Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual Or Just A Hedonist?

Reading that True Blood star Evan Rachel Wood says to Esquire Magazine that she's bisexual sparked this blogger's memory and back to a period where much time was spent with a woman who was terrific in bed, but decided, one day, she was bisexual.

But before that story unfolds, Esquire reports that Wood said "I grew up in love with David Bowie. So I was always into very androgynous things. Guys, girls ... I'm into androgyny in general."

Too bad she didn't say she was into being with one person. Right now, Wood's with Marilyn Manson, but for how long?

Like my relationship, Wood's and Manson's has been on-again, off-again, on-again. After a time, you get dizzy.

Back to the story remembered that set off this blog post.

My girlfriend's revelation came right at the time she decided she missed a woman who's name she happened to see online as we were surfing. That led to an argument, and she stormed out and off to some part of Lake Merritt; eventually, she returned.

My only point to her was that, bisexual or no, you have to pick one person to be with - I'm not sharing. I also said she was looking for an excuse to be a hedonist. Male. Female. It doesn't matter, as long as the pleasure is hers to obtain, at times, at the expense of others, more pointedly, the ones who they're in a relationship in.

I should also add that she was a manic depressive.

That's not to imply that Evan Rachel Wood is manic depressive, but she is a hedonist.   A declaration of bisexuality is nothing more than a declaration of hedonism.

II'm not against hedonism, just the opposite but only where it's appropriate and no one gets hurt - some people are, shall we say, addicted to it in all forms. For example, I'm not bisexual.  And it's those that have no problem acting to achieve their own pleasure objectives, and damn how it impacts you.

Ms. Wood can have it both ways - until she gets hurt rather than be the one doing the hurting.

This certainly will piss off some, and it should. But the experience of this blogger with women who claim to be "bi" is they're so into themselves, they can't be counted on to be in a long-term relationship, unless it's on-again, off-again, you get the idea. That's my experience. More than the one time recounted here.

The Oklahoma City Bombing And Donald Trump

Today is the 16th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing, when a deranged, sad, confessed white supremacist named Timothy McVeigh, bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people in 1994.

Sadly, it seems America, thanks in large part to 9-11, the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism, and the media, has forgot that terrorism can as much have a white or black face, as it can have a Middle Eastern one. And if Donald Trump keeps up his PR strategy, it could fuel new acts of domestic terrorism.

Indeed, threats of domestic terrorism from white supremacist groups is higher than ever today. According to the blog, The Root, the number of white supremacist groups reached a record high in 2010. And that was fueled by the election of Barack Obama.

An aside: it's also why I'm asking Donald Trump to shut up about the certificate of live birth, and Obama, because it's not true and fueling white supremacists groups. My video:

Back to the issue:

In The Root, Heidi Beirich, director of research for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) said: "There's no question that Obama's election drew people into the hate world. These groups' [online] servers were crashing on the night of the election from all the traffic." The spring 2011 Intelligence Report, released Thursday, lists 1,002 hate groups, a 7.5 percent increase since 2009 and a surge of 66 percent since 2000.

And over that period, media pundits like Lou Dobbs made their shows a place where white supremacists could feel comfortable, fueling hate for Latinos in the process, in the way Dobbs talked about the immigration issue:

Dobbs at CNN, and some at Fox News,  have given fuel to white  supremacist anger.  Fortunately, Dobbs was sacked at CNN, but Fox News lived on.  And the media spilling racist ideas had its effect on people like James W. von Brunn.

Mr. James W. von Brunn is the 88-year-old white man who shot black security guard Stephen Johns, before being shot himself. von Brunn had entered the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in June 2009 with a loaded weapon and in an apparent domestic terrorism attempt.

Donald Trump must stop.

Donald Trump must stop his silly PR game now. It's threatening to divide parts of America at the very time the country needs to come together. Prominent African Americans like Bill Cosby and Whoopi Goldberg have come out against Trump, and the list is growing.

Many of the people who believe Trump have commented on my videos and left some of the most outrageous statements, proving that evidence will not sway them to stop; they want to believe something is wrong with President Obama.

