Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Clinton West Virginia Win Spurs Obama Donation Boost

Senator Hillary Clinton's expected win in West Virginia Tuesday set off a new and enormous round of donations to Senator Barack Obama from supporters nationwide connecting on the BarackObama.com website.

It started with Brad over at the www.obamavolunteercorps.org website who sent out this note:

We all expected Senator Clinton to win.

Although to celebrate her victory I think I will donate $10.00 to Senator Obama.

Who's with me?


Obama Volunteer Corps

..and it spread from there, with people matching the $20 donations of others.

Many Obama supporters were energized by what seemed to be an openly racist way of campaigning to people in West Virginia who seemed, well, openly racist. Personally, I think West Virginia's the land the time forgot, but they're a part of America and we have to take care of them. Still, it does not excuse the open racism down there.

And what the hell was John Edwards' name doing on the ballot? He took 7 percent of the vote from Obama, and he's out of the race. That smells -- bad.

The fact remains: Senator Obama picked up more Superdelegates than Clinton will gain in delegates from the West Virginia primary, plus, Obama too gets a share of delegates, eight to be exact, while Clinton gets 20. Senator Obama is now just 146 delegates away from victory as of this writing.