Sunday, January 27, 2008

Montel: Talk About Troups Who Died & Heath Ledger

This is a great moment captured for YouTube. Montel Williams of the Montel show is a guest on Fox News to talk about Heath Ledger and his new book, but he throws Fox a curve by asking that they not talk about Heath Ledger and instead mention the Iraq War soldier who passed on the day before after being killed by a suicide bomber. Montel said that we've lost 28 American solidiers this year already -- that's more than one for each day of the month. Are we becoming too used to this? I'm not, but it seems Fox News is. Watch this video:

Super Bowl XXXII - Tom Brady And New England Patriots Leave for Arizona

After all of the talk about Tom Brady limping and not showing up at Pats practices, here we are with Brady as ESPN reports that he and the New England Patriots prepare to leave for Arizona.

Maybe it was a smoke-screen?

Raiders Owner Al Davis Treating Head Coach Lane Kiffin Like Turd

Ok. You read the title and I'm standing by it. Oakland Raiders Manager of The General Partner Al Davis is reportedly treating his still-newly-hired Head Coach Lane Kiffin like a turd. It's a hard statement but look at the reports.

Apparently this all started because Kiffin wanted to replace Raiders Defensive Coordinator Rex Ryan, who's leaky run defenses have cost the Silver and Black chances to win close games in 2007. But Lane Kiffin's actions were reportedly blocked by Davis himself. When Kiffin complained to Davis, the owner asked him to resign; he did not and for good reason: Kiffin would lose the salary he's due of $2 million annual for the rest of his contract.

More to come on this mess.

Regardless of the real truth, it's clear the Raiders are once again surrounded by soap-opera drama on the scale of a daytime show.

Ted Kennedy To Endorse Barack Obama | Obama, Kennedy Endorsement

Ted Kennedy To Endorse Barack Obama | Obama, Kennedy Endorsement

Sen. Obama with Sen John McCain, Sen. Joe Liberman, and Sen. Ted Kennedy

It's all over the Sunday talk shows. Just after a landslide victory in the South Carolina Primary, Senator Barack Obama scored another win of sorts with the annouced endorsement of Barack Obama for President by the Legendary "Liberal Lion" Ted Kennedy.

According to the Boston Globe, "Kennedy confidantes told the Globe today that the Bay State's senior senator will appear with Obama and Kennedy's niece, Caroline Kennedy, at a morning rally at American University in Washington tomorrow to announce his support."

The endorsement announcement comes right on the heels of Caroline Kennedy's sprited annoucement that after over 20 years of not backing a presidential candidate, she will support Barack Obama.

Senator Ted Kennedy To Endorse Barack Obama

First, it was Caroline Kennedy who declared her endorsement for Obama in a stirring Op-Ed piece in today's New York Times.

''Sometimes it takes a while to recognize that someone has a special ability to get us to believe in ourselves, to tie that belief to our highest ideals and imagine that together we can do great things. In those rare moments, when such a person comes along, we need to put aside our plans and reach for what we know is possible'', said Kennedy.

Now, legendary Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy has made his indication as to who he believes is best to lead the Democratic party. The second most senior member of the Senate and a trailblazer who has represented his state since 1962, Kennedy is the epitomization of experience.

Although he's very close with the Clinton's and has worked tirelessly with Hillary in Washington for years, Kennedy was searching for hope and change, not the politics and polarization of old. If a well- established and respected Senator is endorsing a man who was born a year before he took office, Hillary's assertion of 35 years of experience is null and void.

Caroline and Ted Kennedy's endorsements of Barack Obama will inject a profound and vibrant life into the political race and ultimately transcend what takes place on Super Tuesday in all twenty-two states.

Andrew Sullivan's Moving Take On Barack Obama

I generally enjoy Andrew Sullivan's blog, even when I dont' agree with him. But this one in particular was very not usual. He wrote in a moving prose about Senator Barack Obama's candidacy and how it impacted him, especially after the South Carolina win. Sullivan wrote:

Because America still means something, and every now and again, a person captures it: the restless, liberal hope for a better future, under the sober constraints of a conservative constitution. That was Kennedy. It was also Reagan, as Bill Bennett gracefully recognized tonight. It's real. You can feel it. And who wants to win the presidency by defeating it?

Sometimes, things come together. Watching a black man win the South Carolina primary in a landslide by transcending race: I can't help be moved and inspired. Like so many of my generation and many, many more younger than me, Obama makes me believe in America again, after seven years of brutal, painful, searing disillusionment. I won't let that go. Neither, I have a feeling, will the American people.