The good thing about the exchange, to be frank, is that the commenters have not used racist terms, and I thank them for that. That's progress. But they do show a bias so deep, it tosses logic and evidence aside in favor of their own fantasies about Obama.

Let's hope that this at least marks a period where, unlike the days of Lou Dobbs, birthers don't show the bad habits of white supremacists. We don't need more "off" Americans like Timothy McVeigh and we must cool the rancor that could lead to an Oklahoma City-style bombing in the future.

This blogger is going to talk about Donald Trump until he stops. Someone must take action.

2011 NFL Draft Tight End Rankings

(This is the 7th Installment of the "Pro Draft Report" present by Football Reporters Online)

By Dan Benton-CEO Giants 101.com

1. Kyle Rudolph-TE-6’6-259 lbs.-Notre Dame-Cincinnati, OH-Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: 1st Round

Rudolph gets off the line exceptionally well for his size and has shown great hands. He’s known to be a great teammate, and has all of the intangibles. He will need to work on his route running as he tends to round out patterns. He also doesn’t break as many tackles as he should for his size, and runs a little too upright. He’s likely to be a mid-to-late first round selection, and could potentially become one of the better all-around tight end’s in the NFL in a short amount of time.

2. Luke Stocker-TE-6’5-258 lbs.-Tennessee-Berea, KY-Combine Numbers (40T – 4.68; Cone – 7.03) Draft Projection: 2nd Round

Stocker has tremendous hands, and can adjust well to poorly thrown balls thanks in large part to good body control. He runs north-south when he has the ball, and lowers his shoulder upon impact. His size makes him difficult to bring down. He does tend to stop and turn to catch passes, as opposed to hauling them in on the move. Stops momentum. Could be a solid run blocker if he were to hit the gym, but will enter the NFL as a bit of a project in that area. His route running could also use some improvement.

3. Lance Kendricks-TE-6’3-243 lbs.-Wisconsin-Milwaukee, WI-Combine Numbers (40T – 4.65; Cone – 6.94) Draft Projection: 3rd Round

Kendricks is a unique blend of speed and size. He’s very athletic, has solid hands and makes good adjustments to the ball in the air. His route running is quite crisp, although he could become a bit more consistent. He is a good blocker, but lacks the frame to be dominant at the next level. He struggles to make defenders miss in the open field. He’s a bit of a work in progress, but could potentially be a starting NFL tight end in a couple of years.

4. D.J. Williams-TE-6’2-245 lbs.-Arkansas-Little Rock, AR-Combine Numbers (40T – 4.59; Cone – 7.29) Draft Projection: 3rd Round

Williams does a good job at getting separation and is quick off the line when he’s not being pressed. He has very good north-south speed, and makes very good cuts. He runs route well, and is agile enough to fake out defenders. He’s a hard worker and team leader. He lacks size and gets out-matched when blocking. His balance is also frequently caused into question. One-dimensional.

5. Rob Housler-TE-6’5-248 lbs.-Florida Atlantic- Converse, TX-Combine Numbers (40T – 4.46; Cone – 6.90) Draft Projection: 3rd – 4th Round

Housler is the prototypical size for an NFL tight end, and has the soft hands to match it. He has good balance, runs good routes and may be the fastest tight end in the draft. He’s a mature, hardworking team player. He lacks the strength to be an every-down NFL player and gets beaten by more powerful and physical defenders while blocking. He tends to get jammed at the line or caught up in traffic.

6. Virgil Green-TE-6’3-249 lbs.-Nevada-Tulare, CA-Combine Numbers (40T – 4.54; Cone – 6.90) Draft Projection: Draft Projection: 4th Round

Green has catapulted up draft boards with a good Combine, and has shown flashes of brilliant natural athleticism. He has very good hands, good speed and decent size for a tight end. He’s still extremely raw, very inconsistent with his route running and a very poor blocker. He lacks aggressiveness and may be looked at as an “H-Back” at the next level. The building blocks are there, and if put together properly, Green could be very solid.

7. Jordan Cameron-TE-6’5-254 lbs.-Southern California-Newbury Park, CA-Combine Numbers (40T – 4.53; Cone – 6.82) Draft Projection: 4th Round

Cameron has good straight-line speed, a nice burst off the line and an ability to shed defenders. He’s got long arm and soft hands. He’s got a no-fear soft of attitude, and is extremely aggressive on the field. A position switch from wide receiver and little playing time prior to that has really limited Cameron’s development. Has done very little work on his blocking skill, and would need to bulk up in order to compete with larger players in the NFL. His route running remains suspect.

8. Andre Smith-TE-6’5-269 lbs.-Virginia Tech-Savannah, GA-Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: 4th – 5th Round

Smith has very good size, a lot of experience and may be one of the best blocking tight ends in the draft. He has a good base, good footwork and does a great job sealing the edge. He can run block and pass block, which will be unique combination for teams are evaluating tight ends. He’s rarely used as a receiver, lacks speed and will not be used as an offensive threat at the next level. On occasion, he will result to a poor blocking technique, but that should be easily corrected by coaches in the NFL.

9. Julius Thomas-TE-6’5-246 lbs.-Portland State-Stockton, CA-Combine Numbers (40T – 4.64; Cone – 6.96) Draft Projection: 5th Round

Thomas looked very natural during the NFL combine and got the attention of many scouts. He showed soft hands, the ability to catch the ball away from his body and displayed good speed for a man of his size. He’s extremely athletic and a natural on the field. He does lack experience and has a lot of learning to do. He’s a poor route runner, lack awareness and has to develop many football instincts before he reaches his ceiling. He’s a basketball player turned football player and that has set him back a few years.

10. Mike McNeill-TE-6’4-232 lbs.-Nebraska-Kirkwood, MO-Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: 5th – 6th Round

McNeill is a reliable receiver with good hands and deceptive speed. He does a good job catching and securing the ball before turning upfield, and has turned into a solid redzone threat. He’s been known to pick apart zone coverage’s, but is able to haul in a pass in traffic as well. He lack elusiveness in the open field and gets jammed by larger linebackers. He’s a below-average blocker who would need to bulk up to survive in the NFL. He also has a history of injury (toe, shoulder and ribs) which may raise some red flags.

11. Lee Smith-TE-6’6-269 lbs.-Marshall-Powell, TN-Combine Numbers (40T – 5.01; Cone – 7.13) Draft Projection: 7th Round

Smith was the tallest tight end to attend the NFL Combine. Obviously, he’s got great size for a tight end, is a very solid target in the redzone and has good hands. He’s also a good blocker with power. He does lack good speed and struggles to gain separation. He lacks experience and has had some minor off the field issues in the past.

12. Charlie Grantt-TE-6’4-255 lbs.-Michigan State-Farmington Hills, MI-Combine Numbers (40T – 4.89; Cone – 7.15) Draft Projection: 7th Round

Grantt is a very intelligent football player. He catches the ball at its highest point and has become moderately reliable in the passing game. He’s a very good blocker and does an excellent job sealing the edges. He can be a little sluggish, lacks constant concentration and needs to make several adjustments as a receiver.

13. Zack Pianalto-TE-6’3-256 lbs.-North Carolina-Springdale, AR-Combine Numbers (40T – 4.87; Cone – 6.85) Draft Projection: FA

Pianalto is a very good route runner who plays specifically well against zone coverages. He’s capable of making difficult catches in traffic and was North Carolina’s leading receiver in 2010 prior to an injury shutting him down for the final seven games. He isn’t the fasted, has some problems when blocking and has a long history of injuries.

14. Weslye Saunders-TE-6’5-270 lbs.-South Carolina-Curham, NC-Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

Saunders is quite athletic, has deceptive speed and good size. He high points the ball and gives defenders a lot of trouble when trying to bring him down. Very good balance and lower body strength. He’s somewhat inconsistent, lacks discipline and has some serious character concerns. May not be taking this career seriously.

14. Schuylar Oordt-TE-6’6-261 lbs.-Northern Iowa-Waterloo, IA-Combine Numbers (40T – 4.67; Cone - 6.83) Draft Projection: FA

Oordt has good size and good speed. He gets off the line quickly and shown a good ability to find holes in coverage. He’s tough and doesn’t fear hauling in a pass over the middle. He needs to learn to catch the balls with his hands as opposed to his body, and really need to improve as a blocker. He also needs to increase his lower body strength.

