Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Saddleback blowback

Beyond any reasonable doubt the public knows that Senator McCain was not in the "cone of silence" in Warren's Green Room at Saddleback, despite his own dodging that question live in front of the pastor's assembled audience when he quipped that he'd been trying to listen through the wall. Why did McCain decide to cheat at Saddleback?McCain - or his handlers - evidently lacked the confidence to approach the interview as advertised on a level playing field with Senator Obama, although by most estimates Warren is a friendly interviewer to the McCain campaign and those attending the event were receptive to McCain's candidacy.

Fine; politicians who have survived for decades in DC are likely to seek any advantage, but what does it say about McCain's character that during the interview intended to illuminate the candidates' character and values, conducted by a pastor, that a man who wants so desperately to be President would dance around the truth in front of a national TV audience as though... well, as though he was denying sexual relations with an intern?

Katie Couric Digg's The DNC Convention

Katie Couric's discovered "Digg" for the DNC Convention. See her video-blog here: