Thursday, August 28, 2008

At Deligate Area - Invesco Field - Barack Obama

Invesco Field - Obama Speech - Outside

This is an electric place to be!!

Howard Dean - Live Video At 4:40 PM - Barack Obama Speech

Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean took time to remind us all that John McCain can't remember the number of houses he owns as he launched into a speech on the Democratic Party's responsiblity to those in America who have less, not more.  It's now 4:40 PM MST as of the making of this video. 

Invesco Field - Live Video At 3:48 PM - Barack Obama Speech

This is the second video of the live series created as I sit here at Invesco Field in the Blogger Lounge. 

Invesco Field Democratic Convention

This is a blogger eye view of the field.

Terry McAuliffe On The Clinton Nomination of Barack Obama

This is a video interview with now-former campaign finance chair Terry McAuliffe who commented on Senator Hillary Clinton's nomination of Barack Obama as President.  Terry also informs us that he's going "To Dizzyland."  

Invesco Field Speaking Schedule For Thursday, August 28th (Today)

From The DNCC via email to me

Time Shown as local – Denver, Colorado MST

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM (LOCAL)

Live Performances (before gavel) 
Yonder Mountain String Band Performance
Jeff Austin, Adam Aijala, Ben Kaufmann, Dave Johnston

Voter Registration Presentation

The Honorable Luis Gutierrez
Member of the US House of Representatives, Illinois

David Plouffe
Obama Campaign Manager

Ray Rivera
Obama State Director, Colorado

Call to Order
The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
Permanent Chair, Democratic National Convention
Member and Speaker of the US House of Representatives, California

Rabbi David Saperstein
Director, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism – Washington, DC

Presentation of Colors
Disabled American Veterans

Pledge of Allegiance
Shawn Johnson
US Olympic Gymnast

National Anthem
Jennifer Hudson
Academy award-winning singer and Broadway performer

Elbra Wedgeworth 
President/Chair, Denver Host Committee

Presentation of Resolutions
Democratic National Committee Vice-Chairs
Mark Brewer
The Honorable Linda Chavez-Thompson
The Honorable Mike Honda
The Honorable Lottie Shackelford
Susan Turnbull

Honorable Bill Ritter, Jr.
Governor of Colorado

The Honorable Ed Perlmutter
Member of the US House of Representatives, Colorado

The Honorable John Salazar
Member of the US House of Representatives, Colorado

The Honorable Diana DeGette
Member of the US House of Representatives, Colorado

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM (LOCAL)

Video & Remarks 
The Honorable Howard Dean
Former Governor of Vermont
Chair of the Democratic Party

Video & Remarks: Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King 
The Honorable John Lewis
Member of the US House of Representatives, Georgia
Rev. Bernice King
Daughter of the late Dr. King
Martin Luther King III
Oldest son of the late Dr. King

The Honorable Bill Richardson
Governor, New Mexico

Live Performances 
Accompanied by John Legend (piano), Agape Choir, and band

Sheryl Crow

Ray Rivera
Obama State Director, Colorado

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM (LOCAL)

The Honorable Jan Schakowsky
Member of the US House of Representatives, Illinois

The Honorable Mark Udall
Member of the US House of Representatives, Colorado

The Honorable Tim Kaine
Governor of Virginia

Live Performance
Stevie Wonder    

The Honorable Al Gore
Former Vice President of the United States

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (LOCAL)

John Kuniholm
Wounded Iraq veteran

Live Performance
Michael McDonald

Susan Eisenhower
Granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Retired Generals Tribute
Air Force Maj. Gen. J. Scott Gration (Ret)
Accompanied by additional generals

American Voices Program
Roy Gross
Monica Early
Wes Moore
Janet Lynn Monacco
Nate Flick
Teresa Asenap
Pamela Cash-Roper
Barney Smith

The Honorable Dick Durbin
US Senator, Illinois

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM (LOCAL)


Pastor Joel Hunter
Senior Pastor of Northland in Central Florida

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
Permanent Chair, Democratic National Convention

Rep. John Lewis addresses the GA & AL delegations

This morning, I had the pleasure of visiting with the AL delegation for their breakfast and celebration of the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, "I Have A Dream" speech. Rep. John Lewis, the only man who spoke with Dr. King on that day still living, addressed both the AL and, after a request was received and honored to open the dividing partitions between ballrooms, the GA delegation.

Rep. Lewis, currently of GA, but a native son of AL, was amazing, as always. He talked about how far this country has come since he and his comrades marched from Selma to Montgomery saying, "Those of you who tell me nothing has changed, I'd like to tell you to come walk in my shoes." Saying that he had, "cried so many tears in the last two days," he went on to say that he, "never thought (he'd) see last night," the night when Barack Obama, an African American, was nominated for the Presidency.

Rep. Lewis was eloquent speaking about the nomination of Barack Obama for the Presidency: "What you did last night, what we will do tonight, we will be making a down payment on the fulfillment of (MLK's) dream." That downpayment, however, must be followed up by action and Rep. Lewis envisions a march on the ballot box. "We must march in every town, every hamlet, every village, every neighborhood. We must march on the ballot box and make Barack Obama the next President of the United States, not just for ourselves, but for the next generations. If we fail to elect Barack Obama as President of the United States, history will not be kind to us."

-Posted by AshPolitics

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Joe Biden Speech, Barack Obama Surprise Entrance At DNC

This is a video of the dramatic entrance of Senator Barack Obama just after Senator Joe Biden finished his acceptance speech.

Jesse Jackson On Joe Biden; Barack Obama v. John McCain

This is my interview with The Rev. Jesse Jackson who talked about Senator Joe Biden's speech, and the impact of Senator Barack Obama's Presidential Run on America and American History.

Republican demonstrators at Convention

Republican demonstrators outside the CO Convention Center on Wednesday. (posted by AshPolitics)

Denver Mall, following Biden & Bill Clinton

Following the speeches on August 27th, 2008, at the Democratic Nominating Convention in Denver, the 16th Street Mall was buzzing. Here are three snapshot.

First, a quick clip of some vendors who knew their product was best viewed after dark:

Next, a teenage activist from Philly in to take part in counter-protests expresses concerns about the police presence and behavior. (Dark; think of it as an audio segment...)

She told me her parents are worried, but that she calls her mother every day.

Lastly, a conversation with a Denver resident as we rode the free mall shuttle. He's delighted with the fact the convention is "here" and thinks the political process benefits from being done right out in front of people. He also has some observations about Senator Joe Biden in the wake of Biden's acceptance speech.

James Tucker, African American Voice, on Hillary Clinton's OBAMA endorsement speech

James Tucker is the CEO and publisher of African American Voice, "the voice of African Americans in Colorado." Here's a short, candid assessment of Senator Hillary Clinton's speech on the night of August 26th, 2008, endorsing Barack Obama's nomination for President in Denver at the Democratic Nominating Convention.

Code Pink Elderly Woman Protester Slammed To Ground By Denver Police

This is a totally terrible thing to see on a video, let alone read about. An elderly woman protester was slammed to the ground at the DNC Convention by Denver Police. (Or I would double check that because some of the law enforcement officers were from places like Aurora, Colorado.)

There's no need for this behavior at the DNC Convention and some kind of investigation should be done immediately. See the video, which was captured by Rocky Mountain News.

Zennie Abraham at DNC Convention On CNN iReport After Biden Speech