15. Cameron Graham-TE-6’3-244 lbs.-Louisville-Inglewood, CA-Combine Numbers (40T – 5.11; Cone – 7.19) Draft Projection: FA

Graham is a very good receiver with soft hands. He adjusts well to the ball and is a powerful runner. He has an incredible stiff-arm and plays with an attitude. He’s very slow and lacks elusiveness. He’s not going to outrun anyone and lacks athleticism to become a true weapon in the NFL.

16. Kyle Adams-TE-6’5-257 lbs.-Purdue-Austin, TX-Combine Numbers (40T – 4.83; Cone – N/A) Draft Projection: FA

Adams is very quick and reaches stop speed in the blink of an eye. He possesses good balance, flexibility and the athleticism to adjust. He’s a good character guy who gets the best out of those around him. Lacks the strength to be a force while blocking, and has displayed very poor technique. Missed the entire 2008 season due to a knee injury.

17. Allen Reisner-TE-6’2-248 lbs.-Iowa-Marion, IA-Combine Numbers (40T – 4.97; Cone - 7.31) Draft Projection: FA

Reisner is a very good receiver who broke out in 2010. He has big hands, catches the ball away from his body and has tremendous awareness. He’s a well-rounded player, but may be looked at as an H-back in the NFL. He lacks the strength to compete with powerful NFL defenders and his ceiling may be near.

18. Konrad Reuland-TE-6’5-258 lbs.-Standofrd-Mission Viejo, CA-Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone - DNP) Draft Projection: FA

Reuland is a tall, built receiver who used his body to put distant between the ball and defenders. He’s a solid blocker who’s been known to create big lanes for his running backs. He will struggle to gain separation in the NFL, and lacks the overall athleticism to go up and grab an overthrown pass. His blocking ability will most certainly land him a roster spot eventually.

19. Stephen Skelton-TE-6’5-247 lbs.-Fordham-El Paso, TX-Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

Skelton has a very high football IQ and athleticism runs in his family. He’s a dependable receiver who runs good routes and has reliable hands. For his height, he could use to put on some weight in muscle. He’s an average blocker at best. The tools to make him a useful tight end are certainly there, but it will take some work.

20. Daniel Hardy-TE-6’4-249 lbs.-Idaho-Anchorage, AK-Combine Numbers (40T – N/A; Cone – N/A) Draft Projection: FA

Hardy has tremendous hands, runs good routes and makes the difficult catch. He could use to gain some bulk, lacks elite speed and needs to improve as a blocker.

21. Richard Gordon-TE-6’4-265 lbs.-Miami-Miami, FL-Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

Gordon is athletic with deceptive speed. Has excellent body control and balance, and is a very good in-line blocker. Needs to improve his routes and has little experience as a receiver.

22. Preston Dial-TE-6’2-238 lbs.-Alabama-Mobile, AL-Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

Dial has a good first step, possesses good balance and is well coordinated. He lacks size, runs upright and gets beat at the point of attack. Must add bulk.

23. Jeffrey Anderson-TE-6’3-264 lbs.-UAB-Selma, AL-Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

Anderson has improved as a receiver every year in college. He has good hands, run hard and has good lower body strength. Will struggle going up and wrestling a ball away from defenders.

24. Joe Torchia-TE-6’6-260 lbs.-Virginia-Cold Spring, NY-Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

Torchia has good body control, engages in blocks quickly and gets good leverage. He isn’t a receiving threat and will likely only be a reserve tight end in the NFL.

25. Brad Taylor-TE-6’3-241 lbs.-Baylor-Madisonville, TX-Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

Taylor has decent speed and a lot of heart. Shined as a receiver in 2007, but has yet to recapture that glory. He lacks both strength and size.

26. Andrew Kennedy-TE-6’3-243lbs.- Columbia-Westport, CT. No Combine-Draft Projection-FA

After establishing himself as the premier TE in the Ivy in 2009 he continued to impress. In ’10 he was the first Lions player to be named to the Walter Camp FCS team in 6 years (50-616-9TD’s) and completed his career with 102 catches for 1,187 yards and 15 TD’s. Kennedy is more then deserving of a shot somewhere at the next level. Could be converted to FB.

