Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Giants 2006 season wrap-up

Ok so the Dust has settled, the pressers are over, and WFAN's Mike(Francessa) and the Mad Dog(Chris Russo) have even gotten in their licks(if you call Russo a "Broadcast Journalist"). Tom Coughlin is staying, at least for 2007, and probably 2008 as well. But I would have told you that if you had asked me, even after Sunday, even as i was leaving "the Linc", even as i was riding Amtrak back to New York's Penn Station. No reason to make a change. Sure, the coach might be considered abrasive at times. What does that have to do with running a football team? Most of the Coaches i have met in this business were nasty so-and so-s because they had to be. Football is a tough business, Wimps go home, period. Did you really believe that Bill Parcells was coming back to NY? Never. He wasn't even called. HE called John Mara early this morning to ask him where the rumors were coming from. No one in the Giants organization, thats for sure.

Point is, no matter how dissapointed you are over the Giants 8-8 finish(2-6 in the second half of the regular season) you can't blame the coaching staff or the Front office for the Injury bug that hit for the second year in a row. Ok, so there will be some Scapegoats among the assistant coaches. John Hufnagel is already gone, and infact, was released December 18th, the day after the Loss to the Eagles. He was asked to finish that week out to help prepare for the transition to Kevin Gilbride as play caller and offfensive coordinator. You could argue that his play selection could be vanilla at times(hey vanillia is my favorite flavor of icecream!), but no one said a word when the Giants were winning games. No one ever said "hey this offense with Tiki Barber running the ball reminds me of...of...Joe Morris and the 1986 Giants offense." That's because it wasn't. The 1986 and 1990 teams were so different then the 2000, 2002, and 2005-06 teams. The offense was better at times and the defense, while loaded with Quality, just wasn't there when they had to be.

And what of young Eli Manning? He surely suffered some setbacks this year, he even tired some with his "aww shucks" look on the sidelines. Guess what? All the Mannings look that way when things are bad. Doesn't mean they don't care. Peyton is probably a bit more emotional, and does better in commercials(That Sprint one is a pisser!). Dad Archie is more stoic, and Eli takes after Dad a bit more. He said it himself in his closing presser " i have to continue to learn and get better" Ok Kid, better said then done in the NFL. Former NFL coach Jerry Glanville once said "NFL" means "Not for Long" if you keep that up. I hear all the Giants fans(and probably my former self as well) groaning now " Phillip Rivers is still in the Playoffs." Quit your moaning folks. Eli is a quality NFL QB. It's just taking him longer to get himself together. It doesn't happen overnight. Greatness that is. "What about Vince Young?" Ok so he picked it up a bit faster. Some do and some don't. I don't see the Giants drafting another QB unless a Scouting report tells them they have to get Eli's replacement for 5 years from now and he's available with the Giants next pick. They have needs far beyond QB out of this draft.

So what about the Giants Defense that was supposed to be improved this year? Hey, they hung together when half of them were getting treatment and buying knitting needles to scratch the inside of their casts. Who knew Mathias Kiwanuka would be that good(I knew, but i'm supposed to know)? Mike Strahan will give it another go, but his statement of last summer at the Giants Kick-off affair for charity "i'm not going anywhere until we get rings" is getting hollow. He's going to be 36, and his replacement is already on the team. Surely this will be his last shot, if he gets it at all.

The few Giants players i truly feel sorry for are Tiki Barber, and the Offensive Line. Tiki because he deserved one last hurrah on his way out, and The OL's because they did all they could to get it for him and it wasn't enough. I also feel for the Giants fans that had to take it every week while they were slipping back down to reality in November and December. So that's it for the 2006 New York Giants. All they need to do now is replace the retiring Ernie Accorsi. He was only the second best GM the Franchise ever had, the first being the Late George Young. The announcement won't be this week.

Terrell Owens Fires Kim Etheredge; Harsh Words

The report reads...

Terrell Owens fired his publicist, Kim Etheredge, last week. The two had some harsh words over the last few weeks.

Etheredge didn't want Owens to do a ESPN interview with Michael Irvin, but he did it anyway. She also didn't want a NFL Network interview with T.O. following the Atlanta game, but he did it.

Owens had tuned Etheredge out over the last few months and it all came to a head last week.

