Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ken Salazar - Colorado Senator Interview at DNC Convention

Colorado Senator Ken Salazar was kind enough to give us a good deal of his time at the DNC Convention. This "mini-press-talk" consisted mostly of a discussion of Senator Biden, Colorado Water Rights, the energy problem and the economy.

Hillary Supporter Not A Democrat - DNC Convention Sunday

This video is of an interview conversation I had with a Hillary Clinton supporter who as it turned out was not a Democrat but an "independent" who was rather not rational. She was addressed by a real Hillary Clinton supporter who is a Clinton delegate, Mitch Mallett of Florida.

NFL Kick Off Show Broadcast Live from World Financial Center

Thursday September 4, 2008 is NFL Kickoff Night. To celebrate the return of Football Season, SouthWestNY Restaurant, located at 225 Liberty St./2 World Financial Center will host the Football Reporters Online (FRO) NFL Kickoff Show from 5:30pm-7pm. The staff of FRO, who have well over 100 years of “Football Experience” between them will be broadcasting a live Internet radio show @

Why deal with the crowds at Columbus Circle for the NFL’s “Kick Off Party”?? If your not going to the Game – come on down to SouthWestNY and take part in our Live Show!

This broadcast will be available for download on iTunes after the show. Go to for the menu and directions

DNC Convention - Zennie62's Trip - Arrival In Denver

This is our first video during our DNC Convention coverage.

Sunday Preview

I know that Zennie has yet to post a lot of our Saturday recap (and there's some great stuff for y'all to see), but I thought I'd go ahead and give you a preview of what we'll be covering for you today. Here's a snapshot of what our day should look like:

9:00 AM Press credential distribution begins
Young Democrats National Committee Meeting

10:00 AM Convention Kick-off Press Briefing with Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius, Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, and TX State Senator Leticia Van de Putte

11:30 AM Credentials Committee Meeting to discuss, among other things, the seating of delegates

12:30 PM Western Round-up (press avail) with Janet Napolitano, Ken Salazar, etc.

2:00 PM Interfaith Gathering

9:00 PM Young Democrats Kick-off Party

Today looks like our lightest day, which will hopefully give us all a chance to catch up on some much needed rest before the Convention kicks off in earnest tomorrow.

DNC Convention - More To Come From A Full Day

Right now, I'm doing some late night blogging after a full day which saw me get about three hours of sleep and then drive to San Francisco for my flight, only to learn that I was supposed to be in Oakland.

So with my visiting Mom as passenger, I got over to Oakland in good time and made the flight.

The flight itself was weird. It started with the need to change tires on the plane. Then it ended with the flight being diverted off course a bit making us about 20 minutes later than we should have been. Finally i got here -- needing sleep. The town was abuzz with the Obama / Biden news and the responses were mostly positive.

After some rest, we headed over to an awesome media party at an amusement park next to Pepsi Center. There, it featured a awesome fireworks show. While there, I met Steve Doocy of Fox And Friends Morning Show. A very nice person who actually is shorter than I thought he would be, which is not to imply that he's short, just shorter than I thought he would be. He told me that he gets up at midnight to get ready to do the morning show.


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