27. Brett Brackett-TE-6’6-248 lbs.-Penn State-Lawrenceville, NJ-Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

Brackett could be a sleeper. He is very tall, has long arms and does a great job boxing out defenders. He’s also very raw and may need to convert to wide receiver in the NFL.

28. Mike Higgins-TE-6’5-242 lbs.-Nebraska at Omaha-Pickrell, NE-Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

Higgins is large and very athletic. He has long arms and plucks the ball out of the arm. He isn’t exceptionally fast and lacks the lower body strength he’d need to compete as a blocker in the NFL.

29. Eric Peitz-TE-6’4-258 lbs.-Colorado State-Yankton, SD- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

Peitz has good size and good strength. He has good lateral quickness and is a solid run blocker. He struggles as a receiver and will likely catch on as a goal-line tight end in the NFL.

30. Greg Smith-TE-6’4-245 lbs.-Texas-Montgomery, TX-Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

Smith is athletic with soft and reliable hands. He doesn’t have top-notch speed and will struggle to separate from defenders in the NFL.

31. Ben Thayer-TE-6’4-240 lbs.-Eastern Michigan-Kalamazoo, MI- Combine Numbers** (40T – 4.85; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: 7th Rd.

32. Ben Cleveland-TE-6’3-246 lbs.-Arkansas-Springdale, AR- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

33. Will Yeatman-TE-6’6-273 lbs.-Maryland-San Diego, CA- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

34. Mike Ragone-TE-6’4-245 lbs.-Notre Dame-Cherry Hill, NJ- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

35. Alston Umuolo-TE-6’4-250 lbs.-San Diego State-Phoenix, AZ- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

36. Collin Franklin-TE-6’5-252 lbs.-Iowa State-Simi Valley, CA- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

37. Martell Webb-TE-6’4-256 lbs.-Michigan-Pontiac, MI- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

38. Evan Frosch-TE-6’3-264 lbs.-TCU-Midland, TX- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

39. Ed Barham-TE-6’3-260 lbs.-North Carolina-Dendron, VA- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

40. Larry Donnell-TE-6’6-257 lbs.-Grambling-Ozark, AL- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

41. Jeff Lindsay-TE-6’3-235 lbs.-Purdue-Macomb, MI- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

42. London Landry-TE-6’3-235 lbs.-South Dakota-Lancaster, CA- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

43. A.J. Simmons-TE-6’4-262 lbs.-Arizona-Oakland, CA- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

44. Kyle Nelson-TE-6’3-240 lbs.-New Mexico State-Waco, TX- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

45. Vaughn Charlton-TE-6’4-254 lbs.-Temple-Landenberg, PA- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

46. Jonny Moore-TE-6’4-240 lbs.-Texas at El Paso-San Antonio, TX- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

47. Ifeanyi Momah-TE-6’6-240 lbs.-Boston College-Elwood, NY- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

48. Chris Blohm-TE-6’4-262 lbs.-Yale-San Francisco, CA- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

49. Tommy Gallarda-TE-6’5-250 lbs.-Boise State-Brea, CA- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

50. Colin Cochart-TE-6’4-255 lbs.-South Dakota State-Kewaunee, WI- Combine Numbers (40T – DNP; Cone – DNP) Draft Projection: FA

** From the BSN Combine ,Akron,OH 4/10/11

GOP Insiders For Trump Presidential Bid ‎Great For Obama

The Associated Press reports that "GOP Insiders" are supporting a presidential big by Donald Trump. Even though this blogger would wish Trump would shut up about the matter, maybe having Trump out there yapping his trap's a good thing. Good, that is, for the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump, in caring out his PR strategy, is dividing the country, racially. With his wrong-headed, birther-supporting attacks on President Obama, and on a "done" issue, his certificate of live birth, Donald Trump is threatening to alienate people of color who have been fans of his, and for some time. Look at my videos on Trump as one example:

Donald Trump - Certificate Of Live Birth IS Birth Certificate

Will Donald Trump Shut Up About Being President?

