Thursday, July 05, 2007

China Nuclear Sub Type 094 Jin-Class SSBN Spotted On Google Earth -


A satellite image of China's new nuclear ballistic missile submarine is available on the Google Earth Internet site.

A satellite image of China's new ballistic missile submarine.
Hans M. Kristensen, director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), spotted the images, photographed by the commercial Quickbird satellite in late 2006.

One photo is of what is apparently the new Type 094 Jin-class SSBN at the Xiaopingdao base near Dalian, FAS reported.

John Edwards and Hilary Clinton's Thousand Dollar Hairdos

Wow. I don't know what a $1,000 haircut or a $3,000 hairdo looks like, but I guess John Edwards and Hillary Clinton have them according to the Washington Post .

Scooter Libby's $250,000 Fine Paid - Here's The Receipt

According to Wonkette , Scooter Libby's $250,000 fine has been paid from a $6 millon legal defense fund. Thus, one more prong in his trfecta of punishment -- jail, fine, and disbarment -- has been removed.

Whereas he was originally looking at jail, a fine, and disbarment, now he's just looking at disbarment, and who says that's a guarantee, given the political nature of such decisions?

It helps to have powerful friends. I know Paris Hilton's chomping at the bit about this.