Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vloggerhood - Kenrg's Term Still Not Caught On

At the YouTube As One Meetup, Kenrg, claimed his term Vloggerhood would be all the rage. Here's the video where he introduces the term, which I like. But have you used it? Me? Nope.

Ken's got work to do!

Ann Coulter - John Edwards Assasination Comment Off The Charts

I just saw Ann Coulter's comment on YouTube and still can't believe that she said it. In the video's she's quoted on Good Morning America as saying that if she said anything about John Edwards in the future, she'd "wish he'd been killed in an assasination plot."

See it here:

My question is why did the Edwards camp choose to place this on YouTube? It's not a great way to follow up the Obama Girl Video, and the Clintons / Sopranos Video at all. Let's see, we've got Obama Girl, Sopranos, and ...Ann Coulter's Insult.