Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cleveland Browns Offensive Coordinator Maurice Carthon's In Hot Water -- Why Not Raiders Tom Walsh? - News From

This article's from It says they've been pestering a league source about Browns Offensive Coordinator Maurice Carthon's job. My question is why pick on Carthon? Why not pick on Tom Walsh of the Raiders? Their own article states that the Browns' offense is ranked ahead of only that of the Oakland Raiders in NFL statistics.

Is it because Carthon's black and Tom Walsh is white? In my view, although I like, there's an annoying tendancy to be "Anti-Black" in their coverage, from the racist image of Art Shell as "Chef" from South Park, to the questions around the hiring of Broncos GM Rick Smith, to charges of "reverse racism" in the NFL (silly), to this. It's almost knee-jerk with these guys.

More on this soon.


Over the past several weeks, we've been pestering a league source with knowledge of the current dynamics in Cleveland regarding scattered rumors we've heard that Browns offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon is in danger of getting poop-canned.

Previously, the source told us that the rumors were unfounded. The source now tells us that there is a "big push" within the organization to dump Carthon if the unit performs badly when the Browns return from the bye week with an October 22 home game against the Broncos.

One of the real-world factors working against a termination of Carthon is that, because he was hired by head coach Romeo Crennel after Crennel got the gig in early 2005, a relatively quick decision that Carthon can't cut it would be an admission that Crennel made a bad decision.

Sooner or later, however, the chronic ineptitude of the team requires some action to be taken, or Crennel (and other, such as G.M. Phil Savage) could find themselves in jeopardy, too.

The Browns are 31st in the league in total offense, leading only the Raiders. Cleveland is averaging 261.2 yards per game.