Etheredge accepted the firing with dignity but wouldn't talk about it Sunday. T.O. said it was a business decision and nothing personal.

Etheredge is hopeful to get other clients. She is good friends with Cowboys linebacker Kevin Burnett (she even baby sat his kids), and she's cool with Akin Ayodele.

But what it doesn't say is how she came to Owens rescue last year when he took more than the required does of either pills or some combination of meds that had him so dizzy some believed he was trying to take his own life. For a reminder, let's turn to Wikipedia:

A police report filed on the night of September 26[7] seemed to confirm the attempt, saying that Owens' publicist, Kim Etheridge, found him unresponsive with an empty bottle of pain killers, pried two pills from his mouth, and called 9-1-1, after which an ambulance transported him four blocks from his Deep Ellum condo to the hospital.

According to the police report, Owens and Etheridge both said he was depressed, and Owens answered "yes" when asked whether he had intended to harm himself. Owens' publicist, however, refuted the report, stating that Owens had suffered an allergic reaction to the medication combined with a dietary supplement. ESPN reported that about half the police report was blacked out, including the phrases "attempting suicide by prescription pain medication" and "a drug overdose."

Owens left the hospital later on September 27. At a news conference after his release, Owens denied having made a suicide attempt, stating that he expected to join the team for practice the next morning. He stated that he was "not depressed" and was "very happy to be here," and denied that doctors had pumped his stomach, calling speculation to that effect "definitely untrue."[9] The press conference took place after Owens had run routes and caught passes with the Cowboys' at the team's practice facility in Valley Ranch.

Owens' publicist lashed out at the police and said they took advantage of him. Notably, Owens himself made no such statements, and at his press conference praised both the police and medical personnel who treated him.

I would think that's worth something, but it seems that it is not. I don't know what really went down between him so I'm not going to come to a snap judgment. But as I think about it, Terrell now has a chance to get a real good PR person, the only question is, wiill he listen to that person.

Rebecca Manns Should Copy Courtney Simpson And Go Into The Porn Industry

A lot has been written about Rebecca Manns, the University Of Louisville Cheerleader who was kicked off the cheerleading squad for a large set of photos of her naked that were spread around the Intenet. Rebecca and her parents have been lobbying to get her back on the team. But maybe she should just chuck that effort and go into the porn industry.

TIME OUT! Check out the news on the Miami Super Bowl Party! And wonder how Rebecca would look in any one of the Hybrid Cars out there? Check them out!

That's what Courtney Simpson did. She's the Arizona State Cheerleader who was pushed off that colleges Cheerleading squad for using her cheerleader uniform in of all things a porn movie. The info on her is...

"On December 2, 2005, The Arizona Republic[2] reported that Simpson, who was an Arizona State cheerleader on the 2004-2005 squad was kicked off of the team in the spring of 2005 for undisclosed violations, before she began her career in the adult industry. However, Simpson herself says that she was never kicked off the squad, but instead she claimed that she "couldn't go to [cheerleader] camp with the team as my mom had found out I got drunk or something and she was scared for me to go to camp with them".

It was reported that Arizona State University officials are looking into any legal claims they might have in relation to a "trademarks and intellectual property" for the use of the Arizona State uniform. However, Simpson has said that that the film's producer, Gina Lynn, ultimately decided to change the uniform's appearance on the video's box cover so the initials said "USA" and not "ASU", and also to blur out the uniform during the time she wears it on-screen.

Since starting her career she has done many porn films becoming a very busy and popular performer. Some of these titles include Barely Legal 58, Black Dicks In White Chicks 11, Ass Whores From Planet Squirt, Double Play 3, Gag Factor 20, My Girlfriend's Whore Friend, Young And Nasty 2, Max Faktor 14"

Now, I know that Rebecca didn't mean for this kind of PR to become associated with her name, but in a pornified America, that's what happened. She might as well cash in.

She could have a website, or a blog, or video-blogs. The imagination runs. She could make it so she could do movies without really doing anything sexual in them. It could be left to the imagination.

And boy it does run!

NCAA Players Declared For The 2007 NFL Draft Or Returning To College - List By Bill Chackhes The Draftnik

Here is the list of players who have either declared for the draft or will return to school. The deadline is this Monday the 15th.
There is also an undecided list.

