Saturday, October 13, 2007

Web 2.0 Summit Has "Web Bowl" - Tuesday Oct 16th.

This is from CMP and the Web 2.0 website

Sold Out Web 2.0 Summit Announces First Web Bowl: Challenges World to Stump the Luminaries

Competition Offers Everyone the Chance to Participate

SAN FRANCISCO -- September 25, 2007 -- O'Reilly Media, Inc. and CMP Technology, co-producers of the annual Web 2.0 Summit, today jointly announced the launch of the Web Bowl, a live trivia competition about the Internet, taking place during the sold out event this year. Conference organizers are reaching out to the general public and attendees to pool together the most challenging (and fun) questions about the World Wide Web for the first annual Web Bowl.

Web 2.0 Summit's Web Bowl asks people to match wits with Internet luminaries, bringing the toughest questions about the Web on stage. The biggest names of the Web community will be able to prove themselves in real time amidst the gunfire of questions on industry trivia, history, and personalities. Hosted by Web 2.0 Summit's chair, John Battelle, the Web Bowl was modeled on the Computer History Bowl to entertain, inform, and inspire the Web community.

"We are pleased to announce the first annual Web Bowl at the Summit," said John Battelle, Web 2.0 Summit's Program Chair. "The game show format will create an entertaining opportunity to both celebrate the history and future of the Web among the leading members of the Web community. Even those not able to make it will be able to participate virtually, in true 2.0 spirit."

Web Bowl is challenging the world to submit the toughest questions about the Internet to use in the Web Bowl. Questions could range from what the first instant messaging service was to who created the first blog, and more. Acknowledgement will go to the person who submits a question used on-stage at the event.

To sign up for this, click here.

Amanda Congdon Supports Barack Obama

I just got a Facebook News Flash from my Facebook friend Amanda Congdon, who reports that she's behind Barack Obama for President!


I wonder if that has something to do with 1) his authetic politics, 2) the need for real change, and 3) the fact that Barack's, Amanda's, and my birthday are all the same day -- August 4th?


Vimeo's HD Online Videos May Make Joost Days Numbered

Ok, here's an example of what TechCrunch's Shonfeld was writing about. Vimeo has high quality HD online videos on its site already.

Check it out. Watch out Joost!

TechCrunch's Schonfeld Thinks Joost Days Are Numbered

Eric Schonfeld of TechCrunch thinks Joost, the online video streaming site, may be seeing the end of a good run as more and more competitors crowd the field.

Anna Nicole Smith | Jerry Brown Suspects She May Have Been Killed

Former Governor and Oakland Mayor and now Attorney General Jerry Brown is all over the death of Anna Nicole Smith and released this statement, which I got from

"Brown's Statement
Posted Oct 12th 2007 2:24PM by TMZ Staff
"The California Department of Justice today served search warrants at various doctors' offices, billing locations, and residences in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties, related to the death of Anna Nicole Smith. The locations searched today are related to doctors who provided medical treatment or prescribed drugs for Anna Nicole Smith or her associates.

On March 30, 2007, the California Department of Justice Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement commenced an investigation into circumstances surrounding the death of Anna Nicole Smith, including the prescribing and dispensing practices of several California licensed doctors and pharmacies. To date, agents have reviewed over 100,000 computer images and files, analyzed patient profiles and pharmacy logs and interviewed witnesses throughout the country and abroad.

The California Department of Justice is spearheading this investigation with the cooperation of regulatory agencies, medical professionals and law enforcement agencies, including: The California Department of Insurance, the California Medical Board, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the Seminole Tribal Police and the Royal Bahamian Police Force.

In view of the fact that the investigation is ongoing, we will not provide further details or report any findings at this time. The California Department of Justice will conduct a fair and thorough investigation and wishes to protect the identity of cooperating witnesses. When our investigation is complete, you will be provided as much information as possible about any suspects, arrests or criminal charges.

