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The Masters draws edgy Tiger Woods Ad by Nike Golf

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Phil Bronstein, SF Chronicle Editor-at-Large wrote a funny blog post about the new Tiger Woods Ad by Nike Golf shown during The Masters Golf Tournament. The Tiger Woods Nike Golf Ad, which is already over 1 million views on YouTube as of this writing, features Tiger looking straight ahead, almost frozen, but eyes blinking. As he looks - and he appears tired, with bags under his eyes - a voice, that of his father Earl Woods says "Tiger. I am more prone to be inquisitive, to promote discussion. I want to find out what your thinking was. I want to find out what your feelings are. Did you learn anything?"

Here's the video:

Bronstein wonders who's voice was actually used in the ad. According to ABC News, the ad, created by the ad agency Wieden + Kennedy, uses the actual voice of Earl Woods. The people who came up with the idea of using Earl Woods' voice, then finding it, was a genius team team headed by Creative Director Hal Curtis at Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, according to an email sent from the firm's PR rep.   Hats off to them; they've created a classic.

And the classic ad's getting a lot of buzz and reaction. Phil Bronstein says of the Tiger Woods Ad "I guess it's kind of brilliant, if shameless, though I haven't run out yet and bought a new Nike product." Greg Couch, National Columnist with AOL angrily writes "Disgusting. Woods is using his dead father to bail him out of his image problem. Nike has dropped to a new low, too."

Personally, this blogger likes the commercial. A lot. It's the latest in a long line of Nike Commercials that tap into the American cultural conversation of the Zeitgeist and essentially asks a question we've all thought at one point or another during the Tiger Woods Sex Scandal: "What would Earl Woods Think?" Bravo for Nike presenting a believable answer.

Bronstein and I want to know what you think of the Tiger Woods Ad by Nike Golf. Take the poll below:

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Watch The Masters and Tiger Woods online live here

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Thanks to ESPN and a some simple coding by this blogger, you can watch the 2010 Masters live online below. All you have to do is click on the image of Tiger Woods at The Masters Press Conference and since this post goes to Facebook, it should work there as well:

Photo Tiger Woods

As of this writing, 67-year-old Tom Watson heads the leaderboard at The Masters. Watson is followed by Lee Westerwood and Phil Mickelson. Tiger Woods, once even, then 2 under par a moment ago, is now 3 under par and just 7 shots back of Watson with 9 holes to go. Here's the leaderboard (you need a frames capable browser to see this, otherwise click here).

Stay tuned. And let me know what you think; I'm trying to make my blog posts more multimedia.

Tiger Woods at The Masters - are you rooting for him? A poll

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On The Dan Patrick Show, with which this blogger has a running feud regarding their ill-considered blast at President Obama on The White Sox issue (more later), the question is "Will you root for Tiger Woods to win or lose?"

What's interesting is that some people are playing a new mind game with respect to Tiger Woods: if he wins, it means he's really not a good person because he has no conscience. Someone I will not mention from The Golf Channel said on The Dan Patrick Show that he wants Tiger Woods to lose, then crafted a rationale for why he should lose and how it would not be "good for Golf."

Oh, brother.

I'm rooting for Tiger Woods to win. Why? Because Tiger Woods has been talked about, made fun of, skewered, and even criticized by a black Associated Press writer because none of his mistresses were black. Boo Hoo. Everyone's had their turn at Tiger Woods; now it's his turn. He's apologized and is ready to move on with his life, which has always been Golf.

Even through all of this, Tiger Woods is a role model. He's the first black guy to be publicly skewered around the World for cheating on his wife. Don't tell me some kid isn't thinking "You know, if I'm really good at some sport, as good as Tiger Woods at Golf, I can get all the chicks and not be married." Don't tell me that idea's not rolling around some kid's head.

Hey, Tiger Woods even has copycats: Jesse James comes to mind.

Tiger Woods is a role model for anyone of color who wants to be successful, and legions of white kids who don't care what color he is. The fact that the whole World is focusing on this man playing a sport that was believed to be for white guys, and kicking butt, is amazing.

Tiger Woods is so good at Golf, some people were wishing for some bad news, like his many affairs, to happen, thinking that would derail him. It did happen. But Tiger Woods rolls on, still on the rails. That's why I root for him to win.

Tiger Woods winning The Maters is the ultimate middle finger to society. And people will love it. What do you think? Take my poll:

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