Declared for the draft
Jon Abbate, junior LB, Wake Forest
Jamaal Anderson, junior DL, Arkansas
Jon Beason, junior LB, Miami
Alan Branch, junior DT, Michigan
x-Michael Bush, senior RB, Louisville
Keenan Carter, junior DT, Virginia
Stanley Doughty, junior DT, South Carolina
x-Gabe Hall, senior OT, Texas Tech
Chris Henry, junior RB, Arizona
Chris Houston, junior CB, Arkansas
Calvin Johnson, junior WR, Georgia Tech
Charles Johnson, junior DE, Georgia
Rory Johnson, junior LB, Mississippi
Marshawn Lynch, junior RB, California
Robert Meachem, junior WR, Tennessee
Greg Olsen, junior TE, Miami
Darrelle Revis, junior CB, Pittsburgh
xx-Sidney Rice, redshirt soph. WR, S.C.
Gary Russell, junior RB, Minnesota
JaMarcus Russell, junior QB, LSU
x-Luke Smith-Anderson, senior TE, Idaho
Ramonce Taylor, junior RB/WR, Texas
Lawrence Timmons, junior LB, Fla. St.
Danny Ware, junior RB, Georgia
x-Chaz Williams, senior CB, La.-Monroe
Eric Wright, junior CB, UNLV

Returning to school
SirDarean Adams, junior LB/S, Mich. State
Kirk Barton, junior OT, Ohio State
Heath Benedict, junior OT, Newberry (S.C.)
Tommy Blake, junior DE, TCU
x-Zackary Bowman, senior CB, Nebraska
Cory Boyd, junior RB, South Carolina
Jasper Brinkley, junior LB, South Carolina
Gosder Cherilus, junior OT, B.C.
Bruce Davis, junior DE, UCLA
Jerome Felton, junior RB, Furman
C.J. Gaddis, junior CB, Clemson
Quentin Groves, junior DE, Auburn
Mike Jenkins, junior CB, South Florida
Steve Justice, junior C, Wake Forest
Jake Long, junior OT, Michigan
Frank Okam, junior DT, Texas
Paul Oliver, junior CB, Georgia

Beau Bell, junior LB, UNLV
Ahmad Bradshaw, junior RB, Marshall
Colt Brennan, junior QB, Hawaii
Keenan Burton, junior WR, Kentucky
Andre Caldwell, junior WR, Florida
x-John Carlson, senior TE, Notre Dame
Antoine Cason, junior CB, Arizona
Dan Connor, junior OLB, Penn State
Fred Davis, junior TE, USC
Glenn Dorsey, junior DE, LSU
De'Cody Fagg, junior WR, Florida State
Andre Fluellen, junior DT, Florida State
xx-Jared Gaither, sophomore OT, Maryland
Ted Ginn Jr., junior WR, Ohio State
Anthony Gonzalez, junior WR, Ohio State
xx-Michael Hamlin, redshirt soph. DB, Clemson
Louis Holmes, junior DE, Arizona
Amarri Jackson, junior WR, South Florida
Dwayne Jarrett, junior WR, USC
Dwight Lowery, junior CB, San Jose State
Zach Miller, junior TE, Arizona State
Marcus Monk, junior WR, Arkansas
Dre Moore, junior DT, Maryland
Jarvis Moss, junior DE, Florida
Reggie Nelson, junior DB, Florida
Adrian Peterson, junior RB, Oklahoma
Antonio Pittman, junior RB, Ohio State
Barry Richardson, junior OT, Clemson
Martin Rucker, junior TE, Missouri
Glenn Sharpe, junior CB, Miami (Fla.)
Brandon Siler, junior ILB, Florida
Shannon Tevaga, junior OG, UCLA
xxx-Walter Thomas, junior DT, NW Miss. C.C.
xx-Mario Urrutia, redshirt soph. WR, Louisville
Philip Wheeler, junior LB, Georgia Tech
Trae Williams, junior CB, South Florida
x-Tom Zbikowski, senior S, Notre Dame

x - Seniors with one year of eligibility available
xx - Sophomore three years removed from high school
xxx - Junior college prospect with remaining eligibility