett and in doing so, caused Obama to pull the strings to have Rod Blagojevich arrested.