Beyond this statement, no one involved in this investigation will have further comment at this time. Thank you for your cooperation."

Barack Obama | Barack Obama Is Not Muslim | Clinton Backers Said To Spread Rumor


For some reason, some total nutcases out there who call themselves Americans no doubt are sending out emails that say Senator Barack Obama is Muslim. It's an effort to play what some call "The Muslim Phobia Card" (Everything has a card these days.)

There are also indications that people connected with Senator Hillary Clinton are spreading this rumor. That's the ultimate dirty pool tactic.

It's not true and also panders to the worst fears and bad aspects of America. Don't believe it - and do your own homework on this. The did ...

Obama, in fact, is not a Muslim.

The assertion that he is one is based on his paternal ancestry from a Muslim family in Kenya, his living in Indonesia with a Muslim stepfather and, briefly, as a child, attending a public school there which reportedly offered some religious instruction to its predominantly Muslim study body.

But he was raised primarily by his mother, who eschewed organized religion.

He has written and spoken at length about his path to Christianity and the black church as a community organizer in Chicago.

In recent months, Obama has been talking more openly about his faith, especially in the South.

He has worshipped at three large South Carolina churches over the past two Sundays. Last weekend, he raised eyebrows at the Redemption World Outreach Center in Greenville by saying he was “confident that we can create a kingdom right here on Earth."

Indeed, on — the site that fashions itself as the place where urban legends go to die — there is a lengthy page devoted to debunking the myth that Obama is a “radical, ideological Muslim” that includes a reference to a 2004 Chicago Sun-Times story where he talks of his “personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Obama’s aides are aware of the theme, but it’s far harder to respond to faceless whispers than to open assertions.

“We've got to be vigilant to knock down any untruth out there about us,” said spokesman Bill Burton.

Hey, evaluate Senator Obama on his merits and not untruths. Don't be stupid.

Quincy Carter Arrested For Drug Possession - Sad Story

This is someone I've been rooting for and it's sad to see that drugs have overtaken him. I hope he gets the real help he needs and sees the wake-up call. He was a real talent that -- for a while -- had the World on a string.

Here's the story...

Former Cowboys QB Arrested On Drug Charge

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Quincy Carter was arrested in Shreveport on a drug charge early Friday morning.
Carter was booked into the Shreveport City Jail at about 4 a.m. after being charged with possession of marijuana. Carter was later transferred to the Caddo Correctional Center.
In a news release, police said the incident began at about 1:30 a.m. when an officer stopped a silver car that was reported to have been involved in selling drugs at the Circle K convenience store at Youree and Southfield.

In Iowa, Hillary Clinton Backer Terry McAuliffe Says Clinton Iraq Vote Flip-Flop Due To Gender

Folks, I'm not making this up. It comes from the Iowa Independent newspaper. On August 30th, Clinton Campaign President Terry McAuliffe opened his mouth and stuck his foot deep in it, pissing off the people in attendance and possibly damaging the Clinton effort in Iowa.

On top of that, McAuliffe's act is upsetting other Iowans as well, and one person just plain wrote "I'm sick of Terry McAuliffe." Yes, the person who will stand in a photo with a Panda -- a costumed Panda -- for a vote, is proving to be a major liability in the state Clinton needs to prove she's unstoppable.

And what's so funny is he's the head of the campaign. He's walking around acting like they've got the election in the bag and thus not being affaid to make stupid statements, like this doozy of a running-off-at-the-mouth you're about to see below.

According to Chase Martyn, ....

Terry McAuliffe, who serves as Chair of Clinton's presidential campaign and was Chair of the Democratic National Committee from 2001 to 2005, helped shed light on why Clinton will not admit her vote was a mistake during an August 30 appearance at a coffee shop in Grinnell, IA. Abby Rapoport, editor-in-chief of Grinnell College's Scarlet & Black student newspaper, was the only reporter present for McAuliffe's candid conversation, and she quoted him this way in the September 7 issue of the paper:

McAuliffe declared that under no circumstances would she take back her vote. “A woman?” he almost yelled. “Can you imagine?”

