Sunday, February 20, 2011

Deena: Jersey Shore's Blast in a Glass

Sorry for the lack of Jersey Shore posts - living in a new household where there cable is not readily available and wireless internet is limited it has been hard to keep up with Jersey Shore. The most recent episode from last Thursday still needs to be viewed - there will be a blog post in regards to the huge fight between Ronnie and Sammi from a couple episodes back.

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This post is basically an analysis of the new girl, Deena. Deena seemed readily accepted since she was Snooki's friend. She always calls herself a little meatball.

The first night with Sammi it seemed a bit over the top that she called Sammi the c-word just because Sammi laughed at her.

Deena's phrase "blast in a glass" sort of sticks with her and she seems like she likes to have fun and get real crazy. In one of the after shows she was caught in a lie when she said that she was not bothered by something, but then after other cast mates badgered her a bit she admitted that she was hurt.

She seems to put up a front about not caring and that she's just an all around fun girl who does anything for attention. This includes going out with MVP and taking body shots off of other girls.

This girl seems to definitely be different from Angelina when it comes to partying, and she is quite a different character than Angelina all together. She compares herself to Snooki a lot, but Snooki (despite her erratic decisions and her jail time) seems to have a sense of logic and emotions.

Deena Nicole Cortese
Deena hooks up with Dean and acts all cutesy with him in the hot tub believing that he doesn't have a girlfriend, and the next day she pretends she doesn't care that he had a girlfriend. She goes out with him a second time and Dean tells the guys that Deena ...licked his butt... and Deena denies this completely - but honestly, what guy would make that up?

Why would any one make up something so gross like that? Honestly, a guy would not make up that that happened to him, because a guy wouldn't want to believe that happened to him.

In the last episode that was viewed where Deena and Snooki move (or attempt to move) Sammi's bed downstairs it seems like it was all a bit overdone on Deena's part. Deena seems like she wants to get the most air-time as possible since she's the new cast member and since the others in the house already know how to be themselves and that being themselves is entertaining enough for television, but Deena somehow acts as though she needs to prove "look at me!"

Well Deena, you really are proving to be a "blast in a glass," but maybe you will show your personality and actual emotion - because this glass seems to be empty.