Also, look at how Whoopi Goldberg responded to Trump on The View, when Donald Trump first went down this "birther" path.

And Bill Cosby hates it too.

Trump picked the one issue that stirs the pots of many African Americans, thus having lost a base of support before he can get out of the gate. In doing so, Trump will bring the GOP down with him.

Sexy Rihanna - Her Messed-Up Rolling Stone Interview Is Sad

Rolling Stone Magazine has done it again: managed to get a revealing interview out of an iconic star: in this case, Rihanna. The Hip Hop singer still most-closely linked to artist Chris Brown says she likes to be spanked, is into sexting, and has been making songs about abuse in the wake of her violent relationship with Brown.

Two years ago, Chris Brown and Rianna had an argument that turned ugly, with Brown hitting her in the face, causing it to be badly disfigured. Brown gave an apology that to this day many don't believe, and is still (as evidenced by his recent blow-up after being interviewed by Good Morning America's Robin Roberts) not completely normal and has anger problems.

Rihanna also has her problem - with the fact that she's a public figure.

In a recent Twitter dust-up, Rihanna got after blogger Sandra Rose criticized her for agreeing to have the restraining order against Brown partially lifted. Ms. Rose said that "The true fans who supported Rihanna through those tough times after chris brown beat her azz deserve better than this." The hot singer / model tweeted back "I would've sworn he beat YOUR ass, just by how upset u are! My fans don't care abt a restraining order and neither do I! My bad!"

In Rolling Stone, Rihanna said the issue was essentially none of Rose's business and that it was her personal decision.

But what Rihanna doens't understand is that she's a public figure - a person so popular that many recognize her, even if she doesn't know them. Rihanna can move a dress to be purchased just by wearing it out in public. That level of fame comes with a price, and that is that bloggers, fans, and non-fans do have a right to talk about you. The question is, did Rose say anything defamatory about Rihanna, and the answer is that she did not.

Rose is right: Rihanna is basically acting as the enabler to any man who would think of being violent to her. That's not the right message to send to her fans.

The Rolling Stone interview revealed Rianna at her sexiest, but sadly, also at her most messed-up too. Let's hope she gets to a place where she's not presenting herself in such a potentially self-destructive way.

Donald Trump - Wrong: Certificate Of Live Birth IS Birth Certificate

What's annoying about Donald Trump's latest PR campaign, the one focused on President Obama's birth certificate, is that it's devoid of any real factual information.

Trump says that President Obama's Certificate Of Live Birth is not a birth certificate. Well, this video blog proves that according to the Federal Government's Department of Heath Statistics, President Obama's Certificate Of Live Birth is a birth certificate. It's official.

My findings are not based on something created by the Feds to help the current president, but the discovery of a document called "REPORT OF THE PANEL TO EVALUATE THE U.S. STANDARD CERTIFICATES" and focuses on the ever-changing requirements for something called a "Certificate Of Live Birth," which is a "birth certificate."

The Federal National Center for Health Statistics, Division of Vital Statistics prepared the particular report that's referenced here in April 2000 and it was updated in 2001, long before Barack Obama's rise to power. The document sets standards for what is called "the degree of uniformity" of certificates from state to state in America. In other words, making sure there's some similarity between the state documents.

It reads there have been 11 revisions to what is called the "Standard Certificate of Live Birth," and that is the only document that applies to the recording of the event of a live birth. There is no section that reads that a birth certificate is a higher standard of birth over a "Certificate Of Live Birth."


The other problem for Donald Trump and "The Birthers" is that they never refer to the standards for the "Certificate Of Live Birth" at the time President Obama was born: August 4th, 1961.

A cursory look will reveal that the document is in line with the requirements of that time. It's not logical to look at today's guidelines because the law does not call for annual updating of past written certificates of live birth. If that were the case, every American would be issued a new document every time guidelines were changed - a costly process to say the least.

Donald Trump Please Shut Up About Obama

It's for those reasons that this blogger asked Mr. Trump to, plainly, just plain shut up about President Obama's Certificate Of Live Birth and running for President.