Iowa Independent has verified from three other attendees of the event that McAuliffe was quoted accurately. Ironically, those attendees also told us that before discussing the connection between Clinton's position on her war vote and her gender, McAuliffe noted that he could only speak so candidly because there were no reporters present -- or so he thought.

Grinnell Coffee Company has a hip, artsy vibe with its black walls and its Venus Rising painting with a French coffee press. But I walked straight to the back, where a small beige room stands in stark contrast to the warm and friendly coffee shop. In the room, Grinnell community members talked in small clusters, awaiting the arrival of yet another politico to plead for their vote.
Suddenly a wholly alien force took over the room. Terry McAuliffe, former Democratic National Committee Chair and long time friend of the Clintons, arrived with an air of dominance, as all eyes focused on him.

McAuliffe is tall, with a booming voice and a slick, used-car-salesman type charm. His smiles and greetings, not to mention his slaps on the back of Wayne Moyer, Political Science, felt too self-congratulatory. You guys haven't won yet, I thought.

As if on command, we all sat down at once, waiting to hear what McAuliffe would say. Yet no one seemed more excited to hear him speak than McAuliffe himself. I guessed it would have something to do with voting for Hillary, given the posters taped to the wall and the stacks of lawn signs in the corner. But his tone was not quite what I imagined.

After asking who in the room would be supporting Hillary and finding only four of the twelve attendees to be loyal, McAuliffe began by emphasizing the campaign's currently successes, and its domination of the polls. He almost seemed to gloss over the nomination process, eager to talk about the general election.

"A lot of people ask me, `Can she win the general election?'" he boomed. The sweet older woman next to me seemed to perk up and nod at the question; presumably, she was asking it too. "Well," he continued, "that's the dumbest question I've ever heard." The woman seemed to stop nodding along.

McAuliffe spoke for almost forty-five minutes, focusing mainly on the general election, an election, he announced, that the Clinton campaign was already fundraising for.

"Anyone in the room who doesn't think this isn't going to be the most vicious campaign is nuts," he proclaimed. He seemed ready for the viciousness though. Later, he declared that "If you defame this woman … we will hit you back so hard your head will spin."

I kept trying to remind myself, undecided that I was, that in fact McAuliffe was not Hillary Clinton and his pushy, aggressive style did not necessarily discount his candidate. And at least he wasn't attacking other candidates, a trait I find particularly frustrating. Hear him all the way through, I thought. Give Hillary a chance.

And apparently Hillary needs my help. "Hillary is going to get elected," he proclaimed, "and I'll tell you why folks, because of women." 18 through 35 year-old women, he specified. ME.

But it was another 18 to 35 year old woman that caused a stir. McAuliffe asked those of us who were not supporters at the beginning of his little talk if any of us had changed out minds. When he found that none of us were swayed, he asked someone to come forward with their objections to his candidate, Jordan Levine '10 , one of the leaders of the Students for Hillary, pointed to Hannah Garden-Monheit '08, leader of Students for Obama. McAuliffe pushed her. "I don't mean to put you on the spot but…"

Garden-Monheit said she disliked Clinton's war vote. McAuliffe declared that under no circumstances would she take back her vote. "A woman?" he almost yelled. "Can you imagine?"

Carol Kramer, one of the four in the room supporting Clinton, echoed Garden-Monheit's concerns about Clinton's war vote.. "I want her to apologize," she explained.

"And I don't," McAuliffe retorted. Supporters could still incur his condescension. He reminded us that "[Republicans] are killers …. They're gonna lie, they're gonna steal-they're good at it."

But his parting words were more unifying. "We all come together in the end," he said. Fine, I thought. I'll vote for any of them-as long as I don't have to vote for you.

Whatever the reasons for Terry's behavior, it's clear he thinks the campaign's so far ahead it can survive his display of arrogance and stupidity.

Big mistake.