Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Left In The Cold: The 2009 Inaugural Youth Ball

This is a great video explaining how this band of ticket holders never got in to this ball and affirming why I didn't care that I didn't go to the Youth Ball in the first place.

Bowoto v. Chevron Is Back In Court Feb 6th 2009

Bowoto v. Chevron Is Back In U.S. 9th District Court, Northern California, San Francisco, Feb 6th 2009 and for the purpose of the plaintiffs explaining why a new trial is needed. 

The plaintiffs (Bowoto) believe that the core idea that claims Chevron acted in violation of the Alien Tort Act was not understood by the jury, but given the nature of the incident -- tresspassing by Bowoto -- it's hard for me to see how they can make that claim.

President Obama After President Obama After "Republicans Only" Meeting - Video

Mireya Grisales high-fives Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons

Super Bowl Steelers Football, originally uploaded by cmd1084.

All I can say is who's Mireya Grisales? She's a super hot reporter for Telemundo who's wowing them in Tampa. Wish I were there --- sort of.

Kurt Warner: Arizona Cardinals QB At Super Bowl Media Day

warner_3, originally uploaded by crgazette.

This is a great pict of Arizona Cardinals QB holding court at NFL Media Day. I'm not there as I didn't plan to go to Tampa last year. Still, I miss the parties but I don't miss not being able to get into some of them and the weird behavior of some people just because they're there.

Heck, I've been to six Super Bowls.

No Recession At The Tampa Super Bowl

Super Bowl, originally uploaded by Dan B Lee.

And this prove it! That's a sweet car!

Super Bowl T-Shirts Boxes

Just in time for Super Bowl XLIII, shirts! But I've never seen so many and in their boxes.

Obama Pick Eric Holder’s AG Nomination Approved, GOP Caves In: 17 to 2

Judiciary Panel Approves Holder’s Nomination - The Caucus Blog - “The Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday overwhelmingly approved, and sent to the full Senate, the nomination of Eric Holder Jr. to be the nation’s 82nd attorney general.

The committee vote was 17 to 2, with most Republicans supporting the nomination of Mr. Holder to head the Department of Justice. The two Republicans who opposed the nomination were Senator John Cornyn of Texas and Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.”

- YEAH! Now, Eric Holder and Tony West as Assistant AG for Civil Rights can get to work on making sure human rights laws are followed in America. Meanwhile the GOP has been swooned by Obama. I know their constituents are saying "Give Obama a chance" otherwise they would not have voted so overwhelmingly for Holder.

Some Democrats Among Stimulus Skeptics - Why?

More at “President Obama, who promoted the $825 billion package at the Capitol yesterday, says the proposal serves two functions -- creating jobs and stimulating the economy in the short term, and laying the groundwork for overhauls in energy, health care and infrastructure that would be felt for decades. But some administration supporters say that while they appreciate Obama's intent, the two goals are competing with each other, and that the package could end up missing both targets.

In testimony before the House Budget Committee yesterday, Alice M. Rivlin, who was President Bill Clinton's budget director, suggested splitting the plan, implementing its immediate stimulus components now and taking more time to plan the longer-term transformative spending to make sure it is done right.”

-- What I don't get is why some Dems are waisting time in doing something to solve this problem. It's almost as if some officials are afraid to 1) take action because it 2) may work, making Obama 3) even more popular. I don't think it's just the GOP who has jealously regarding President Obama. Meanwhile the economy continues to tank.